A major change that occurred for the first time since the Breda series cars is the reduction of seating. As of August [update] , Metrorail was testing new overhead handles of different styles on , , , , as well as some series cars to gauge public opinion. Retrieved December 12, Car was taken out of service after its mate was destroyed in the accident at the Woodley Park station. Beginning in , a number of series cars that had not yet undergone rehabilitation were modified as part of a pilot program to study passenger movements to improve the seating arrangement for future rail cars. Metro says it expects to continue receiving 20 railcars per month when deliveries begin again.

Cars were replaced by the Alstom Series cars, , in Retrieved February 22, The series cars started replacing these cars and the series cars starting in Spain and Hunt Valley, Maryland , U. In July , Metro released a request for proposals seeking a contractor to pick-up and then dispose of all series and series cars, as part of its plan to phase out those cars with the new series cars. Interior of Rohr

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. In keeping with what Metro told GGWash in June, the agency still expects to begin retrofitting chains onto the series cars in August.

WMATA Metrorail Kawasaki 7000 Series Cars

In AprilMetro elected to exercise an option in the contract to purchase an additional one hundred cars to replace its one hundred series cars, which it decided do not warrant being overhauled in light of chronic mechanical issues. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Washington Metro rolling stock.


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. As of May 9, Metro has series railcars on property.

Rapid Transit Series

Train of Rohr cars arrives at Fort Totten. There are some minor differences between these and the earlier Breda cars prior to rehabilitation. You can help keep independent, thoughtful, policy-oriented reporting and analysis healthy by supporting us with a monthly, yearly, or one-time contribution. Archived from the original PDF on February 12, Other features being considered include wider doors, larger windows, WiFi, heated floors, and passenger-operated door push-buttons.

As of August [update]Metrorail was testing new overhead handles of different styles on, as well as some series cars to gauge public opinion. WMATA retained pair — as historical cars.

Interior of Rohr Retrieved November 13, Retrieved April 23, This represents two-thirds of our car order. Early plans for the series procurement had delivery of the cars to begin in The cars also received General Electric AC oawasaki same as that of the AnsaldoBreda A railcar used on LA Metroreplacing the original Westinghouse cam control DC propulsion systems, making them the first cars on the system to use such propulsion systems. These cars were the first Metrorail cars to originally feature alternating current traction inverters and motors.

The “B” cars can be operated however using smaller “hostler” controls instead.

Washington Metro rolling stock

Second, the bulkheads on each end of the series cars feature windows that extend to the top of the bulkhead frame, whereas other car classes’ bulkhead windows only extend slightly higher than the side windows. By contrast, the best performing cars, the series, are wmzta four times more reliable, traveling more thanmiles between delays.


On December 31,a Washington Post article reported that some residents in DC’s Petworth neighborhood were noticing increased noise and vibration levels attributed to the heavier, steel-bodied series trains.

The cars would have been compatible with the series once the rehabilitation process was completed. seriies

A rendering of the interior design for the series rail car. Retrieved November 22, The interior has been completely redesigned to allow for additional standing room mostly around the center doors and easier access to all portions of the car.

Vernon Square Station, Washington, D. Retrieved November 14, Rapid Transit Series”.

Retrieved November 10, The following diagram depicts an eight-car train, with couplers represented by crosses and semi-permanent link bars represented by dashes. While those processes are typically fairly straightforward by themselves, they can be time-consuming while workers access the parts of the railcar they need in order to fix the issue. Retrieved June 5, If you like what you’re reading, please donate to support our work.