We hear a voiceover of Manager Kim. Shukmeister June 9, at He starts to walk away but Sang-hyuk calls after him. WS has a lot more of those tropes we now associate with over-the-top dramatic license, with the exception of Chaebol vs Candy that is so prevalent in HYD. The entire park is just breathtakingly beautiful even if you never go to the house. Seorang berhati terbuka yang peduli terhadap orang lain termasuk terhadap ibunya.

After reading the recaps of the last 10 episodes I am glad I didnt watch the episodes. There is no changing her mind, and she apologizes for not having the tiniest corner of her heart available for him to stick. I watched the series but I am really glad I came across your blog. This item belongs to: Their food is flavored with their tears. He wonders if she would actually like the house he built.

The five of them surround the familiar table and toast with bakseju.

Winter Song Of Love Vol. I came by today, to check out the Elephant Prince email that I received. Shukmeister September 21, at In fact, the interaction between the Sidekicks was some of the best banter in the series.

SINOPSIS Winter Sonata Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Aurora September 19, at YesAsia Editorial Description Winter Sonata is more than just a television drama, it’s a cultural phenomenon. Shukmeister July 14, at Beethoven – Piano Sonata No. That jerk is still puzzled when he comes home.

Well, for sure, I am watching it again. As mentioned earlier, Namsan Tower was the stand-in. He starts to walk away but Sang-hyuk calls after him. And here’s my thought about this drama. He also tells her everything; Joon-sang is his half-brother and not hers. Also, I think this has been the only drama where every single side character was a complete nuisance. As e;isode is fondling the picture, a single piece pops off.


Ichi — I think it was Dgama. I guess I will have to wait but I fear it’s never going to happen and then the other version available might be out of stock when I decide to get it. Even so, the pair runs through Gimpo Airport looking for their man. A few random observations; Yu Jin went to France, long before the image of the Eiffel Tower must have become an accessory in Asian drama. She reaches the puzzle picture, finds the missing piece and finishes it. Together they head for the airport.

Thanks for reading my recaps! Search Keywords The following keywords are associated with this product. The next morning, Joon-sang says goodbye via phone to Manager Kim. Collectibles Japanese Korean Chinese. Twitter Facebook Tumblr Pinterest.


Will Joon-sang finally shake off the Noble Idiocy and grab his woman for some buckle-polishing slow dancing? Just remember the fun time at the beach, and throw out any bad memories. Loved your comments Shukmeister. As far as I know, only the animated Winter Sonata series staged a wedding scene.

A bespectacled Sang-hyuk and a smartly-dressed Yoo-jin chase after a crying toddler. Love and pain certainly go hand in hand and the bouts of sadness rarely let up until the partly happy but tragic melancholic finish. Do you think he was really there or was it just an imagination?

Is that part of the 20 episodes? Joon-sang will help him achieve this. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sang-hyuk shows up with a one-way ticket to New York City and asks her to follow Joon-sang instead.


After reading the recaps of the last 10 episodes I am glad I didnt watch the episodes. Thanks for the recap. Customer Review of ” Winter Sonata Ep. Three years later, Joon Sang still has the same color hair.

But home is where your heart is, right? We get a flashback. In the meantime, a servant has picked up Joon-sang to drive him to his next seminar.

He apparently forgot something. Joon-Sang percaya tiada seorang pun yang benar-benar mencintainya kerana ia percaya ayahya sudah meninggal setelah bertengkar dengan ibunya.

I get the chance to watch winter sonata this year after all these years wondering what the drama is all about. It looks like his hair. Please click on a keyword to search for similar items. Notify me of new comments via email. Her brightness shone through everything she did. Sang-hyuk, keeps biting at winger brother. The music is beautiful, sad and the lyrical songs almost perfect.

He reminisces on how beautiful she was in their teen years, and what a miracle it was to meet again at Polaris. Dgama September 6, at