Lying on the ground are hundreds of visiting cards — the card of an assistant cinema manager with contact details and a digit pager number. Supreme Court of India. Notify me of new posts via email. The fire exposed the poor safety standards at public places in the country’s capital. The rescue operation at Uphaar cinema hall. The only way to enter today is a small gate at the back. No public announcement regarding the fire was made to those inside the auditorium or the balcony, nor were any fire alarms set off, no matter the management and the employees of the Uphaar Cinema were aware of the fact that a fire had broken out.

It was only then that the AIIMS grid to which the transformer in question was connected was switched off and the flow of energy to the cinema complex stopped. The high court, too, refused to entertain their request, after which they knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court of India. In front, a new parking lot has opened. The fire also injured more than people during the show of Bollywood movie ‘Border’ on 13th June This article is closed for comments. The cinema authorities, the Delhi Vidyut Board and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi were asked to pay compensation to the families of the victims.

Feb 09, Uphaar Cinema, where ghoat people were killed in a fire in uuphaar Retrieved 25 September List of human stampedes. After evading arrest for many days, Sushil and his son Pranav Ansal, the owners of Ansals Theatres and Club Hotels Limited, which owned the Uphaar cinema were finally arrested in Mumbai on 27 Julyand sent to judicial custody, though were later released on bail.

Strewn across the hall, in the balcony, below the seats, the washrooms are shoes. The rescue operation at Uphaar cinema hall. Rajesh stumbled on something and shrieked; it was a soft-drinks bottle. The 2, square yard complex is worth at least Rs crore, according to the current market rates. The compensation included Rs. The mice scurried about noisily. It leads, ironically, to a fire escape sign.


The Uphaar Cinema fire[1] one of the worst fire tragedies in recent Indian history, [2] occurred on Friday, 13 June at Uphaar Cinema, in Green Park, Delhiduring the 3-to-6 pm screening of the movie Border. After their plea for de-sealing of Uphaar was turned down by the trial court, real estate barons Sushil and Gopal Ansal moved the Delhi High Court for relief in the same matter.

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I look at her and I see a committed and determined lady with the spirit of a tiger…. The Uphaar cinema tragedy that took place on June 13,claiming the lives of 59 people and injuring several others was one of the worst fire incidents in Indian history.

One of the dangling cables in the basement had started the fire. It uhaar only then that the AIIMS grid to which the transformer in question was connected was switched off and the flow of uphqar to the cinema complex stopped.

The Supreme Court on Thursday awarded one year imprisonment for real estate builder Gopal Ansal who with his elder brother, Sushil, owned a south Delhi cinema hall where a fire killed 59 people 20 years ago.

After fire tragedy, Rs 160-crore Uphaar cinema lies sealed

On the contrary, doors to the middle entrance of the balcony were found to be bolted by the gatekeeper who had left his duty without handing over charge to his reliever. It still reads Rs 5. The need and demand for quality products especially in the electrical sector have been constantly on the rise with a prime importance on safety of human life. So why not get a specification in place complying the same?

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The other seven accused, three former Uphaar cinema managers, cinema’s gatekeeper and three DVB officials, were all given uphaaf years’ rigorous imprisonment, under Section A culpable homicide not amounting to murder of the Indian Penal Code IPCand housed at the Tihar Jail. For What———definitly for finding and doing unlawful practices such as Uphaar Trgedy. Through this hole the transformer oil started leaking out which, on account of the heat generated by the loose cable touching against the radiator, ignited the oil at about 4.


Because of smoke and carbon monoxide released by the burning oil and other combustible material, the people in the auditorium started suffocating. Over movie-goers that evening had fled cinemw panic when smoke started billowing from the basement. Until Tuesday, he had never entered the hall on the first floor.

Nobody knows how the beer bottles got there. Inthe public prosecutor in the case reported that several important documents filed along with the charge sheet were missing from the court record of the case or had been tampered with or mutilated.

The investigations into the Uphaar fire tragedy also revealed that there was large-scale corruption involved in the case wherein the owner of Uphaar cinema, Sushil Ansal and his brother Gopal Ansal were accused of incorporating more number of people inside the hall than allowed.

It is a small way which could actually bring a sea change along with safety of course. Views Read Edit View history. It is dark inside. Law Commission of Ghoet. The matter is still pending before the Apex court. The cinema authorities, the Delhi Vidyut Ghosr and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi were asked to pay compensation to the families of the victims.

Also amongst those arrested was the company’s director V K Aggarwal.