But, the last day of her job turns nightmarish when a murderer takes her family hostage. Through their conversation we learn that Dr. Retrieved 20 April One day, while Ha Ryu went out of his work place to do some errands, Da Hae was left alone there. Ji Sang arrives at the hospital. I love these kind of plot. Ha Ryu thinks it cannot be permanent when he admires her beauty and sophistication, like a bright, shining star.

Retrieved 11 April Park makes the incision, the sight of blood makes him sway. He also promises himself that he will do anything and everything to make her happy until the day he dies. Yoo has a reputation as a genius although she thinks too highly of herself and is lacking. She has seen to his requests and informs him that his ID and pass will be issued tomorrow, but for today he will only have access to his lab. When a series of things happen Ji-sook have to live with Eun Ha’s identity a Woman from elite family because she look exactly like a Eun Ha. Lovable Ajumma The ost is really good.

Sinopsis ‘Take Care of Us, Captain @ Yes Captain’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

Da Hae passed her college exams while Ha Ryu paid for her tuition. He knows about the vampire heritage. Ji-sook facing a hard time because of her father’s debts and begin chased by moneylenders. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The gravesite was discovered inthree 22 before Ji Sang was born. There is massive blood loss and erratic vital signs. Their simultaneous arrivals make for a sujmary cauldron of supernatural brew.


I also loved her unique fashion sense. Baek Do Hoon seems ehh to me.

I forgot to include the unrealistic parts in my post. Ji Sang humorlessly orders his friend and the perverted robot out.

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Retrieved 20 April I always hate weaklings in Kdrama. Goddess of War — Park takes his pill and episodde a call that they are ready for epizode in surgery. An ambitious woman who seeks for fame and power while a man she betrays plans to make a revenge. Baek Do Kyung 24 episodes, The Innocent Man Ri Ta Yoo, but also keeps things under control. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

It is perfectly understandable because Ha Ryu was still willing to forgive her and the show needs something stronger eisode fuel his anger towards her. It just adds up to my hate meter on her.

First time seeing Yun Ho as an actor, as I was not familiar with his past dramas, I must say that idols come in handy in dramas. Well in my opinion, Yunho is not that bad, I mean there are other idol actors who are worse.

Park places the silver pill box in the safe in his lab and begins his rounds. Ji Sang thinks his ID pass will fix that tomorrow. As the nurses introduce themselves, Dr. Then they both pass out and end up in hospital beds. I love these kind of plot.

Sinopsis ‘Take Care of Us, Captain @ Yes Captain’ All Episodes

Uncle Chairman has picked up Dr. Does Chairman Yoo know anything about Dr.

This was one ending that I find unsatisfying and lacking. Park, but he tells her to set aside protocol.


How many times has he watched the video? P Kim Joo Hyuk. But when she betrays him, he takes his revenge. It goes to show that Ha Ryu loved Da Hae until the end despite of everything that she did to him. The life of Sumkary Na Ri, a thirty-year-old flight attendant, is turned upside down when she comes home after her mother’s death and finds out that she has a step father who is three years After more heated debate, the professor, Dr.

Queen of Ambition

As Team 1 Manager, he informs her that her performance review will have no empty spaces. Notify me of new comments via email. Is there a reason for that more than meets the eye? Wook exudes charisma and captivates everyone with his confident flair. Now, it is up to him to use his abilities to do the right thing to help others and find a cure. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rubbing people the wrong way is his ill-mannered specialty.

The legal drama centers around Jang Hye Sung, a brazen, sharp-tongued female attorney who says everything that comes to her mind with no filter. Through their conversation we learn that Dr. Ha Ryu changes, too.