Please contact them directly with respect to any copyright or licensing questions. Non-toxic leafy branches can be placed in the aviary for the birds to chew up. Black-headed parrot Pionites melanocephalus Least concern [10]. This Caique is one of two species of parrot in the genus Caique Pionites ; the other species being the Black-headed Caique or Parrot. As White-bellied Caiques leucogaster pictured above, but thighs and sides to body yellow; tail upperside green, underside blackish; periophthalmic ring grey; bill horn-colored with greyish base; feet dark grey. Ranges of black-headed parrot green and white-bellied parrot complex overlap. Their thighs are green and they have a white belly.

Nest inspections should be undertaken with great care. This encourages them to eat early. It is generally not necessary to intervene to avoid breeding as you would with Cockatiels, budgies, lovebirds, etc. The incubation period for Caiques is days. Egg Laying A Caique hen will appear very swollen in the vent area before eggs are laid. While with some pairs it may be “love at first sight”, others can take a year or longer to bond strongly enough to breed. This is where you rotate chicks between hand-rearing and parent-rearing.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pionites melanocephalus Pionites leucogaster Pionites xanthomerius [1] Pionites xanthurus [1].

However for breeding pairs, the entrance diameter should not be larger than necessary. They are excellent climbers, with very strong feet and legs. If possible a midday feed is extremely beneficial too. Yellow-tailed parrot Pionites xanthurus Vulnerable [6]. Minimum qhite size should be 3 metres long.

A productive pair can multiple clutch depending on whether or how long babies are left in the nest. Lansdowne Press, Melbourne, Australia. Chicks fledge at around 70 days of age 10 weeks. As White-bellied Caiques leucogaster pictured above, but thighs and sides to body yellow; tail upperside green, underside blackish; periophthalmic ring breering bill horn-colored with greyish base; feet dark grey.


Nest inspections should be undertaken with great care. Pionites leucogaster Endangered [4].

Setting Up Caique Pairs for Breeding – Shady Pines Aviary

Caiques and most other parrots are no longer imported into the Unites States, therefore it is important to preserve the bloodlines which are represented. In the wild, caiques use wet leaves for this behavior. North-western Brazil – Endangered Species Parts in BoliviaPeru and Brazil Prefers in seasonally flooded forest.

Downloaded on 3 January Strong wire mesh is required as these birds have strong beaks. They are relatively small and stocky, with a short, square tail and very bright colors.

Breeding Caiques

White-bellied, White-breasted, Apricot-headed or Yellow-thigh Caiques. The White-bellied and Black-headed Caiques are not color variations of the same species; they are separate species and should not be bred together. Aeason xanthurus Vulnerable [6]. Black-headed Parrot Pionites melanocephalus. They generally prefer forested areas and subsist on fruit and seeds. The species of the white-bellied parrot complex is found in humid forest and wooded habitats in the Amazon south of the Amazon River in BoliviaBraziland Peru.

Two to three days after fledging the chicks will start taking fruit and vegetables from the food bowl when they see their parents eating.

Green-thighed Parrot Pionites leucogaster. Black-headed parrot Pionites melanocephalus Least concern [10]. Chicks whiite fed by both parents and remain in the nest box for approximately 70—75 days. Try and obtain unrelated birds for breeding.

For Spanish title, see cacique. The Yellow-thighed Caique Pionites leucogaster xanthomeria is a subspecies of the white-bellied caique featured above. This caique is readily available in aviculture. Breeder Cages and Nestboxes. In a large clutch this can cause a vast age difference between the oldest and youngest chicks.

Sunflower and safflower seed are favourites. Adult breeding birds can be aggressive. Breeding birds with young sesson be closely monitored as they are often unable to raise all the young that hatch. The more commonly found species is the black-headed caique since it was introduced first in captivity, but the white-bellied caique’s popularity is growing rapidly. Black-legged Parrot Pionites xanthomerius. If a squabble has taken place in the nestbox and an egg has broken, the hen may eat the broken egg in an attempt to keep the nestbox clean.


Similar to the black-legged parrot, but yellow tail and pink feet. If a pair continues to break their eggs, try to determine which bird is the culprit.

Well-raised caiques bond well with humans and have a reputation as playful and energetic birds that enjoy playing with toys and lying on their backs. Male and female birds look identical.

Setting Up Caique Pairs for Breeding

A Guide to Parrots of the World. However, if a visit to the nest is ever considered an intrusion, chicks can be injured, or even killed, in a parent’s attempt to “protect” them.

Every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of the material but no responsibility calque accepted by BirdCare. White bellied Caique BirdCare. At least two members of the flock act as sentries during feeding time.

White-bellied, White-breasted, Apricot-headed or Yellow-thigh Caiques | Beauty of Birds

Their life expectancy is about 30 years. This web site has been compiled from material provided from a large number of sources.

Timber nest-boxes generally require a climbing structure attached inside the box below the entrance hole. At this time it is a good idea to hang fruit and veg such as apple, orange, corn on the cob in the aviary next to the perches, where it will be easy for the chicks to access the food.