Just letting you know, episode 38 part 2 has a wrong link gives you episode 36 part They invite both 2PM and f x members and even though the whole of 2PM comes, only Amber is able to make it from f x. June 18, at 7: June 29, at 1: They then rehearse for the night activity which is essentially a party. They decide to draw pictures of each other as practice, and then finally decide to start working on their family picture.

Khuntoria plans a wedding ceremony and parodies the kiss charge scene in “The Greatest Love”. At the college, Woojung have lunch with their friends. They also spend the rest of the day doing a hopping tour and also talk about what happens once they return to Korea to officially start their married life. The Brave Couple go shopping with the five marriage coupons with an original list in mind, however, once they get there, their list changes and ends up leaning towards all of the items that So Hyun wanted to buy. January 1, at 6: You are commenting using your WordPress. The Brave Couple goes on their date and So Hyun gets her wished fulfilled to ride a couple bike.

I hope Khuntorians everywhere can take comfort in the endless joy Khuntoria has brought us and continue to wish them happiness and success. They then travel to the F1 Racing Track where they are able to go around on the course in a sports car with racing gear on.

Things turn out when Jaemin reveals the plan, Jang Woo and Jaemin pretend that mqrried were fighting and that makes her feel sad. December 26, at 7: February 23, at Views Read Edit View history.


WGM Khuntoria Couple Episode 52

Will and Kim Hyung Jun to help her prepare a surprise for Won Joon, only for Won Joon to run into Hyung Jun at the elevator, but then realize nothing about the surprise. Part 2 works fine.

They then get around to what they marrird curious about and wanted to ask, which was when they are going to have kids, but they said it in English because they were too afraid to say it.

Which link can you not open? Khuntoria are given the mission to watcu the first ball in the opening game of the pro baseball season at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium. I think she was just lamenting that everything has to be returned, including the car they have come to know as theirs. April 9, at Instead of feeling sad for myself, I feel heartbroken for Khunnie and Victoria.

January 18, at 3: Retrieved 11 June It turns out that by looking at the age of the blood vessels, that So Hyun is deemed to be 80 years old. All couples now have approximately 20 minutes of broadcasting time.

WGM Khuntoria Couple Episode 56

June 17, at 3: But when I sign in, it says I do not have permission. Nichkhun however, slowly gets closer to Jordan, neglecting Victoria and thus, making her jealous and wanting attention. The Brave Couple is still continuing to play with the lie detector at their housewarming party. They have a bet to see whose cocktail is more popular, with the loser having to carry piggy-back the other back to their room.

March 2, at 1: Brave Couple continues their date at the amusement park, fulfilling the five missions that need to be done. April 24, at June 19, at They later receive a mission to pick the five ‘must haves’ of a wedding house. However, there is something that the nieces are curious about. Won Joon then makes a bet with Jin Pyo saying that if any of the other adults are able to get across the water bridge, he will quit smoking, with Won Joon ending up making it to the other end.


July 5, at 8: They then rehearse for the night activity which is essentially a party. They invite both 2PM and f x members and even though the whole of 2PM comes, only Amber is able to make it from f x.

October 3, in WGM Tags: Will the wedding singer to kiss on the cheek whenever he sings the word ‘present.

WGM Khuntoria Couple Episode 22 Engsub | Kshow

At the end of the episode, they were given a mission to “Make memories with Jordan”, Tiger JK and Tasha’s 4-year-old son. Is it possible to download fb videos? All megaupload links are both watchable and DL-able. If you can not stream Dailymotion videos, try DL-the videos by copying and pasting the links into Keepvid, clipnabber, etc.

Since 2pm and f x activities have increased in the last month, and holidays, the respective subbing teams are preoccupied. My only suggestion is to look for a good video downloader to try DLing them.

January 2, at 7: January 4, at 2: