Feb 14, Messages: If you see a film you want to buy on the Movies Anywhere service, clicking the buy option will bring up a pop-up showing you which vendors have the video. Will be a perfect world once Flixster has a proper app to use. You just link it and it shows up under my collection. Yes, in certain circumstances: You get a maximum of four streams at one time if all viewers are watching different films. If you redeem on Flixster, then it should show up on all the others and vica-versa. Find More Posts by Spidey Blu.

I think when things get confusing which is heading in that direction in the UK then no one wins. Find More Posts by monkeyd Every once in awhile, you may find a title that doesn’t seem to sync as we did with a handful in the early days of the service. The beauty of Movies Anywhere is that you never need to use the Movies Anywhere app after initially setting up your account. Jim Di Griz , May 1, Jun 19, at 1: Feb 15, Messages: Sony has a plan to make all of their devices UV capable soon.

Mar Blu-ray collection: So films produced by those flixstef will appear in the Movies Anywhere app, regardless of where you originally purchased them. Send a private message to baneomac.

But again, you can watch the same movies in those other linked services iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, Movie Play and so onwhich expands those limitations. Getting UV on a tv is pretty simple if you have a Chromecast – all of my titles show up and work in Flixster Video which casts just fine to the CC.


If you connect that device to the internet, downloads should not expire. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Feb 25, Messages: Firstly I setup blink box on their floxster 3 solely used for blu Ray after seeing a blink box post from the 1st of April explaining the setup.

I don’t understand as I would pay money for a good UX and media player – something like Itunes would be ideal. I would really live to be able to stream movies with that as well! I’ve never though seen one on flister streaming box.

o Apr 29, at Send a private message to monkeyd Oct 11, at 1: Jan Blu-ray collection: Will be a perfect world once Flixster has a proper app to use. I think that means you will be able to tie your UV account to the Playstation movie store, and download them directly. Don’t have an account? Just go to the UV website and check.

Useful x 1 List. Find More Posts by pmac.

Movies Anywhere: Everything you need to know

Find More Posts by jd Find More Posts by Spidey Blu. Find More Posts by baneomac. Seems to me that the digital struggle will continue in the UK and as long as Amazon, Apple and the film studios squabble, the consumer will lose out.


If you have a digital code, typically an insert inside a DVD, Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray case, you can redeem it at Movies Anywhere to add it to your personal digital library.

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I used the Huawei Mate X and now I’m a foldable phone believer. Fluxster Movies Anywhere works now — no need to wait for those new products. May 10, at MartinH32Jun 16, MemXMay 28, Send a private message to pmac. This has been shelved for now – so much promise but poor integration and development leads to a half finished product and the problem is there is very little outlook on it improving.

Originally Posted by Nightman04 Any news on the ps3 app? Your movies are probably still there just mlvies visible using that app. That did the trick, shame about 4 films are missing; probably due to licensing issues.

Flisster everyone, new to the forum and can’t find much info on UV in the UK and wanted to see if anyone had any further thoughts? I think I will be better off going the itunes apple tv method.