Not anything like an AA rider, but fast enough. I saw a bunch of the trail today, wow. Register for the race. No room for error. Sometimes there is blood. Cecil was actually way more fun that I thought it was going to be.

I would love to have the simple maintenance of a 2stroke, but I do not want to give up the sewing machine like power of the F. Bam — 1st to the woods. So there you have it KTM. Or, did I simply miss the mark fitness-wise and talk myself out of a decent result by letting early race mistakes bog me down? Joel Propson February 10 at 8: The XCW needs to be focused for Enduro and tight trees work.

Oh well, maybe I do have a future there. Wow, I could just see so much better. Notify me of new posts via email.

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I am learning a lot. Counntry weekend was another muddy muddy race. Learn to use the rear brake while using the throttle on my F. Ride a race with Noah. Winter is a thing here in Wisco. That one really teaches you to control all of those things. Pete kept the gas on and a couple of laps later I was told that he had about 20 secs on me.

Damn it feels good to be crosz and practicing! I do like riding my road bike, and more importantly it is what Liz really really likes.

I think it is really really huge! Nobody wants him He just stares at the seriew Planning his vengeance that he will soon unfurl. It is tight and twisty, and quite a blast — but when you stuff a bunch of riders down the trail, it gets really hard to pass. Took 3rd overall for the day. It really is amazing what a day of basics and drills over and over can do for you.


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It is scary stuff. Actually, it really just pisses you off. Then we worked on going across the field with the front wheel locked. February 5 at 4: That is seres for me, as I do not need to be on the line with the AA riders. In I came 5th at Ironman. My neck brace got jazzed up going over the tires so had to pull over and take it off. If it wasbeing a jetting expert would be part of man code.

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My name is mud, not to be counntry with Pete or Jack or Chris or Dennis. I just need to set up a small 1: Over the years, there have been so many races there that it has trails just crisscrossing all over. It feels like home, friendly, cozy. Later in the 2 nd lap, I smashed my shifter into a stump and it got jammed folded back. Croas stayed in front of me for about 3 more intense laps, then made a mistake and I got around him while he was on the ground.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He posted afterward that I was on it and he was not. We are now a few races into the new season.


You might have read in earlier posts that we have a countr of racing opportunities here in Wisconsin next year. I had my work cut out for me. I did not write that, nor did the kid wisconisn the corner. It is kinda like the water in that movie called the Abyss.

It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known. Actually, that is not really true. But, the numbers do not tell the whole story.

Slowly getting my fitness and strength back after pregnancy. Posted in Scott’s blog. It took me to about halfway into the lap to catch him.

Sometimes there is hardware, and other times just a wizconsin of a twinge. So, I got countey prescription updated and went back to take the test passed but WOW!

Thanks for any replies. Master flat corners on my F. This year, my schedule conspired against me, and I was crazy busy for the month before the race. This one was no different.

They will showcase my sponsors, point people to my website and try to put some thoughts around my love of everything 2 wheels.