Max, what is going on here? OK, how brilliant was this cloning idea? I love how they weigh you before and after you eat, so that they can charge you by the pound. So am I supposed to go with the clone now? More couple time for you and Zeke. Plus, you could look at yourself without a mirror. We’re about to do some prank texting. You’re only a couple days old.

We are We are beat. They’re gonna get everything I Oh! OK, this isn’t easy to say. So what are we gonna do to keep this party rolling? What made you think of that? She didn’t listen to reason. Have fun, Alex and me. No, you have a dryer sheet sticking out of your pant leg.

I’ve hurt my own feelings. Wait, you’re going to Oinkie’s without me? As I say in the Budget Binder, “Never hire someone to do something that you can do yourself. We’re about to do some prank texting. Um Not now, Max. I’ve got some ideas, ohline.

Why be alone when you can whip up a Harper clone? It’s still half full.

I could use some “me” time. Oh, joke’s on her.

Wizards of Waverly Place S04E20 My Two Harpers

Here you go, ma’am. Hey, Justin, I’ve got something for your binder. The community napkin is a revolutionary money-saver! Oh, give me a break. Well, I’m gonna see if my dad wants anything from that place wafch sells bacon cupcakes.


There was a little dragon in her sandwich! No problem, sir, pull your magic carpet up to the first window, please. Zeke, what are you doing? She’s probably just mad ’cause she knows I’m cuter. Dad, you messed up all my orders.

So we decided to do more online research. Why lpace you just go on without us? They’re gonna get everything I Oh! Sorry for the wait. Harper, can’t you share your boyfriend with yourself? Alex, we need to waveerly. See you in PE! Some of my best friends are mermaids. Methinks there’s a wedgie in thy tights!

It’s not right for me to come in-between you and your boyfriend just ’cause I don’t have one. More couple time for you and Zeke. You’re a person in the family. My dress doesn’t look good from the back!

Hey, this isn’t a dragon melt! Plus, even if I did kiss her, it’s not like I’d be kissing another girl. Because I broke up with my boyfriend, and I needed my best friend. I’m your best friend, and I wasn’t there for you. It’s great having an orange couch. I am so over Mason.

Wizards of Waverly Place s04e20 Episode Script | SS

There’s pkace – And boyfriend down. That tuna melt you gave me was a dragon melt! Hit the road, clone, we want to be alone! My moment has finally arrived. We are getting rid of her. Oh, Heels and Deals? All right It was bad enough this clone you made took away my best friend, but now she’s trying to steal my boyfriend! That dress does not look good from the back.


Ever since she broke up with Mason, she’s been so clingy, like one of those dryer sheets that falls out of your pant leg at the most embarrassing moments. Have a good day. Hey, Og, have you seen my jacket?

Justin’s kind of the idea person in the family. Oh, no, no, come on. Welcome to the Wizardly Place Sub Station.

All the wizard world customers flashed out without tipping. Maybe you can be here. This notebook contains a lifetime of my groundbreaking, cost-cutting business ideas. Hmm Well, I guess I am flattered.