This is my first chance to get a look at NHK world and it’s a little disappointing for me. If there’s some written step-by-step directions, that would be great. Tawna on September 4, The demand is definitely out there for popular Japanese entertainment. I think what has caused the demise of UTB is the unfortunate reliance on a single, traditional TV channel and an inability to offer shows through other mediums. As far as advertising revenue goes, I became a regular at Shinsengumi because of the advertising on I do buy Kikkoman sauces and the occasional Daylee food product. Always looked forward to Partners and Midnight Diner as well as so many wonderful travel scapes of Japan.

Since then, of course, television has seen an evolution that continues to change the very definition of the medium. Dereck on October 2, 8: You are not logged in login. This thread got me very excited about seeing more Japanese programming but at the same completely confused. This is killing me. I forgot what she wrote me, but it was very amusing. It is all about greed. I started going to Isa because of their UTB ads, too.

This hurts, it really does. Looking at you comprehensive list I realize just How much me and my family used to watch these shows together and that we really lost something special. NHK World on Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There were other urb I watched on the channel like this special called Goldfish and another special called Ubaste.

FWIW, I was listening to the radio today and someone from the broadcasting lobby said that if you have your digital antenna hooked up prior to the switchover, you may need to perform a “rescan” to pick up any new channels that came online in the last few days. I am so unhappy with UTB going off the air.

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If there’s some written step-by-step directions, that would be great. UTB Hollywood, one of the original Japanese-language broadcasters in Los Angeles, went to a hour schedule inbut recent changes in the way viewers watch, as well as declining advertising, is leading the station to slash its programming to 90 minutes, solely on Sunday evenings. Got to hope at least that will continue to soldier on.


A lot of non-Japanese citizens in the US both young and old enjoy them and indeed demand them through online sources.

June 21, — 3: I jtb the English subtitles for it as well as many other serials 118.2 has aired over the past few years.

UPDATE: Switching Off: Major Cuts Coming to UTB Schedule

The demand is definitely out there for popular Japanese entertainment. Every week, I so looked forward to all the cooking shows — my favorite is Hungry Hoppers Onigiri. I guess a lot of it had to do with Toyota moving to TX leaving Honda as our only major benefactor.

Honey on September 8, The digital antenna is working great so far, and we hooked the antenna and TV up to a DVD recorder to record any digital shows and installed the Cox Tivo like device on our second TV through the cable to record any cable only TV shows e. Moreover, many of the commercials seen on UTB of late have been from advertisers that share the same parent company as UTB. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

If so, would this be in addition to the cable box I already have with Time Warner? Your station will be sorely missed and I am so sorry to see it go. Roy Kim on November 11, 4: Powered by AkBBS 0. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Notify me of new comments via email. Ray Wu on September 9, 8: And it is free to watch. Brandon on September 15, 5: I have only now just discovered that The advertisers are supposed to support the stations crew so they can provide content which the viewers would love to see.

To watch cable, you’ll then have to switch back to that option using the Menu again. Anyone know of any alternatives outside of NHK, which is too mainstream for my taste?


Did UTB ohline drop everything all together or take a break for thanksgiving weekend? We also never missed an episode of the Dotch cooking show. Any help would be very much appreciated!

It’s hard to watch “normal” TV! I used to switch back and forth with the other but now gone Fujisankei programs that were originally on Channel 18 late nights that were carried by the now defunct Asahi Homecast and UTB was on Channel 44 both L.

Too bad the programs they are salvaging are nothing I currently watch. Perhaps I needed to buy more products from the sponsors of the channel?

It is all about greed. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The only downside to this for me is that I’m just too used to watching TV via my DVR cablebox, which allows viewers to pause, rewind, etc. You are commenting using your WordPress. Many programming are interesting. Once PBS went private, they starting advertising 188.2 major car manufacturers and still had the nerve to ask for donations from viewers. I am not of Japanese background but have had an affinity for Japan ever since spending a summer there as an exchange student watvh high school.

UPDATE: Switching Off: Major Cuts Coming to UTB Schedule

I am both sad and disappointed by this. I called Time Warner twice and both times, the support people had absolutely no idea what I was warch about.

The only good thing I can see out of this is that without the channel I will have more time to do other things like get a job or something. While occupying Channel Three of them are anime; Love Live! Luis April 21, —