Tomas tricks Katerina into signing a power of attorney that gives him the right to do whatever he wants with their farm. Katerina declines Nathan’s proposal, saying the only man that she will love is Daniel. Jane’s Death Takes a Toll in Everyone In Milan, Marcelo’s son wants to contest his father’s will after Emily refuses to give him half of the land. Meanwhile, Marco tries to look for Emily but his Katerina begins her part-time job as a waitress and she doesn’t appreciate Nathan’s over generosity because she feels like a charity case. Marco denies any knowledge of this and Genia immediately thinks of Daniel as her secret benefactor. Johanna meets Emily aka Emilia Guidoti.

After giving Tomas, a helping hand in his business in Manila, William had no other choice but to lay off some of their workers. Daniel is hesitant for aside from not being on good terms with Tomas, he also doesn’t have Marco Introduces Daniel as His Son However, Tomas has his friends pretend to be robbers, stealing Daniel sneaks in the Montenegro mansion after Genia informs him of Katerina’s visit. Katerina is angry Daniel ruined her birthday party but he presents to her the ring as his gift. Katerina declines Nathan’s proposal, saying the only man that she will love is Daniel.

The hacienda mourns for William. Margaret thinks Genia is a gold-digger and is out to get revenge on her by getting to Marco. You are most welcome to update, correct or add information to this page. Through Margaret’s interference, Emily is sent to jail causing Herman to die of heart attack.

Daniel Can’t Trust Nathan’ Action He had Daniel dragged by horses to teach him a lesson in front of the hacienda’s other workers. Daniel Loses the Trust of the Montenegros The Montenegros are back and Emily rejoices as she will be able to execute her plan of revenge.


Daniel and Tomas face off in court. Emily schedules a lunch date with Johanna after learning that Marco and Jane adopted the young woman. Daniel does odd jobs around town to raise Katerina Distances Herself from Daniel Katarina was already anxious to leave as she is to help Daniel with farm duties.

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Marco Introduces Daniel as His Son He asks the young man to always be on the look out for Katerina’s welfare. Nathan continues to woo Katerina and Tomas encourages his sister to entertain their neighbor as he will treat her like a princess.

Virginia has mixed emotions seeing Margaret again. Daniel loses his composure and walanh into a fistfight with Tomas.

Who Was in the Plane Crash? Katerina finds a way to go home and see Daniel.

She also doesn’t agree in keeping their relationship a secret from Katerina’s father. Despite the hard work that lies ahead of them, Daniel and Katerina swear that they would love each other ’til the day they die. Katerina Discovers Who Kidnapped Her Henya Wants to Talk to Emily Emily couldn’t help but report what she saw at the Alcantara’s to epidode authorities.

Johanna insists on augist Manila’s night life with Daniel. Jane’s Death Takes a Toll in Everyone Katarina’s excitement over seeing Nathan isn’t shared by Daniel.

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Johanna Keeps Mum on Katerina’s Whereabouts Following the death of his son Jonathan, William Alcantara meets a young boy, Daniel and rep,ay Lola Genia, both of whom he decides to take in. Margaret confronts Genia and she denies doing those things to Emily and Daniel. Katerina graduates from high school but gets disappointed when her brother and Daniel fail to attend the ceremony.

Emily leaves Rplay, together with his father Herman. Johanna mentions meeting Emilia to her father, who instantly recalls Emily. What Is Margaret’s Next Move?

Emily relates to Daniel how she struggled when she first came to Italy and how her kindhearted boss Marcelo, became her husband. This website is part of the FamousFix entertainment community. Daniel finds an ally in Johanna, who says she believes he is not aufust thief. Hanggang kailan maitatago nila Daniel at Katerina na si Nathan ang totoong ama ng dinadala ni Katerina?


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After seeing Katerina’s over made-up face and short dress, Daniel decides to follow the two and punches Jack after he tries to forcibly kiss Katerina.

He also surprises Katerina when he asks her to marry him. Emily, who was observing nearby farms, became a witness to this and becomes curious on Daniel. Tomas Keeps on Making Wrong Decisions Daniel does not believe that his girlfriend would say yes, but after hearing Katerina tell Genia about the wonderful gifts she has received from Nathan, he leaves the mansion, not knowing what to do.

Through Margaret’s meddling, Emily finds out about autust bet and confronts Marco about it. After another fight with Daniel, Tomas suspects something is brewing between his sister and their foreman as she seems to defend him all the time.

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Emily is also intent on training Rellay to be a wine connoisseur as he will be the one to run the wine bar in Manila. Daniel decides to give the infinity ring to Katerina as a gift on her birthday.

Daniel Expresses His Dismay to Emily