Changing it to Vetrix was really stupid, though; it shoulda been changed to ‘Throne’, as that’s what ‘Tron’ was implying in the first place, if I understand correctly not to mention it has ‘one’ in the name, which was also probably intentional. I was referring to the dub. Shark in bandages is cut. You have not specified the language. Shogun Steel Episode 26 English Dubbed. From what little we heard of it, his voice sounds really good. Shogun Steel Episode 26 English Dub.

AnimeRatio, Ratio, animeratio, anime, english dub, english anime, anime, anime english, english anime dub, free dubbed anime, streaming anime, anime free dubs, free streaming anime, live action, asian Good, your page contains meta keywords. Reused animation of Kaito declaring Neo Galaxy-Eyes is cut. What is with these asspull names they just pull out of a hat? You have no render-blocking resources. Good, your page take advantage of Og Properties. Which would be odd that this is Season 2 since there’s a completely new OP and the start of a new arc. It honestly seems like all of these things were changed because of the writers being lazy, and the editors being lazy.

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Learn more about prioritizing visible content. Learn more about minifying CSS. I thought he would get something drastically different.

It’s really just the brief moment that he shows it, if I were a kid watching I’d be slightly freaked out by it. Why are we as Americans so goddamn stupid? Your images are optimized. It did a good job keeping the cinematic feel of the original episode.


One Piece Episode Same with Alit vs Arit vs Arito vs Alito. But I’m not stupid. Learn more about removing render-blocking resources. Yeah, it was really impossible to think of Rei as evil in the original, what with all the evil smirks and stuff. So Durbe doesn’t get to keep his name for whatever reason but the others do.

Am I over thinking this?

Increase the font size to make them more legible. Click here to Read more. Marik VectoRei Yea, maybe Marik wins it. And this is among many reasons why these dubs are so atrocious. Good, most or all of your images have alt attributes. Rei Shadows is a good dub name for him, although the name is probably spelled as Ray instead.

Learn more about avoiding landing page redirects. Yuma’s shot while he declares Utopia Ray’s final attack is replaced with a repeat of the shot where he draws Gagaga Clerk and Ceaser, and are shown close up in a split-screen. This causes mobile devices to render your page as it would appear on a desktop browser, scaling it down to fit on a mobile screen. Maria Holic Episode 12 English Dubbed.

Tenkai Knights Episode 20 English Dubbed. Learn more about the importance of avoiding plugins. Maria Holic Episode 1 English Dubbed. I just want this Season stuff to make sense.

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This, on the other hand, is. Just because his voice was slurred together at times. I’m guessing the “new season” will start in another three episodes. That was the centre-piece of the episode. I think that I read that a comment on their Facebook said that episode one through forty-nine were season one and we’re still in season two. His dub voice was okay and we heard Rio’s dub voice as well. We found a total of 69 links including 1 link s to files Anchor Type Juice Home.


Reused animation of Kaito declaring Neo Galaxy-Eyes is cut. These people actually know when to use music, and when not to.

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From what little animmeratio heard of it, his voice sounds really good. The scream she did when the Barian’s arrived was what put me off the most. Learn more about optimizing images. Not suspicious at all.

What is with these asspull names they just pull out of a hat? Enable compression You have compression enabled. The sounds effects the dub adds in during the Chaos Xyz Evolution scene actually don’t suck and sound pretty cool, which is a first.


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The writers really do not give a animeratoi, whether at 4Kids or Konami. Too many requests renders only 6 pixels tall 16 CSS pixels final. We found 5 images on this web page. The episode was pretty well made, the only qualm I had with it was Rio’s voice.

The dub always screws these things up.