Originally Posted by magirus. I took them back and asked them for a refund, which they duly gave at the same time as ripping the soles off in a disgruntled manner. That seems very pricey! Yahoo Products Yahoo Answers. Don’t go to Timpsons. The quality of work will largely depend on the extent and quality of the training and the experience of the individual member of staff doing the work.

Was this a fair price? Originally Posted by dice. I’ve had them tell me they couldn’t copy a key because it was a “security” key. Who said there was something wrong with learning to do jobs yourself? Took it out, refitted and it ran for about 5 seconds Now I have the tools, some knowledge and limited skills, I tackle all but the more expensive and tricky ones myself. Originally Posted by Rodder.

So, how much did the man over the counter ask me to pay? I took a Bell matic to one of there outlets about 8 year ago to have a crystal fitted which I supplied, the “watch maker” cracked the crystal when fitting it and then told me the crystal was the wrong one thats why it cracked it was the correct one but said he wouldent charge me and that if i got another to bring it in and he would fit it, i thanked him and left.

Results 1 to 50 of That’s why I have a lock. Ever since then I prefer to change batteries and size bracelets myself as I know how careful and bothered by marks I am.

How much should replacing a watch battery cost? – Which? Conversation

I don’t think he’s painting them with one brush. Quite right John, I absolutely agree. I am Not a watchmaker just an amateur Jobber Fixer. I didn’t know any better at the time but have learned and feel that they probably don’t have the training for anything tricky.

Don’t go to Timpsons

Yes, you had a poor experience and the guy was a plum for probably not even listening to your warning – bit unfair to paint them all with one brush though. In the end Remkved got asked to leave the shop If they have the right type of key!


He had a bad experience and shared it. Eemoved brought it to me today apparently he had a new battery fitted a few weeks ago at a nationwide high street heel bar, last week he jumped into the swimming pool with his daughter forgetting he was wearing his watch which is approximately ten years old and of sentimental value.

Might be worth writing to their head office with a polite but disgruntled letter asking why it was so expensive when they weren’t doing anything more complicated than moving a few screws Watch Repair Our In-store only watch repair services can give your watch a refresh – whatever its style. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Already subscribed You are already subscribed to receive our newsletter.

Took it out, refitted and it ran for about 5 seconds I prefer the more traditional image. Threaten to take them to the papers. An on-line search has suggested some more professional places that I might try for work on my better watches.

Customer services

They did not have the tools but recommended I go across the road to Timpsons. Its a Daytime Rose Gold Plated model number Of course its ridiculous for that price you can by a couple of watches!! This sort of thing really irritates me. They tested my subs waterproofing for swimming even though they are only supposed to use their tester as part of a battery change, and when I asked how much they just said put a donation in the charity tin so I can’t complain about their service.

My local watchmaker got the scratches out on the lapping machine and just asked me to put a donation in warch charity box in return so it turned out OK.

Originally Posted by dice. Naturally I went back there the very next day and explained the battery was useless as it was so far out of date, he looked through his draw and must have had more in there with the same dates on, he then said it doesn’t matter as the chemicals in those batteries never go out of date! Your second paragraph pretty much sums it up.


Took my new Seiko Monster into a jewellers today to have the bracelet resized.

You do have to question the intelligence of somebody who believes that Timpsons can supply a lifetime of power in watcch silver oxide cell and nobody else can though. Originally Posted by Chewy. Who said there was something wrong with learning to do jobs yourself? Just commenting on the the damaged Quartz watches that have been brought to timpskns for re-instatement.

No — they have to be brand new. A simple battery change on a Timex or Casio digital maybe but anything else is asking for trouble.

Some jewellers might have one on the premises but most jewellers could not really be described as specialists these days and are mainly concerned with selling a wide range of goods that includes clocks and watches.

That’s the only things I’d get from Timpsons. Latest discussions Scam watch: I want something secured I think a bit of common sense is needed here. They have a policy of employing ex-offenders, fine in principle but sometimes their work ethic and attention to detail leaves a lot to be desired. Originally Posted by asteclaru.

I had a Saturday job at a Timpsons shoe shop and though quite some time ago, still have fond memories. Originally Posted by boxbrownie.