Yep,the title pretty much sums it all up. Use the following code to embed this video. But beware of potential disappointment with Season 3 and proceed at your own risk. In Season 3 there is more emphasis on pure action and less on character development and suspense. When a bad character makes you root for him that definitely means he’s doing his job very well. The endless spirit of the characters transports us into a parallel universe where the power is endless and unprecedented. We thinking those people are stupid! There is a scene in the sixth episode of the first season where the character ‘Ivo’ is explaining to his boss, the seasoned mafia don ‘Djaro’, the step-by-step procedures of the preparation for a daring heist that is worth millions.

There is no “absolute” good or bad characters. Only the very end is disappointing. I believe with some help he can improve though. It features nice, realistic, almost fully believable characters – actually, most of the Bulgarians can easily recognize someone they know in the movie characters: I sure hope that more people will be able to see it in the future. The story, as the title “Undercover” suggests, is about a cop who infiltrates an underworld organization. Just search “Pod Prikritie English subtitiles. As an interesting bit of trivia, Mihail Bilalov only recently resurrected his acting career.

Under cover Pod prikritie are a real top world class TV series. I’m watching in the UK on Netflix but for some reason series 3 is omitted from the five produced.

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Watch the pilot of the series for a master-class demonstration of how to set up a gripping story and introduce unforgettable characters. The plot of the movie is quite classical – there is a mafia organization and there is sugtitles cop which is undercover. I sure hope that more people will be able to see it in the future. In the series there are enblish lot of Bulgarian inside jokes, so I assume it would be slightly harder for international viewers to understand the jokes from time to time.


You told me you wanted to dance till you die. There is always a surprise! Yes, it’s been done before, most recently in “The Departed”, suntitles was itself a Hollywood remake of a Hong Kong movie. On wtach way he has to encounter a lot of challenges in order to completely become part of the criminal world. Overall, this is a series worthy of a worldwide audience. There is just too much posing but not really portraying the true character of the rebel. The directors of the series have done a great job of getting the story on film with impressive visual flare.

Who’s got the keys and papers for the car? He must have heard something. For starters, the acting, with perhaps one single exception, is marvellous. Is your name Martin Hristov?

Bulgarian viewers might enjoy the whole story because it’s impossible to revolve in such a manner in real-life Bulgaria itself, or maybe because such a product appears in Bulgarian for the first time, thus feeling closer to the local audience.

Whoever says this is far away from our reality, is someone who lives in a pink soap bubble and has no real idea about the contemporary world in pri,ritie country!

Although, one can see that the series has lost the brilliance of Season 1. It is a fictional series and is not related to any real persons.

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The series don’t lack action – on the contrary – in every episode there is some eye-candy: Use the following code to embed this video. Otherwise, it is very probable that you will at least enjoy it.

I stopped watching after ep. What could make a little bad impression in the third season are the “hidden” advertisements. I was bowled over by it and am now absolutely hooked. Connect to YouTube No thanks.

Then again, politically radical fiction is often a tough sell in our market.

The plot is so unexpected and intense that you will hardly wait the next series. Pod Prikritie deserves so much more than this intellectual myopia. While Kukata was an outspoken member of his community in his best-known work his politics are embedded in allegory or fantasy, allowing readers to view them as loosely humanist or to overlook them entirely.


You will feel guilty for loving the gangs and their human characteristics. But the story telling was taut, sharp as a knife. An impounded car was stolen from the police station in Dragoman. Even the great Bilalov does not have much to work with here. They are not too “hidden” at all It keeps my attention every minute. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 2 Edit Subtitles. The plot is edgy and well written, with minor flaws, but which movie doesn’t have flaws?

Pod Prikritie’s realism is undisputed, and as much as that is a compliment, it is also ironically the point of contention for most Bulgarians.

Actually I love the way it was shot – combined with the intriguing plot it can be considered the best Bulgarian-made production ever. I know – the situation in ex communist countries is not good, but now I understand why those people are so sad.

Especially if compared to a Hollywood-style counterpart, the differences in the acting are just annoying. The englksh, as the title “Undercover” suggests, is about a cop who infiltrates an underworld organization.

Even some of the scenes are based on actual events and scandals, involving famous political figures and mob bosses.

While undercover he gets a promotion in the mafia hierarchy and becomes part of the world – full of crime, violence and corruption. Hook, after the curve I close them in front and you block from behind.