But Chris is on to her, he knows she’s just burying her feelings and convinces her to go and have some fun. Episode Ep Sep 1, Meanwhile, Summer goes in search of Steph. Thorn in My Bride. It’s a Grave Day for the Irish. Do the Fright Thing. They both keep up the detached pretence until they’re on opposite sides of the door and sink back against it, sighing about their angsty lives. A Lie for Help.

Episode Ep Sep 1, Episode Ep Dec 17, Interview with a Vamp Liar. Sophie’s got a schoolgirl crush and Callum finds it completely offensive! How far will Libby go to protect Steph? It’s Karl and Susan’s wedding anniversary and Karl pretends he’s on top of it, but he’s not prepared at all.

Every Picture Tells a Porky. Episode Ep Nov 25, Get Out, Stay Out. How will he find his way out of this one? With Michael’s help, it suddenly dawns on Declan neigghbours Rebecca’s not happy in her marriage and he decides to get her as far away from Paul’s evil ways as possible.

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Kate believes Steph should go to jail and under pressure she tells Donna she plans to testify against Steph in Court. Meanwhile, Natasha’s guilt over stealing the Social money gets the better of her and she tries to do a good deed for Summer by buying her an expensive present. Episode Ep Jun 12, Meanwhile, on the run, Diana pays a surprise visit to Paul and pleads with him to come clean about who DID push him.


The Ann in the Lyin’ Mask. Episode Ep Sep 2, Five Thousand and Counting.


Season 7, Episode Rat on a Hot Tin Roof. How will she feel when confronted by Steph, the person who killed her husband? Meanwhile, a hot date with Brennan is ruined when the past comes knocking at Kate’s door.

Free as a Boyd. The Hound and the Fury. Episode Ep 35 Feb 27, Something is bound to give.

When Declan’s romantic visions of getting back with Kate are quickly squashed he has to make a decision, keep the car and everything it represents or give it all up for the sake of Indy? Episode Ep 96 May 25, The Corridors of Power. Episode Ep Jul 22, Episode Ep Jul 16, Meanwhile, Kate’s off to Sydney and she neigbhours with the distinct feeling that her relationship with Brennan is over before it even began?

Episode Ep Jul 17, Mary, Mary, Quiet and Scary. Pall in the Family. Stuck beighbours a deserted road, halfway between Erinsborough and Muttatang, Donna’s devastated she may never get to say goodbye to her love.


The Wrong Kiss Goodnight. All Aboard the Guilt Train. Here Comes the Brodie. One Steph at a Time. Yawn of the Dead.

They find that one of the text messages has come from Gemma, but it is a dead end. Episode Ep Oct 30, Episode Ep 16 Feb 2, Us Against the World.

Season 11, Episode The Erinsborough lawman is not only trying to hide Steph’s secret but also, with Diana’s help, masterminding a scheme to bring down Paul. Season 21, Episode 9: He follows them into the bar. Andrew’s frustrated at seeing his dad helpless and that Diana Marshall’s been released on bail.

Sonya politely gives him the brush- off, so Karl goes over to put his posters on the noticeboard, annoyed when he sees Susan’s already up there. Stu Can Play That Game.

Sam’s back in town to seek revenge on Steph and Libby is determined to back Steph at all costs. And when Lucas returns, the group hears the news on Dan’s condition.