Participants have continued to explore the ways that digital media can reshape our public spaces and public spheres. Occupy coordinators meet in the atrium of 60 Wall Street. Levaram uma parte dos rolezeiros para a delegacia. Today, anarchists dedicated to these goals often support state power to protect people, society and the earth itself from the ravages of concentrated private capital. Faced with this choice, the majority preferred a community without punishment for tax evaders — with the result that virtually no taxes were paid and, subsequently, that contributions to the group pot also fell. But here are some provisional conclusions: Understanding political participation on Facebook:

De sair para se divertir e usufruir da cidade. We are beginning to get nervous and sad because the government is preparing to invade our territory even though it is demarcated and recognized by law. Activists say that as many as , people across the country are threatened with eviction — although some of those efforts have been underway for years and are likely to outlast the soccer tournament as building projects continue. It follows that institutions that constrain such development are illegitimate, unless they can somehow justify themselves. Following the eviction of occupiers in New York and other cities, we decided to collaborate on a project examining the spatial and social organization of Liberty Plaza. Neri admitiu, em mesa-redonda ontem em Davos: They bring alcohol, they bring illnesses.

He is not your friend. But how can a community agree on sensible institutions and self-limitations? Coordinated police actions evicted occupiers in Oakland, Portland, Denver and other cities. TILR — Hoje, tudo indica que estamos em crise pelo lado da oferta. This is inherently at odds, it does not resonate, with the idea estadunidensw Facebook being useful as a tool for discussing and implementing the perhaps more important realm of human endeavour we know as politics.

Activity peaked on October 20, when site managers posted photos and site visitors ed nearly 6, comments. These are your fights, in your communities, involving your air and drinking water and basic rights.

No one took the American philosopher John Dewey to be an anarchist.


Alternatively, they could choose a group in which only those participants who did not televiwiva into the common pot were penalized. Assim podemos nos concentrar nos valores de uso e tentar reduzir o papel dos valores de troca. In the absence of taxation, however, there would be no police and the group would run the risk that no-one would pay into the common pot. Fizeram Existe Amor em SP. Online Activism in Theory and Practiceed. The use of city sidewalks was also curtailed. It also populated automatically from Twitter: E fui beber depois dos 25 anos.

Digital communication is easy, but for that reason it can feel too light and weightless to mobilize people for the tenacious action estadunicense often takes to achieve deep structural changes. I believe the weather is going crazy because there is an enormous amount of moisture in the atmosphere due to the ongoing collapse of the Arctic ecosystem. Neri admitiu, em mesa-redonda ontem em Davos: E depois, o que houve para que una AGP fosse se desarticulando?

Nunca foi algo exclusivo do anarquismo. Como zerie os fundamentos desse sistema agora em crise?

Emno entanto, as coisas mudaram ligeiramente: The great mass of the poor could use their voting power to take estaudnidense property of the rich, which would be unfair. Jefferson disse ao jornal O Globo: Nasceu a ideia e o primeiro encontro fundador da AGP foi em Genebra em Social media and networks are ripe for politicization, for movement publicity, advocacy group awareness, not-for-profit fund-raising campaigns and perhaps even e-government.

However, the groups only set up institutions to penalize tax evasion if they have decided to do so by a democratic majority decision. O dinheiro torna-se uma modalidade de poder pessoal e, em seguida, um desejo-fetiche.

Climate protection is a case in point, demonstrating that this cannot always be achieved. raelidade

Tem que fazer compra internacional, imprimir material, pagar servidor de Internet. This activity expanded into an array of diffuse campaigns: People live and suffer and endure in the existing society. Open-source hypercity urbanism becomes increasingly important as governments constrain public assembly in the offline world.

E de consumir o que eles achavam que era bom, nada de consumo consciente. By pulling together disparate events and data across space and time, the OccupyMap created a counterpublic integrated through its use of online media to contest state and corporate control of urban places.


Participants without much prior affiliation built new worlds and organized themselves to maintain them while avoiding hierarchy and formalization whenever they could. Bloombergvillea sidewalk encampment near City Hall, had survived for three weeks in July, but a test camp-out on Wall Street on September 1 had been broken up by police. Its various platforms afforded ties that were both broader and weaker than those at Liberty Plaza. Quem pagou por tudo isso? Agora, tem os carros. The act of chanting in unison, as a human microphone, created a common sense of purpose, established relationships among neighbors and intensified awareness of surrounding bodies.

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Kopenawa also emphasized that there are laws currently being proposed in Brazil that would make it easier for miners and others to invade indigenous territories. When they wash the gold with mercury, the mercury sinks to the bottom of the river bed.

When the Tokyo Electric Power Company, a. A blackboard at Liberty Plaza listed some of these meetings, but more reliable information was found online at NYCGA, where nearly every working group had a page with a blog, activity wall, shared documents and event calendar, and discussion forum involving members who had never attended the face-to-face meetings.

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The results suggest that the potential for political activism must overcome the intrinsic user perception that online social networks are for enjoyment rather than utility, political or otherwise.

Mas brasileiros que moram muito, muito distante, ainda que vizinhos. E que quando a coisa virou e o editor estadunudense fez coisa boa. Levaram uma parte dos rolezeiros para a delegacia.