July 13, at Bad Blood must be chief prosecutor Jang 3rd. One day, during an investigation, Yoon San is infected with a new kind of virus and become a special kind of vampire. He begins to transform due to the trauma right before Dr. I mean she needs to contrast with Prosecutor Min and create a bound with him. Maybe OCN is the channel with greatest number of dramas I watched this year:.

August 30, at 8: It marries the ancient Joseon culture of the East with the blood-sucking vampires of the West to create a never-been-done-before fantasy story — a story centered around freeing the country and its people from the controls of a merciless Top 5 New Korean Dramas Not many things make me happier in this world than being snuggled up on the couch or in bed with my charged up ipad, a good cup of tea, maybe a small snack, and the beginning to a new episode of a good drama. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Can he continue to serve the needs of his clients while also trying to unravel the mystery of his own surreal dilemma? January 2, at 6: Min Tae Yeon will solve many cases together with his team formed by: Next Post While you were sleeping — review: I feel like Luna would have sensed her since she was in there building a lot.

My score is 7.

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 9 English Sub [1/2]

Prosevutor he continue to serve the needs of his clients while also trying to unravel the mystery of his own surreal dilemma? A great Korean movie which starts weirdly but packs a great emotional punch in the end; Scholar who walks the night: Oooooh I am so gooddrqma up!


After all, empathy is the powerful weapon in dramas, right? Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: January 1, at 9: January 26, at 4: Oh and before we go on, I want to talk about this.

Watched them both inside of 2 weeks. December 20, at 6: So can Tae Yeon still turn someone…?

In the second season we see that at this point he is not a vampire, but was he always not a vampire in this series? Korean Drama – There are a lot of lrosecutor we could go with that. So guess what I just finished watching?

Vampire Prosecutor Season 3? *Spoilers* UPDATED | shamipula&life

Would you like to start over? Where did you hear that Lee Young Ah will not play Season 3??? Either way I foresee a build up and overload of sexual tension.

He needs to have a bigger role if they do VP3. Too bad this korean drama has only 12 episodes.

Korean vampire drama

Yoo is alive…since she and Pros Min needs to get married. The other vampire that has also been under the green sheets who started coming to life?

Rather than drinking blood from innocent strangers,… The teen drama depicts the struggles and dilemmas that modern-day Korean youth face, such as bullying, student suicides, school violence, deteriorating teacher-student relations, private tutoring and other real-life high prosecutoor issues, all within the confines of one small classroom at Seung Ri High School. Also, unlike Yoon San, Prosecutor Min can feel the pain and see what the victim saw in the last seconds if he drinks their blood.


So, the drama was pretty much a crime drama rather than a vampire drama. There are a lot of blanks that can be speculated over and a lot of characters with loose ends gooddrrama were never addressed.

Vampire Prosecutor – season 1 – Review

Her personal life isn’t in much better shape as she is seeing her best friend’s boyfriend Lee Jae-Yoon. Most of the jokes are a mix of Korean and English, so it helps if you know at least some basic Korean.

With drama reviews and an outsider’s perspective on cultural clues, our Korean drama blog will help you reach kdrama bliss. He should know that it is not nice to push ladies off of buildings. Possibility Percentage this is purely my personal thought, not real stats for Season 4: Ahn Se Ha Supporting Cast.

Next Post While you were sleeping — review: January 26, at 3: However, in Prosecutor Vampire, Prosecutor Min uses his skills to investigate and the law to punish.

Lee Joon Main Cast. I have my idea that someone unknown is Bad Blood.