In this new one, he hears one of his friends turns evil and he goes ‘meh, kinda expected it. October 6th, How to stop a stampede of raging cows? I am desperately searching, and I dread the possibility that I may never find him I suppose I’ll just have to see when it comes on. All times are GMT C There was no showdown.

Playlists New playlist Your Playlist’s title. There’s not even a single showdown! The Manchurian Mousca also makes a come back. Ignore Posts by Hiatus. Also, was it just me or was Dashi kind of a jerk? Two, she’s really lousy in showdowns.

The monks manage to stop him wafchcartoononline return the cows home. The SGW are not getting better. Maybe there’s going to be an episode that’s like 5 minutes animation and the rest of it as a showdown? Find threads started by Hiatus. Send a private message to Shrew. Also, how in the world did Omi manage to grab Chase’s magic drink?

August 23rd, 3: Video is violating privacy. Oh, and Jack wants to team up with Chase again and brings his French chef robot with him. After watching it, I used to challenge my cousin to a showdown match where we just did some friendly punching and kicking. The Dragonfly gives an energy boast and makes you hyper, which in Ping-Pong’s brain, is a really bad thing.

I missed out on ep. Send a private message to gokaiblue. Originally Posted by gokaiblue. Shadow isn’t half bad though; at least we have some things in common. Give him some time for more Jackbots or something.


New Monk On The Block ep. What do you think the next SGW in the show is going to be? Omi’s voice is a bit off, if you compared it with one and two.

I don’t know how it’s aired on TV. Princess Kaila of the Thousand Layer Mountain is also free of her spell. Isn’t Chase Young supposed to be It felt like mostly filler until the very end segment I suppose I’ll just have to see when it comes on.

Like you’re going to get killed by eggs or beef or global warming or asteroids. The Monks’ goal is finally completed. Find threads started by Shrew.

Xiaolin Showdown

I totally hate that, but on the plus side, all the characters were totally true to their descriptions. Don’t show me this message for some while. The new Wu is interesting and all Find threads started by Oshamaru. On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! But you said there wasn’t a showdown, so I’m incredibly dissapointed.

It’s not like he’s a major character or anything.

About 12 Results in All Videos channels. So what are all of your thoughts?

Xiaolin Chronicles Episode 7 Laws of Nature

Her birds were a bit too flashy, and where’s the fun if you don’t have surprise on your side? Also, Chase’s losing the showdown I’d love to see him return in future episodes.

Originally Posted by triplekitty Yeah, watchcartoinonline a showdown, but it’s really long. As for the whole Chronicles vs Showdowns thing Find threads started by darkpokeball.


Ignore Posts by Hiatus. Shadow takes forever to kick Kimiko’s butt. Hopefully in the next episode, my Prince of Darkness will rise again, take control of Chaos, and plunge the world in eternal night. Mine personally would be the Artemis Arrows, a set of bow and arrows that could hit any target intended with a bit of practice, and a Fire-type. October 16th, 6: Seriously, he was evil and manipulative And if you want any advice for watching Episode 7, have a pillow on your lap and a bucket to throw up in nearby.

The magical horse brings them to a small village, where Chase Young brings his wrath. I’m kind of getting tired of him hissing all the time, and that mind telepathy is kind of freaking me out.

Xiaolin Chronicles Episode 11 | Watch cartoon online, Free cartoon online

Ignore Posts by darkpokeball. All times are GMT It took her almost twice the time to try to kick Omi’s butt, and ended up losing. Also, in the original, Chase’s cats were his defeated enemies.