He doesn’t want it to move – they did an interview with him – but its not his call Even if I have to wait a few hours to watch it’s worth it in my eyes to avoid the butchered version that gets aired by network TEN. That’s not including setup, just time it takes to run the process. Great to have him back. Ricciardo last lap FTW. Yeah it’s pretty disappointing. No – BBC 5 live commentary only. Sun May 15,

Came back after about 15 mins,great stuff!! Sun May 15, Good way to get in. Ferrari are too good a team to take a punt on him. With the pro level membership on Smugmug you can non destructively watermark pictures, I think I might look into it more. Larger run off areas might be a reason for some corners but I recall seeing low fences on the high speed main straights too.

Di Resta who had liive relatively uneventful race certainly didn’t move forward much especially considering how many people in front DNF’d or had significant incidents.

I used it to great effect whilst driving to a wedding on Sat arvo. Join or Login to Reply.

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Just this link on Autosport: Fri Jun 15, Which is stupid as there was some awesome aerial shots of Melbourne for the world to see. If you work in an F1 team, you would essentially have to put your life on hold I reckon. Hey don’t bash the Breakfast show interviews, that gay guy was really going to get into F1 and the atmosphere. Or even working on the rbr marketing team.


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I am pretty sure there are regulations in place which limit the amount of ads that can be shown per hour so doubt it is any different than other years. Larger run off areas might be a reason for some corners but I recall seeing low fences on the high speed main straights too.

I’ve been checking the fv on my mobile, but fucked if I’m going to waste data listening to these fuckheads carry on about Masterchef and every other cunting channel 10 show under the sun. When you open the web page you always get “you are missing the plugin to play the video”.

All his family are in Sydney as well.

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The timing of it did coincide with the end date of Melbourne, however personally I can’t see F1s ever negotiating that track and the bumps it has at the speed they go. Actually yeah, I forgot to say how dumb the rest of their coverage was. Clearly Qantas have paid for their hour long ads but perhaps rather than have the ad be D grade clowns on a sofa reducing my will to live it could be a noline at the bottom of a page while we watch some actual motorsport?

Tried the football the other night and that worked fine as well. Some pics by a guy from my local forum http: Theres a receptionist job going at RBR. If you are in a design position or management, then yes, money is more than decent.

I watched the race and that was it, pretty much every year is the same regardless of channel filled with endless dribble. Page 1 of 2 [ Search found 35 matches ].


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If not he might appear boring You need to ‘tune in’ to the Finns – they do not do small talk like we do. I would imagine each and every component of the gearbox is made with the same mentality also, although steering because it’s safety critical probably gets a bit more attention to detail than maybe other parts. When I on,ine at Le Mans last year there were spectators literally hanging off the catch fencing in some places.

But yeah, no idea what her role was as she never spoke. Too early to tell I guess Pretty sure if it leaves Melbourne, it’ll be leaving Australia. Fairly entertaining race in the end: You can try again next year.

That interview was pretty horrible. Nafe – what about the US? They must figure on this style of coverage broadening the appeal of the broadcast.

Then just when I think you might be going to talk to a driver about something F1 related its a question like what is your favourite colour or How do you like racing in Australia. I can see how it would start to get a bit same old.