Clay attempts to silence Orel, and when they get home he hits him with his belt until the enlightening experience has been beaten out of him. Season 3 Episode 1. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! This episode is about the Annual Arm’s-Length dance at Orel’s school. The present is now seen at Christmas. A despondent Orel heads home, trying to find a way to talk to his father.

He inadvertently breaks this commandment when he tries to help an old man across the street, and he is hit by a car and dies. Depressed as Doughy once was, Orel is able to shoot easily; he is no longer bothered by Doughy’s attempts to upset him. Lists of American adult animated television series episodes Lists of American comedy-drama television series episodes Moral Orel. The episode takes place right before and slightly after “Nature”. When Kim leans in to Stephanie, Stephanie’s eyes cross, showing Kim as a one-eyed smiling version of herself, which Stephanie dubs “Closeface”. A police officer tells them that the only “safe” costumes are those that promote God. Episode 5 of Orel admits he does not know.

Orel is entered into a praying competition against the Begging Mantises, an extremely moal team of prayers with a record of 50 wins to 0 losses. Thinking that he healed the man, he moves on to an old lady on life support. In the present, Orel prays in his room for God for help and a sudden interruption from Block reminds Orel that he does have a crush: When Kim leans in to Stephanie, Stephanie’s eyes cross, showing Kim as a one-eyed smiling version of herself, which Stephanie dubs “Closeface”.

Doughy’s grandfather comes to life as a zombie and nubm a nearby police officer, whom Orel also brings back to life after stripping him of his bloody uniform. Episode 11 of This realization watdh dashed by his mother who informs him that because animals have no soul, they can’t go to either Heaven or Hell and are meant to be eaten.

Armiture, who is informed by Bernie that if it weren’t for the Judas number, the play would be “forgettable”. After taking it home, she mutilates her vagina, prompting her to go Dr. Bloberta is told by her mother to make herself useful and clean her room. Clay launches into a series of alcohol-fueled despondent rants, threatening that he will kill someone if he has to go into work and claiming to make repeated sacrifices for his family.

He stops outside of Orel’s room, where he overhears Bloberta and Orel’s conversation from the end of “Nature Part Two ” about why Bloberta married Clay.


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A saddened Orel returns to the shop, where Stephanie explains that Orel saw his own “Closeface”. While purchasing a new belt for his father, Orel runs into Reverend Putty at Mr. When you’re not different, you’re allowed to be mean some of the time.

Doughy is first seen playing baseball with himself. Onlibe, his father lets him know that he wasn’t helping a poor man; being a drug dealer, the man was actually rich and “lucky”. After this, they head off to the Moralton Nature Reserve. Orel finds himself floating in an endless nothingness. When Doughy attempts to take Orel’s place on the hunting trip, Clay tells Doughy that the offer was simply a ploy to get Orel to learn to shoot better.

Moral Orel S03E01

This is actually the first episode of Wach 3. Potterswheel’s handkerchief at home. Orel does and skips off happily. It is revealed that there are a lot of bets made for Orel to win.

Stephanie, not realizing that Kim merely thinks of the act as a joke, eagerly agrees. Retrieved 25 February Search for ” Numb ” on Amazon. But when the fire spreads to all the other buildings in Moralton except the church and the Figurellis’ dream houseeveryone roots the whole problem to Orel and teach him after all the men and women in town give him a belting that his actions made it inconvenient for the racists, and not the “racers”, thus removing the need of discrimination.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. After thawing it, Orel considers the Missing Link to be his new friend.

Moral Orel S03E01 – Numb

Clay asks if Orel has been listening to his “elderlies” and upon receiving the affirmative, tells Orel that he is doing everything right. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

While Orel is preoccupied with explaining to his parents about the situation, Shapey sticks the barrel in Orel’s eye and pulls the trigger. Although the STD was clearly contracted from Bendy, the earlier guidance leads Fakey to assume that his wife was responsible and promptly throws her out of the house, ending their marriage. Bloberta questions why Clay doesn’t “‘drink’ drink” and assures the righteous Clay that “Jesus drank a lot” and he should, too. Don Nohammer voice Tigger Stamatopoulos He then proceeds to explain to Orel that there can only be one way to make babies, the missionary positionciting the lost 12th Commandment, and admonishes Orel for using the pastry bag as a fun and unusual implement.


Again, he has another fantasy about his deceased mother.

For the first time in the series, Orel directly confronts his father, screaming “You become a bad person when you drink! She is especially harsh on her husband, who cowers in fear. The story also reveals that Miss Sculptham was previously raped and impregnated by Mr. Thinking that everything, including himself, should be treated divinely, he excuses himself from school and goes on a trip across town.

Three months later, after the Easter sermon, Orel is seen in Figurelli’s store where he runs into Censordoll.

Listening in through the door, Dottie is initially pleased to hear Putty cry out her name instead of Florence’s, but is immediately saddened by Florence’s crying. That night, Orel sees his father drowning his sorrows at the local pub.

Put off at Orel’s suggestion that he is too drunk to hunt, Clay goes off on a wild rant cursing women and then grows horribly and disturbingly despondent about his life. This episode focuses on Coach Stopframe, a disloyal opportunist who offers himself to both God and Satan. It’s a rushed decision, made without knowing much about one another and the two seem unhappy from the start.

This episode aired on April watchh as an April Fools’ prank where Adult Swim showed new episodes of upcoming show seasons without announcing it.

While Orel and Clay are away on their hunting trip, Bloberta attempts to feel sexual pleasure again, with horrifying results.

Later on, she is at Fakey’s wedding and she notices Clay, who admits that motal thought the wedding was a “regular service” and didn’t leave as he thought it would be awkward. Doughy sees that Orel’s nervous tic, caused by sadness, makes him a terrible shot. This episode begins with a flashback to when Orel was picketing eggs during the episode “Offensiveness”. Orel’s dad sets up a meeting with Reverend Putty numg Orel, for had he known beforehand Orel was going to repent, he wouldn’t have given him the usual belting.

After he leaves, she gets “maternal pangs”, so she gives herself a piercing to onlinee rid of them.