Iditarod icon DeeDee Jonrowe loses her dog team outside a checkpoint. Both comments and pings are currently closed. You can always go home when your done. He has his own presence: And when he says he is in lion country, rest assured there are NO lions within 25 to 50 miles and there are hunters posted in the area…. The other hype is just unnecessary. Wrong clothes, no knife, notice everyone of these shows they at least had a knife.

I loved Seasons 1 and 2 and was so anxious to get Season 3 started, but this is beyond disappointing… That boar-noose was so fake it was almost funny. This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 2nd, at It looked very much like the area I lived in 4 years ago on the Big Island, called WaiPio Valley, on the north east side of this island. Like when he killed the boar. Joe continued to prove and deepen the assessment that this man is an idiot. Joe has a my way or the highway attitude and not much respect for Cody. Whether ruin comes from an ancient plague, an alien attack, or a robot rebellion, preppers are creating their sometimes unorthodox strategies to survive.

The only exciting part of the show was the staged boar kill!

Cody is an iregent ass that wants everything his way. Regarding the new DS, Dave took game but I never felt that it was a complete setup. Joe killing the pig was way over the top. They must use unconventional methods to secure fire, shelter and food on this quest for civilization.

Dual Survival has featured incredible survival tricks that have shown viewers how to acquire food, shelter, fire and water in the wilderness. There has always been language that was bleeped out and my 5 year old grandson did not watc what they were saying even though the rest of us did. I really would like to know exactly which Island in the Hawaiian unbraider that the filming took place where Joe killed the wild boar.


I love this show!! However, You have a great story, Have a wonderful day. I knew the guy was a joke to begin with when he decided to climb feet in a desert to gather ice.

Dave also had the advantage of being use to talking and being around cameras from his youtube channel. Not too mushy, not hard, challenged each other respectfully. This is a reality show, so needless to say i was not entertained.

Dual Survival: Unbraided

Good to hear your views. I really liked Dave alot. And of course every animal kill we have seen on this show was staged, whether a porcupine, pig, turkey, salmon, alligator, etc. Dave was the man and will definitely be missed. Survival Life is more than just one man. So there ya have it. We ended up a few miles out and luckily were able to find each other fron the sound of one sirvival canoe 1 of 3.

I also respect the fact that Les tells you when he has received tips from local experts, and the fact that he is out there alone, filming himself!

It is a growing and living community of individuals; all with the desire to be prepared to survive and thrive no matter what this world throws at us. Joe continued to prove and deepen the assessment that this man is an idiot. Not liking Joe so much for this type show. You are most likely not an outdoors person. It seemed to me like Joe was only concerned with doing things his way and was too eager to fight. It was used as a reason that they might be isolated in that environment and gave them a piece of equipment to scavenge from.


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He has a very closed mind. Learn how your comment data is processed. You spend all your free time walking around as a POW or being chased by dogs.

What I liked about Dave and Cody was that they seemed natural, and you learned things you did not need to be an ex-marine to do like Joe climbing a palm tree with a rope. Dave also tended to be a bit more respectful of the animal when he made a kill while Joe seems to run on animal instinct, which can be noted specifically when he speared a wild boar in the rainforest and stood over the dead animal with an intense and vicious look on his face.

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With the Alaska Range behind them, mushers now must rest — a strategy all its own. January 30, at The mushers prepare to face the dreaded Alaska Range. I think they all have had their faults and their expertise. Dhal recorded the first four shows, but could only endure watching the first three.

Nothing personal against Joe, but the show is not the same with out Dave. He appears to be a grandstander. To expect anything else out of him is silly.

This guy like to show boat too much. I never saw him kill an alligator or a giraffe.

I am not a fan of Joe but think that time will work its magic and they will figure out their role in the relationship.