Who do you think will win Celebrity Big Brother Season 2? Louis sees his improvement. He is not sure if Lloyd has star quality, but he is getting the first seat. He thinks Lloyd should get a seat. The player will ask you for a ZIP code. Sharon says he has great potential and would give him a seat. I would send home Anthony or Leon. Watch Big Brother full-length episodes online free for 7 days after the original broadcast without sign-in.

Jon Lilygreen in OUT. He is another white guy with guitar. Louis decides to give Aiden a seat. He has decent stage presence. Can he handle the nerves? She decides to give him a seat anyway. Simon says he felt a real connection with the audience and predicts one of the 6 singers on the chair will be losing their seat.

In my free time I like to read books, watch TV and listen to music. Louis says he is happy with his decisions. He decides to give him a seat. Each week, the Houseguests will vote someone out of the house. Nicole has decided to give Talia a seat. Lolo Borther blows up on the house as the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests predict the finale votes.

I would send home Anthony or Leon. Nicole is completely blown away by the performance and would also give him a seat. Nicole says Tracy has potential and decides to give her a seat.


The player will ask you for a ZIP code. Nicole says Leon has the whole package.

He thinks Lloyd should get a seat. Nicole says she respects him as a musician, but she has no more open hrother. He inserts a rap after the chorus.

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He ditched the guitar for this performance. Make sure you have the cookies enabled. The judges and the audience go completely crazy, as Leon walks out on crutches. Simon likes his rawness and recommends Nicole to give him a seat. Halsey 22 year old pub singer from Norwich. You can watch X Factor live, online. He wrote this song for his grandparents, who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Simon says Lloyd is like a comfortable blanket.

Louis calls him a real artist and true musician. Simon stops her and Tracy sings the same song again acapella. Feb 92: Broher says Leon had something more than Alex. Sharon says he has great potential and would give him a seat. Gregor Coleman — Yellow Coldplay 24 year old busker from Glasgow.

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Sharon is very upset. He gives a chair to Leon anyway. Welp, he is covering The Pussycat Dolls and he is not changing any pronouns. Daniel Merriweather 28 year old plasterer from Essex. Bill Downs is OUT. Simon previously asked him to pick his songs more carefully — for his audience.


The audience wants a seat for Spencer. I think both brothers Mallett are kinda average.

He has decent stage presence. Brothfr get around that, you need to use VPN connection. Celebrity Big Brother Season 2. The audience demands a seat for Jack. The audience loved it.

Celebrity Big Brother has come to a close, but a winner still needs to be decided. She decides to give him a seat anyway. Nrother and Louis seem to be enjoying it. So, Lloyd picked a ballad, because he knows Louis made a fortune with boybands singing ballads.

Leon Mallett is OUT. He originally auditioned with his brother Alex as a duo, ITG. So Nicole sends him backstage and asks stagehands to bring Talia back. Feb 13 He then decides to give Anthony a seat. Gary Barker is OUT. I believe this is the first time we are seeing him. The judges broke up the duo in bootcamp. Big Brother – U.