Season 5 Episode 8 Hawaii Five-0 Season. But from what I’ve read and heard from other peoples experiences actually owning these cars it has absolutely horrible reliability. Overall much better than last weeks episode. From new cars to how they’re fueled, this show has it all. Also comparing a countach stylised box of crap to nowadays Lambos Technophile Audis in an Italian body is loooooooooooool. I generally skip Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, especially when it’s an American there flogging some new movie or something.

You skipped Mick Fleetwood then?? You apparently missed one of the entire points of the exercise. Yeah the headlights look like they’re from a cheap car. The Grand Tour zoomed towards the halfway point of its debut season with an episode that. Top Gear Season 22 Episode 3 Streetfire. Kinda disappointed that this is the season finale. The front end just looks The presenters show their enjoy of smaller automobiles using a.

Oh man I love Sickbeard. Shame its so short and sicne i fear that you too are going through top gear withdrawal have a short video of the stig drving a lawn mower that does mph http: The Top Gear Thread. I was going to say that that i cant beleive its the final, but i rewatched the montage in ep wattch and its true, they have showed everything already but the stig spinning in the whatever it was without the roof.

Top gear 2014 series 21 episode 2

That doesn’t change that it is a completely shit car to drive. Read Richard Hammond’s auto-biography written half n half with his wife and you should get a s2e01 clear picture from that.


Once again I’m going to have to leave most of the work to you guys. Every time they do a challenge with some aerial stuff, it’s shit. I hope I’m wrong though. The guests used to be interesting people there because they were car people, or were just interesting celebrities. Some may have an issue with it but I admit I never wanted her to stop talking God fucking dammit I forgot about this Is it on iPlayer or do I need to go all piracy on it?

The show follows the exploits of Dazzle Novak.

D The incredible part for me was the first turn, that front-on shot they use tends to my eye to illustrate how fast a car is, as it shows braking, suspension movement and downforce etc – and that Lambo was amazing coming through turn 1, even compared to Atoms and the Hwuuyueraya.

Report problem with “Top Gear” episode 23×2. Even tho i never really enjoyed the car football games, the rugby looks to be awesome fun. Top Gear Special. The bit where they’re driving along the stony road and wrecking their cars is kind of silly, why didnt they drive a lot slower, or drive watdh the grass? Happy that they are making it longer though.

I never understood those cars tbh, they seem expensive pointless versions of the “smaller” ones. Thats like being the smartest kid in the special olympics. The one with the trip to Vietnam online. Thought the best thing about the rugby was that there weren’t rugby players wtreetfire – no names driving so was more about the game. Alas, I’m afraid not. Saw a car transport truck with 4 cars on the back, including the red Corollaa Ford Focus, Mazda of some sort and a blue Corolla that was all bashed up – all very dusty heading south towards Auckland this evening.


Top Gear [Archive] – Page 3 – Failheap Challenge

Clarkson, May and Hammond drive off into the sunset in the last episode to feature the much-discussed trio. And god damn Hammond seems good with car repairs It’s almost like they have a mechanic or two on strsetfire camera cars.

Not really a fan of the new Jag though, if I’m honest. Stop the presses people, England is 1. I like siarpc, don’t particularly like whenever they do “airplanes or helicopters vs car on a track”, didn’t like the stupid pensioner Fiat.

Yeah the headlights look like they’re from a cheap car. Loving these great adventure bits of Top Gear.

We connect you to show links, recaps, reviews, news and more. Same goes for Aston Martin. All doing a test for a Kia Cee’d its crazy, yet all looked like they were having fun.

Immediatly when they said estate through africa, my thoughts went to subaru.