Sytch tripped Storm, allowing Candido to gain advantage over Storm. That’s because Tanaka took even more unprotected chair shots than Awesome did and no-sold half of them. He died the day after his birthday. Later, Masato Tanaka and Mike Awesome competed in a match. That is very dangerous, but I’m sure quite effective. Awesome dominated the match by performing a diving back elbow drop and then caught a flying Tanaka with a belly-to-belly suplex and followed with a diving shoulder block.

But in some ways, it can be sad thinking about all of the wrestlers that left this earth way too young. Six professional wrestling matches were contested at the event. I know his job was to be annoying, but he was a little too good at it. The action then spilled to the audience. Storm then suplexed Candido to the outside and then dived onto Candido out of the ring through the ropes. If you thought Styles treatment of women was bad, wait until you get a load of Lynn hitting Bass with a steel chair probably didn’t hurt her that bad and dropping Chastity, who also accompanied Credible to the ring, with a tombstone pile driver. Next week, we’ll look back at Starrcade

This was the first edition of Heat Wave to be broadcast on pay-per-view. I dislike being manipulated like that, especially when I can watch it later in a more objective and less alcohol influenced frame of mind and be as disappointed as I was.


Heat Wave (1998)

Watt wears during games. Both teams wach used weapons against each other and brawled throughout the match. RVD and Sabu set the challengers on the table and delivered diving leg drops to both men to retain the titles.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New Jack was scheduled to face victory later in the night, but was taken out of the match due to the beating he took. Later, Masato Cew and Mike Awesome competed in a match. Their styles didn’t clash in this match. Even the referee got involved and helped the babyface team, which came out on top. Bigelow dominated Taz with a powerbomb and then Taz rose up and began a watxh brawl with Bigelow which spilled to the crowd.


He was a big guy with a great look, was good in the ring and was very athletic for his size. Never Miss a Story.

Another very dangerous, but it was quite effective. People were flying around from one side of the ring to the other. There are a couple of more tragic endings that I’ll try avoid bringing up when I go through the matches, as this is supposed to be about the good and hilariously bad parts of wrestling history, not the overwhelmingly sad ones. Send your suggestions to VaughnMJohnson on Twitter. Phillies spring training The event featured wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds and storylines.

Heatwave 981

heatwavr While that was all and exw, I’m afraid we’re going to touch on some sad events. This match was mostly about Dreamer getting revenge on The Dudley Boyz for breaking his girlfriend’s neck. April 21, – 6: This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat He set up the broken table in the corner and attempted to drive Taz into it again but Taz countered by driving Bigelow through the table with a T-Bone Tazplex. Sytch tripped Storm, allowing Candido to gain advantage over Storm.

He would have turned 45 today. But wait, the insanity only continued with arguably the best match on the card. Six professional wrestling matches were contested at the event.

Edit Cast Credited cast: The action then spilled to the audience. Retrieved from ” https: Full Cast and Crew. She would have pummeled the vast majority of those people.


Add the first question. Warch had Candido attempting to use powder and the referee almost pulling Sytch’s dress off by accident.

After the match, Victory came out and hit Dreamer with a guitar, which brought out New Jack, who used a stop sign, a golf club, a shopping cart and a guitar of his own to clean house. That’s because ECW created those specific songs.

Styles said he usually didn’t condone violence against women, but approved of what Lynn did to Chastity because she had it coming. Search for ” Extreme Championship Wrestling: This was a match between two very capable performers and they put on ewc very good match. Lynn delivered a kneeling reverse piledriver to an interfering Chastity and then attempted a hurricanrana to Credible from the top rope but Credible countered with a low blow and delivered a That’s Incredible from the second rope to win the match.

This match was insane. Edit Did You Know? Start your free trial.

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Bill Alfonso – Referee Mike Alfonso The two returned to the ring where Bigelow hit another powerbomb and then set a table in the ring and drove Taz through the table. That title belonged to Shane Douglas, who did commentary on the heatwae alongside Styles. Bass was a very muscular woman, making her an easy target to be made fun of by men and women.

Storm hit a superkick to make a comeback but Candido countered with a neckbreaker. Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars.