Meanwhile Remedios, Krista and Tomas are fired from their jobs without any sufficient reason. He tells them he heard Javier and Krista talking about it and the former admitted to having a relationship to Gabrielle. Alexander and Javier switch back to their normal lives. Jaime has also retired from service and has passed on his seat to Edgardo and Alexander and Krista are happy parents of twin brothers fulfilling the dream of a complete family. Mimi asks him what happened to the baby and Lora and Bernabe, who they know as Tomas, say both are dead. Diego finds them and Tomas quickly tells Lora to escape leaving him alone with Diego and was continuously shot to death. Every one was down on the floor including Alondra and when the gunshots stop, Joaquin and Alexander instantly chased after the masked men from next door but they managed to escape. Javier thinks of embracing his new life with his real family.

Gabrielle is laid to rest and Krista makes peace with Gen. This Week’s Top Trailers. Alexander didn’t have a very happy childhood and was left alone by his parents most of the time. Tomas tries to talk to Joaquin at the army base but instead he sees Lora bumping into a rebel informer, the same man who he ordered to bring food to Lora while she was in prison. Meanwhile Ka Bernabe started working odd jobs to make ends meet. Alondra makes sure that Remedios won’t be able to talk to Jaime.

Tiago says she should have listened to him long oita and he makes plans for them to move. Marcelo tells him the truth. Matias and Yayo Aguila as Mrs.

Tomas asks Lora if she will leave him once her amnesty is granted. Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin lit. Edit Did You Know? Berto denies the allegation; he further insists that it was Alexander’s fault for destroying Gabrielle’s reputation and quiet life.


Unknowingly, Inigo has a different plan. Krista is iihigin and makes her way home to her brother. Sebastiano asks Lora to move in their home again.

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Before she can say where she is, her phone battery dies. Xander and Javier switch mnsan at the hotel. Krista is ecstatic and says yes this time. List of episodes Season 1 Season 2 Webisodes. Meanwhile at the restaurant, Alexander knows he has to choose between love and duty to the country.

Alondra lies and tells both of them that she doesn’t know how Alexander has a twin brother for which she blames Mimi. Alexander lsng Javier switch back to their normal lives. It’s great to see Lorna Tolentino and Amy Austria back in harness again. The other rebels are mad at Elena and Krista as they are separated from the rest. Meanwhile, the rebels try to get lanf the military camp to steal some of their food and equipment.

Mimi insists that she really saw the other twin dead. Javier hopes Xander is ok and would understand what happened between them. Alexander successfully escapes and captures Javier and ties him up.

Minsan lang kita iibigin

The incident that got rid of her half sister – Lora. Bayani Darnel Joy R.

They are to pursue a group of rebels. Javier comforts his mother and tells her she will always have him even if his father leaves them. Alondra finally meets Javier together with Alexander. Gabrielle tells her though that she has nothing to worry about for it was obvious who Xander is going to choose. And both brothers fear they might get caught. Javier goes clubbing again that night and Xander confronts him at the bar, exposing his identity to his date, who calls him a phony. Javier is able to convince teleaerye of his innocence and mocks Alexander for not being able to embarrass him again.


Jaime arrives and tells them to return home because of security reasons. Lora decides to take on amnesty to be with her family especially her mother.

Gabrielle follows him on his visit to Etleserye with Alondra and Mimi and is convinced that foul play has been involved. But she mistakes this closeness for love and she soon becomes jealous of Lora. Remedios continues to worry about Lora after having a dream about her.

Joaquin and Lora often bump into each other inside the mansion, making Tomas more jealous. Javier promises her that he would protect her no matter what, and to do this they need armoury.

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The rebels transfers house once again to hide from the Militars. Rosa catches Javier talking to Alondra ijbigin the phone and they get into a heated argument especially now that they are suspecting Javier of leaving the cause. Javier has to endure all of the negative hearsays as part of the Sebastian family.