I asked my Korean father, but he said I couldn’t get one. Why do you have to ‘commit’ as if drama-watching is a marriage is a bit too much! Jeong Ae finds out the truth about Hye Shin’s marriage. I’m losing hope at times too but its amazing how JJS can give me hope to continue watching this just for him. Naw, I am just messing with you. She storms out near tears. It’s a western style house. Agreed, I do wish Soon-shin would yell at Yoo-shin, Granny, and the rest of her family.

But considering most of us have hit that breaking point where we’ve lost patience with this drama it’s like the shades are coming off. Not that she seems capable of that, seeing that her choice is to hang out with the gossipy women of Junho’s family I’m just excited for the happy endings that are bound to come. And you make a great point of comparison about Suzy. He really stands out even in smaller roles. As listed, there is the Mom in Goong, who was also awesome.

As a fellow commenter, I love how immersed you are in this show, since I dropped it at some point, and then picked it back up.

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However, because of the US immigration laws, some children adopted from foreign countries were also getting deported because their parents were too lazy. I watched the first two episodes a few days ago and I’ve been waiting patiently epdra,a see whether or not DB would take on this project because I’d be absolutely ecstatic if you did.

I am on DB time, so when I say tonight, I mean tonight by the time posted on this blog. I find IU’s singing pretty variable – if you watch a few of the live videos such as on youtube, she seems to lack some voice control. It’s the writers not the directors and actors that need help.

I am just bset, I am not yelling: I must have missed sth: Right now, we follow my daughter seo young but neither of us are enjoying it much. This is a message for you, specifically. He is my favorite, so that makes it unacceptable: I need to see the end and basta. Am I the only one watching this drama for the doc and Yoo Inna’s character? Hello Quinze, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I hsin see that you responded, and though I have not had the opportunity to read your answer in full, I will make an effort to read it tonight and respond to it I hope as well.


But this belief doesn’t stop Yoo-shin from being a bitch. So thanks for this recap and any more to come. When will that happen? It’s so heartwarming and just so befitting of a family drama.

Watch You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin Episodes on KBS | Season 1 | TV Guide

And poor Soon-shin is usually the one to unwittingly set it off. Makes me feel like I’m less crazy. This drama is a bit plagued with criticisms, for its name, allusions to the historical figure, and of course for giving IU a lead status. Will definitely continue watching. She insists on doing a drama instead, and accuses Jun-ho of mishandling her career.

It’s really tough to start out in professional life with a poor credit rating. I’m not eagerly waiting for the next episode, but I’m looking forward to it. It just makes me so angry to see how this family rom-com has turned into a melodrama. Now when the birth secret if hopefully finally out, I feel a little nervous about “the secret of father”.

Abbie July 1, at 7: When most people would have lost their cool, too. I haven’t watched it subbed yet. Wow this a nice surprise. It makes little sense to me personally because acting sort of comes with the expectation that you have to play all sorts of roles.

MR for me can’t be redeemed. Watch Episode 3 Sub. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Yet the girl still insists on pursuing him.


Jeong Ae finds out the truth about Hye Shin’s marriage. Chicken Ajussi is Soon Shin’s biological father.

Or were you referring to a job in an office? I’m glad you think so as well. I have never seen a plot device used so repeatedly in every drama. She should have gone through some sort of ele study and worried, genuinely about if she could open her heart to this child through thick and thin.

Well, if you insist The horror, a perfectly sweet, patient, understanding, not in any way a DOUCHE like your ex guy admitted he has feelings for you and both respects your family and privacy so he gives you space After giving her baby away, acting like she never had one, and then deciding to out the truth, without even discussing it with, let alone telling, Soon-shin, she expects to act like nothing happened? Gil Ja makes Yoo Shin sign a marriage contract. Seriously, have these people never seen Shut Up Flower Boy Band, a perfect example of a makeshift family if there ever was one.

I used to think the police force must be incompetent but now I’m watching Ten and guess what! Nina March 19, at 3: Mi-ryung promptly fires Manager Hwang, who does not take it well. I FF thru so much of it that I’ve not the foggiest idea what their thinking is on that matter. I’m a huge fan of Jo Jung-suk and I’ve been in love with the drama from the get go.