The Abrams tanks that confront the Hulk in the desert are in fact former British Army Chieftain tanks that were dressed to represent the Abrams. After the Hulk knocks out Talbot and leaps away, the Hulk creates a ripple in a puddle next to Talbot. The bunker was built at Universal Studios, Burbank, California, on the seventh largest soundstage in the world. ILM wanted to study a human performing the actions Hulk does in order to create his movements. In the scene where Betty goes to David Banner’s house to inquire about Bruce, there is a brief shot of a reptile in an aquarium, a gila monster. Eric Bana was “anxious and paranoid about doing a good job as Bruce, and I knew that the rest was out of my hands, and I was quite comfortable with that.

The computer model used 12, texture maps, and required 1, muscle movements and one hundred layers of skin. The Incredible Hulk Aug. Hulk Did You Know? If he wore shoes, they would be U. His work inspired J. It took about two hours to round up all of the students. According to Ang Lee ‘s DVD commentary, the dogfight scene in the woods was originally envisioned with the Hulk fighting the monster dogs while naked.

Sam Elliott wanted to shave off his mustache, because “four-star Generals don’t have mustaches.

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The publisher couldn’t do gray very well, so Stan Lee changed the color to green, simply because green hadn’t been used much by other characters. The film was in development for twelve years, sufficient time for CGI to become sophisticated enough to render the visual effects needed. TrinityX-Men: Eric Bana was cast on the strength of his vicious performance in Chopper The first was The Rocketeer Nick Nolte had his hair grown wildly mofie this movie when he was arrested on drunk driving charges and photographed for his now infamous mug shot.


In the scene where Betty goes to David Banner’s house to inquire about Bruce, there is a brief shot of a reptile in an aquarium, a gila monster.

This movie was released ten years after the death of Bill Bixby. General Thunderbolt Ross arranges for his mind to be transferred into Zzzax’s body and battles a new version of the Hulk, whose alter-ego is Rick Jones.

Steve Englehart Herb Trimpe. Archie Goodwin John Romita Sr. The entity reappears in the title New Avengers and participates in the mass escape by super-villains from movir facility The Raft.

This is a nod towards The Incredible Hulk season one, episode nine, “The Incredible Shrinking Hulk”, in which a laboratory accident shrinks Bruce down to a minute size.

The frog is fake. It took the combined work and efforts of about one hundred eighty ILM technicians sixty-nine technical artists, forty-one animators, thirty-five compositors, ten muscle action animators, nine CG modellers, eight supervisors, six skin painters and five motion-capture wranglersover two and a half million hours, and one and a half years for him to be mivie created and portrayed in the film.

When the first transformation of Banner into Hulk occurs, the color of the Hulk is either gray or greenish-gray. Created by accident during a terrorist act, Zzzax is a being of pure electricity who can absorb and discharge powerful currents of electricity.

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However, as Marvel has the production rights to make a film with the Hulk, Universal Mlvie still maintains distribution rights to any film starring the character in his own solo film. In the movie, after Talbot is killed, the Hulk escapes to a control room mvie he begins to destroy. The computer graphic of the underground base took three months to make. He then transforms into the Hulk and ventures across the desert, where he encounters and does battle with a gila monster that, compared to his miniature size, is gigantic.


Eric Bana said that working on the film was tough “because the character undergoes so much soul-searching.

Showing all 99 items. This is the first Marvel movie that has shown nudity in some manner. This film holds the record for largest second weekend box-office drop for a film that opened at number one, with a One of the rules that the Costume Design team were set was “no lab coats”. Sam Elliott felt his performance was similar to his portrayal of Basil L.

The bunker was built at Universal Studios, Burbank, California, on the seventh largest soundstage in the world. He had doubts about growing a moustache, since the Army doesn’t encourage facial hair, but was convinced by Ang Lee to do so.


The Hulk travelling in the desert. The Chieftain has six wheels per side, whereas the Abrams has seven.

However, this movie did not get enough credit, due to the mixed signals during Mychael Danna was originally hired to write the musical score, but later replaced by Danny Elfman. Lee ad-libbed his lines.

This is an homage to Ross’ nickname “Thunderbolt” for his explosive temper in the comics. As a being of pure electricity, Zzzax is capable of absorbing and discharging powerful currents of electricity; manipulating nearby electrical fields and equipment, and, also, flying. Ironically, the film was criticized as being an overly serious superhero film. Ang Lee took Eric Bana to watch a bare-knuckled boxing match to prepare him for the brutality of his role.