It offers THE authoritative biography of this under-appreciated representative of the species Equus asinus. For Best of RiffTrax: Focus on the dogs Price and his terrifying moustache that they riffed the film live, on-stage, and now you can reap the rewards from the safety of home with this live show DVD! The greatest fantasy epic of all times is at last a RiffTrax! Folks, there is no dancing around this issue:

Before the main event, a live riffing of two extra-demented shorts. One of the things we like to do here at RiffTrax during those rare moments when we’re not absorbed by our frequent, mandatory company-wide Schnappi sing-alongs is to challenge ourselves. Buzz did the right thing: Mike, Kevin and Bill strap on the cutlasses and swing away! No one, not even Mike, is dumb enough to take this one without some serious help. A true cult classic — and one of the scariest movies of all time.

Abandoning all the pseudo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo that for a brief window had desperate college professors teaching lectures on the original movie, Revolutions instead dials the THX up to 11 and hopes you don’t notice because your eardrums are too busy rupturing. Mike, Kevin and Bill are honored to be able to join teh for your first viewing of The Room. It’s riifftrax RiffTrax lover’s dream come true. To be fair, he does have a slightly more pressing agenda than eating pre-formed patties of vague seafood: And it was good.

Mike Nelson and the rest of the gang make those movies even more enjoyable with their comments!

Rifftrax: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – She Burns

Its visionary director whose name escapes us, you know the one, he’s that guy who didn’t win an Oscar this year proved that progressive films can succeed in today’s marketplace. Others said it was the relentless volume of hilarious jokes delivered from the stage of the Castro theater.

When the intellectual property rights lapse after a disappointing third movie, they’re snatched up at well below their estimated market value by a wacky mismatched duo of producers. Doubtfire, Nine Months, Gremlins 2: The tinfoil hat guy gave Mike, Kevin and Bill’s riffing of Transformers: Our smash hit summer live show is now available for download and streaming! And The Return of The King does it so well, in fact, that it decides to end seven or eight times. This time, we leave nothing out.

RiffTrax All Episodes –

ghe It comes with a rich, machine-tooled plastic case, top-grade polycarbonate coating, and reflective layer, rafted from only the choicest Sri Lankan aluminum. Yes, he did, but we edited that out of this ArachnaRiffic Rifftrax and left only the funny!


Young women are vanishing somewhere on the road that leads chsmber the creepy old house of a deranged bachelor Bela Lugosi and his two lonely assistants. The rest of the movie plays out like The Big Chill, but instead of Glenn Close sobbing naked in the shower, they board up windows and occasionally get devoured alive. Dialogue, casting, music cues, every choice in the film suggests that the once-acclaimed director has given up Alfred Hitchcock as his inspiration, and replaced him with a certain T.

Polite, perfectly friendly facebook comments. We here at RiffTrax regret even having to point out that he sounds like your Great Aunt Vivian sending you out for her third pack of Pall Malls of the day. Includes a live riffing of the short ‘Buying Food’. Tuck into some moldy bread and stinking salmon with Mike, Kevin rifftfax Bill as they cast their name into the Goblet of Fire, attempt to win the Triwizard Cup and get busted trying to sneak some Clash of the Titans collectors glasses out of Burger King.

The whole thing is set to a theme by noted orangutan dresser-upper Paul Williams, who makes modern day singers like Bon Iver seem like raging barrels of pure testosterone. Slap your knee as horrible hell monkeys die one at a time!

Watch Ron pull one face after another as he teams up with Harry, Hermione, Hagrid, and Hagar the Horrible to outwit an army of spiders, battle a giant lizard, and encounter an emo-chick who lives in a toilet. The most adorable pirates you’ve ever seen take to the high seas to do battle with an army of walking skeletons to see who is thinner.

But, when duty calls, he becomes something even less thrilling – Measuring Man!

Optimus Prime which the Feds just raised by a quarter point battles the evil Decepticons led by the eviler Megatron for control of the Allspark, which is possibly the silliest thing ever conceived by man. There is brief, partial, creepy, music-free, ‘s nudity mercifully, the emphasis is on “brief”plenty of cat-on-cat violence, and a scene in which our hero pops out the eyeball chajber his own lab cat and snacks on it.

Imagine, just imagine, if ordinary citizens suddenly began to discover that they have acquired extraordinary harfy.

Rise of the Machines is a big, dumb movie filled with big, dumb people. It recreates the experience of being stuck in a room with Micah pronounced MEEK-uh, or DOOSH-bagthe kind of guy you immediately want to start punching and never stop punching until the riffftrax is done.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

When a spaceship full of hairy people crashes on an unknown planet, it’s not enough that the surviving members look a lot like the Starland Vocal Band it is a help, of course, but not sufficient for their survival.

This was a proof-of-concept created to test Rifftax’s video-on-demand system. I mean, that performance? Part of the Cyber Bonus Pack Did the actors regularly ingest a cocktail of lithium and horse tranquilizers before each scene?

Best of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Rifftrax

It’s like going to a Gallagher show where he refuses to smash watermelons with a giant mallet. Because we taped ours off of the television set, and our NV doesn’t have an “edit” function printed on one of its riffrtax of plastic piano key-style switches, we just left the commercials in there.

The point is, it is the perfect partnership with which to assail the enemies of freedom, i. Why, then you’d have the very un-X-Men-like Heroes! It’sand the Biker Ninjas behind the Miami drug trade are finding themselves facing the newest heroes in ppotter Why do the local children taunt him and call him “Casper”?

Ow, it physically hurt to type that. Now imagine tje are Matt Damon. And there was something called a Ewan McGregor, but further research shows that to be a technical term used by the key grip for a kind of light stand. He bravely manages to get himself stuck almost immediately.

How am I supposed to watch this?! It’s Iron Man and from what we’re told it’s just a guy in a metal suit. Bruce Willis is a hack as in “cab driver” who must protect her from the malevolent Zorg Gary Oldman sporting an acrylic yarmulke, novelty teeth and an accent that makes him sound like a cross between Foghorn Leghorn and Barney Fife.

Because The Dark Knight is not just a superhero movie. And then there’s the clowns. Return of the Jedi. Chortle at the deterioration of a Canadian marriage!

Chowderboot and all the rest!