The last member to guess correctly the identity of the guest mother became ‘Shinhwa’s feet’, i. Retrieved 28 January Retrieved 21 May Thanks to all the people that working on the English sub for Shinbang, you are the best, and also thanks to Crabbielife to post and update these links, you are also the best: Their team is very small and Shinhwa just made a comeback on May.. I was practically jumping out of my seats for SHinhwa to get it right. His punishment culminated in him walking in a market, don with a wig, sunglasses, tuxedo jacket on his upper-half and a skirt on his lower half.

During their first sleepover since their dormitory days, Eric and Min-woo came up with the ‘Farting Exercise’. Their team is very small and Shinhwa just made a comeback on May.. Eric’s hidden camera continues in an attempt by the members, to get back at him for all his pranks on them over the past 14 years. Is SF still doing it? This page was last edited on 3 January , at The show is hosted by the six-member boy band Shinhwa: With the Sageuk theme of historical drama Shinhwa members dressed up in traditional court hanbok imitating infamous royal concubine Jang Hui-bin of Joseon Dynasty.

Retrieved from ” https: List of Shinhwa Broadcast episodes. Features special performances by Mighty Mouth and G.

The episodes also started with a briefing by Shin Hye-sung, dubbed ‘Shin Brief’, on a topic related to the week’s topic, e. JTBc must continue this show!

Eric’s hidden camera continues in an attempt by the members, to get back at him for all his pranks on them over the past 14 years. Shinhwa vs SHINee 1. OnewJonghyunKeyMinhoand Taemin.

ShinHwa Broadcast Ep 58 – Part 02 – SVC – video dailymotion

Hyoyeon tried to teach Kim Dong-wan the choreography to their new song “I Got a Boy” but only to shock them with his dirty version and destroying Sunny’s fantasy of him. Which ended up becoming an argument on who is a better dancer between Shin and Kim Dong-wan. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Can you also post Radio Star, Happy Together and other Shinhwa guestings as soon as the eng sub is available?


Master In The House Episode 40

Retrieved 14 December Does he have another project? Retrieved 21 April Where upon both Andy and Min-woo bumped into Leeteuk of Super Junioron military service as a PR agent, who was at the station on promotional duty with fellow soldier Sangchoo of Mighty Mouth. Retrieved 31 January SF sub is subbing Radio Star. Retrieved 24 June Min-woo was chosen as the best dressed all round. Retrieved 23 May On the way tries they tried to prank Eric with a hidden camera, for the first time in 14 years.

Retrieved 12 February Due to military restrictions, he could not appear on screen but his voice could be heard greeting Min-woo. Retrieved 27 May Retrieved 12 November In order to rescue him the remaining members had to furfill missions set by the girls, e. Retrieved 6 April Group activity always comes first and they will have their solo project after ALL group activity finished. With the four-member girl-group, two Shinhwa members were paired off in a male-male couple.

Then younger twin Sang-min guessed wrongly that Min-woo and Hye-sung’s soup was his mother’s. Shinhwa members in a new concept for the show learn secret recipes and cooking techniques from mothers. Retrieved 15 January Shinhwa Broadcast official jTBC website.


Eric lost his 4D charms. Kim Dong-wan did not join the group for the filming this segment, due to filming commitments for daily drama Cheer Up, Mr. The format for segment was studio based.

[ENG SUB] NEW Shinhwa Broadcast Ep 50~60

In this episode, members received tutoring on villainous acting from veteran actor Jang on the skills of being acting the bad guy. Jun Jin and Andy breakdance in red underwear.

Email required Address never made public. In the first part of this episode the Shinhwa boys continue their acting lessons and were tested on acting broadcawt an un-seen script and judged by actors Jung Ho-keun and Jung Broadcats, with Min-woo judged the best.

[ENG SUB] NEW Shinhwa Broadcast Ep 50~60 – crabbielife

Fun Cohabitation parody guests: In a parody of television show Fun CohabitationShinhwa and SNSD members had heart-to-heart talks on topics from longest running K-Pop band, surviving in the competitive entertainment industry, flights, solo activities and getting days off.

They are amazing in many ways. Retrieved 5 February Jun Jin was absent from the recording of episode 17, “School Channel: Retrieved 10 September The Return Shinhwa Grand Tour: Kang Ho Dong Returns to Television!

The couples played games and learn how to eo a meal together.