It is completely torn down at this point. Got one to sell? The top is hard to photograph through the paint, but this gives an idea. Apr 24, Guitar has been upgraded with a more modern floyd rose trem. The funny part of the story is how good are these Vester strats. Fretboard width at 22nd fret 5.

It has a bone nut just and above the nut the lacquer is hairline cracked see pics. As you stated we have Vesters here in New Zealand, can you tell me what to look for concerning body wood. Just found this Vester fan site. But if you can pick one up cheaply, they are a nice guitar. You must log in or sign up to reply here. These are not laminate. A very tastefully designed website. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

No, create an account now. There are several different types of Vester electric guitar available with copies of other famous guitars forming a part of the range, as well as hybrid acoustic electric versions. The top is hard to photograph through the paint, but this gives an idea. Log in or Sign up. Please stagge an in-depth description along with your link.

Legend has it they licensed to produce Squier branded guitars on behalf of Fender from their factories in Korea. The serial number starts with E7, but a 2 has been added before the serial number with a vibrating scribe. Here’s a Vester collectors site. Vester were making their own guitars to the exact same specs and selling them out the back door with their own label on there.


Vester Guitar fan site

The bridge is locked down. Looks fantastic for a guitar that is likely about 30 years old. At that time, 80s, early 90s people looked down on Korean guitars the way they do now with Chinese guitars.

It’s got a plywood body. This includes the comment atage of youtube videos as well as anything that’s embedded into the video itself.

Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. Apr 25, The paint is semi transparent, and the top is a book matched piece of maple with decent flame.

Invece il negativo ha valore Log in or Sign up. I published my Vester fan site today. Caring for your Vester Electric Guitar Most electric guitars require little caring for in terms of keeping them clean, with a simple wipe over with a cloth usually being stgat to keep them looking OK.

You put a lot of work into it. You can just barely see it in the picture.

It sounds bright and jangly but the humbucker beefs it up like I was hoping as I do play shit punk every now and then. Do you already have an account?

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BTW you can listen at an identical guitar serjes mine – just red color instead blue – by watching this Youtube video Invece il negativo ha valore Nice site – I used to own a brilliant Vester Les Paul Copy – I loved that guitar when I was years old vesfer unfortunately I had to trade it for my first Tele at 16 years old! The wiring was hideous and everything that isn’t the body or neck is basically ‘built to a price point’ aka: We are not here to make you more popular.


I am sure that you will find many Vester owners coming forward to tell their stories. You can, however, decide to polish your guitar to make seriws look shinier.

Congratulations on a nice site. In retrospect, however, the quality was usually pretty good. Buying format see all. Well, the sixth pro played the Memphis this weekend. Please review pictures before bidding and ask any questions ahead of time.

Floyd Rose locking tremolo system.

Replacement Trem for Vester Stage Series

I guess it’s Korean from the early 90’s. I have this exact same guitar I bought it brand new in Osan South Korea in stgae, I have recently taken it to my local Guitar Center to be restored and the tech told me the tremolo is a Dean and mine is still in working order I love this guitar it still plays amazing and sounds incredible.

They are fairly average guitars – nothing exceptional about them, but they are good, solid, reliable Korean-made guitars and I wouldn’t hesitate to own another one I’ve had two in the past if the price was right.