The results are further discussed in terms of the role of multiple social identities in intergroup relations, especially in multiethnic communities. The latest version of the questionnaire 70 items for examining the existence and severity of EMS consists of 18 schemas, divided into five domains, which can be seen as second-order factors Non-affiliation and rejection, Autonomy and performance damage, Boundaries damage, Focus on others, Over-cautiousness and over-inhibition. A total of 46 children were included in the sample, 24 in the group of second language learners L2 group and 22 in the control group. Experiment was done in a gym, in which 14 participants matched distances of two stimuli on two directions, horizontal and vertical. Furthermore, these groups are politically opposed, which leads to psychological and social distancing of the members. Emotion-focused coping is directly related to the perception of positive affectivity after the test. Are the characteristics of psychological problems number, type and self estimated severity among students associated with their needs and intentions to seek professional psychological help PPH ; 2. The most significant predictors of the marital quality were the self-ratings on the following characteristics:

We used a subscale Content of parental conflict from questionnaire Child perception of interparental conflict scale — CPIC, and the subscales Emotional reactivity and Behavioral dysregulation of questionnaire Security in the interparental subsystem scale – SISS. Po popunjavanju upitnika LEIDS-R, ispitanici su ponovo popunili iste afektivne mere koje su zadate u pre-eksperimentalnoj fazi. Attentional biases were measured by reaction times in different combinations of stimuli and the mark. The data was analyzed with a multivariate analysis of covariance; participant group L2 vs. Social identity complexity SIC refers to the degree of overlap of cross-cutting memberships, while social identity inclusiveness SII refers to the number of people a person perceives as in- groupers. The latent structure of first part Questionary consists of: We argue these findings in the key of the social identity theory.

Additional analysis conducted with component scores on the seven initially extracted dimensions yielded two uncorrelated higher-order components.

Elegiac, Cheerfulness, Value, Emotionality and Hermeticism. That is to say that teachers who have less years of working experience and more experience in working with children who need additional support in education, and also attended more additional trainings in the area of inclusive education, have more positive attitudes toward inclusive education.

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The extracted factors were: Eigenvalues of these components were 2. According to the object of affection attachment to parents and vojnic,a to friends is tested.


Based on obtained data from job analysis, Questionary for job performance assessment of professional soldiers in further text: Latest guidelines in therapy and rehabilitation of children with this disorder are related to health of parents, who have central veo in treatment processes and rehabilitation of children with this type of problem.

Jednu od operacionalizacija predstavlja upitnik LRQ Literary response questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and t-test were used for data analysis.

In order to examine the joint effect of the predictor set composed of socio-demographic variables on the withdrawal from filling out questionnaires, a binary logistic regression analysis was conducted. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: The first dimension is Experiencing. Considering that the CRT-A still represents a novel method of personality assessment, there is a lack of studies testing boundary conditions and contingencies for the effect of implicit aggressiveness on CWBs.

Participants completed a computerized task by rating adjectives on self-descriptiveness and valence using a grid.

Edit Storyline Young Belgrade playboy, spoiled child of a rich family, changes for the better after spending some time in the army. Present research was conducted in order to determine the socio-demographic predictors of participants who do not complete questionnaires in psychological research. Prevalence of pervasive development disorder records continuous growth-according to World Health Organization reports, it is 6. Attentional biases were measured by reaction times in different combinations of stimuli and the mark.

We used a subscale Content of parental conflict from questionnaire Child perception of interparental conflict scale — CPIC, and the subscales Emotional reactivity and Vojnicla dysregulation of questionnaire Security in the interparental subsystem scale – SISS. Even when the content of the conflict does not include the child, the conflict leads to emotional insecurity and perception of loss of control if the child does not know the reasons and causes of conflict.

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Forty year old, unemployed architect is trying to find his way in a society’s cruel environment. Audible Download Audio Books.

The discussion of the results will focus on the predictors that have proved to be significant in separate regression analyses and on the potential practical implications of the results. A special attention is paid to the mediation role of coping strategies in relation between ljubbav level of the test anxiety on one hand, and the outcome of the stressful transaction, on the other hand. The results indicate that higher- order structure of LRQ is unstable and that the questionnaire does poorly when discriminating experts from non-experts.


Reliability of both factors was.

Many authors believe that it is very important that ljubab people have a secure attachment style in order to effectively adapt to the transition to college. Our findings demonstrated that RE may be instruction-dependent, indicating that we still have to learn what really happens during suppression experiments.

To measure the syndrome of professional burnout was used Maslach Burnout Inventory Maslach et al. The individuals with anxious- avoidant insecure attachment in relation with partners experience stable level of life satisfaction, regardless the childhood adversity exposure, and it’s higher gledanjje the early high stress than in other three patterns.

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The sample was balanced by age, gender and ethnicity. This work is a part of the project No. It is the study of individual differences in the patterning of regularities in response to the environment. Uzorak je obuhvatao odraslih osoba Through the initial phase of research, we examined children aged years, and the second, re-assessment phase included 93 children from 5 towns in BiH.

Kapetan Ante Bogdan Diklic Examined socio-demographic variables were: The results show that half of the students are satisfied with education and teaching. In the research the measuring instruments have been used a Questionnaire for warning and symptoms of stress and b Questionnaire for adolescents Kindl Questionnaire for age from Diagnostics of Body Ego by I. This study attempts to answer the question of whether the child’s perception of the content of parental conflict predicts behavioral dysregulation, which includes restlessness, tension and loss of control, with emotional reactivity as moderator variable.

The fear is based on a set of beliefs that these manifestations will have deleterious effects on somatic, psychological, or social functioning, which leads to intensification of symptoms.

But, all of them have the basic goal to understand how, why, and when leaders will have positive influence on followers. Also, the aim was to explore how the recognized ways contribute to this process.