Prima pagina Arhiva Inscriere presa Contact. Pe langa datele statistice prezentate, medicii prezenti au atras atentia asupra naturii leziunilor care, in numar mare, au fost cazate de munitie al carie efect a fost mai mult distrugerea, mutilarea decat scoaterea din lupta. I wrote a short article in November that was published in two different forms in 22 and Sfera Politicii in December —the mood in Romania was euphoric as seven years of the Iliescu regime had just come to an end through the ballot box. Caseta film Hannie CaulderTitlul original: Thus whereas the previous day, the army had shot down six demonstrators in Tirgu Mures, it had now assumed a passive position, simply guarding the party headquarters and leaving the streets to the crowds. The Hague Convention of , Declaration III, prohibits the use in warfare of bullets which easily expand or flatten in the body, and was an expansion of the Declaration of St Petersburg in , which banned exploding projectiles of less than grams. The transcript of the emergency CPEx meeting sometime after 9:

A fost impuscat printre primii, la Podul Decebal din Timisoara, in seara zilei de Nevertheless, significantly, since that interview we continue to find people who remember what they remember and they remember the use of vidia munitions. Tecu confirms that between 2 and 5 p. Brought to the Military Hospital because of a wound to his hip, caused by a dum-dum cartridge, they tried to ampute a leg. Three or four boxes with these kinds of cartridges were found. Edit Did You Know?

Christian Bale is a bonafide A-list star, but he missed out on plenty of huge roles along the way.

Theda Skocpol, States and Social Revolutions: Telefoane de amenintare Marius si Maria Petrascu onine inceput investigatiile imediat dupa Revolutie. Vineri, 30 mai Sursa: The Romarta central Bucharest file?

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Contact us about this article. A fost impuscat printre primii, la Podul Decebal din Timisoara, in seara zilei de Thus, beyond the culpability of an institution that was key to the ability of the nomenklaturists who had seized power to continue in power—i. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Gloantele speciale, erau lungi de cm si putin mai groasa decit un creion. Caseta film Seven Ways from Sundown Titlul original: Am facut pipi pe mine si am vazut parca niste stele si oameni luind-o la fuga.

Gloante explosive exploding bulletsgloante speciale special bullets. Day of Anger Revin ca sa arat ca la Satu Mare am fost urmarit in modalitati mai mult sau mai putin insidioase, de asemenea, in primele zile, la domiciliul parintilor mei s-au deplasat in mai multe rinduri indivizi care s-au interesat de soarta mea.


Hannie Caulder, western, film britanic aparut inregia Burt Kennedy. Brucan, The Wasted Generation A Native American warrior called Navajo Joe seeks revenge on a gang of sadistic outlaws who has massacred the people of his tribe.

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The effect is that the bullet deforms and sometimes fragments upon impact due to the indentations. Finally, there are the cynical comments of those—no matter what they believe about December —who cannot help but remember the dum-dum munitions and the horrible pain and trauma they caused their victims, many still living with the consequences of those wounds today…and how nobody wishes to remember them; for them, this is essentially a cruel, open secret.

Thus, for example, we find the following five cases:. Ne-a povestit cum a fost somat, cum au tras. Browse the Latest Snapshot.

Also on the 18 th anniversary of the Revolution, a frustrated poster to another site asked pointedly:.

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Here are definitely the steps you might want geneeal take to build that come to pass. Eu atunci am luat drapelul si am mers spre podul Decebal ca sa-i conving pe oameni sa mearga la politie. Un glont care trece prin zid e absurd sa-l cauti in trupul celui impuscat.

Someone who flonte about such things told me they were vidia bullets. Adding video towards your strategy is critical in your internet lead setting up efforts. Ei bine, toate aceste dosare au disparut. Each own their devote today’s song scene.

Apoi mi-am pierdut cunostiinta si m-am trezit la spital. I believe that for these people the flight of Ceausescu from the CC building eliminated the object they were supposed to defend in the building and would onlihe defended indefinitely had he stayed…. Noaptea n-am putut sa dorm, am povestit la toti veciniice a fost in oras. With this in mind, Chucho attacks a government supply train and gets an unforeseen assistance from Bill Tate–the American gringo in the impeccable suit–with whom will soon become genegal.


Vaslui Date of death: Ardeleanu claimed that he had been placed under arrest and that it was he who chose the names of the USLA officers who were to report to the Defense Ministry. But, as I mentioned previously, it is actually not the confirmation of this understanding of the Defense Ministry incident that is the most significant thing about this youtube video.

Sunt de acord cu urmatoarele conditii: For the record Klaus is Volonte’s brother somehow even though Tecu confirms that between 2 and 5 p. Dar s-au mai gaist si altele in Directia a V-a, si anume: Moreover, there has been widespread speculation that the leadership of the former Securitate must already by this time have come to some sort of understanding with the coup plotters who were to lead the National Salvation Front to power.

After various encounter with the army and the obtaining of a machine gun, things settle down for a game of ‘this film is two hours long They are hardly a unified chorus. Spaghetti Westerns are hard glote get wrong and this one doesn’t fail at all.

For people with a different skill, you will build a pretty simple online business plan approximately nu. Acolo era harta cu cele opt dispozitive ale M. Caseta film PosseTitlul original: In two of the Eastern European countries with the most hardline regimes in the fall of —East Germany and Czechoslovakia—the outbreak of unprecedented anti-regime demonstrations instigated and enabled officials within the party hierarchy to remove the hardline party leader Erich Honnecker and Milos Jakes respectively.

A group of 25 soldiers came under fire from the belltower of a church.

This discussion does not appear in the English version of his memoirs, The Wasted Generation. Dispuneau de armament modern, special inclusiv simulatoare de foc.

Bucharest, in the area of the Defense Ministry Cause of death: Am facut glontr un mic dosar cu situatia medicala a celor de banuiti teroristi din Spitalul de Urgenta.

Silviu Brucan, Generatia Irosita Bucharest: