He sees Pakhi is his office and is shocked. She says you decide, whether you want to return her the key or continue this game. Anshuman is in the bathroom. He says it was not needed for you to come here. She says fine and asks him to try the halwa. She says its a big responsibility.

Pakhi says lets make something sweet and asks for carrots. You can not play video if your browser is not HTML5 browser. Anshuman scolds his employees and says we have much competition, you are not doing good work. One stop Destination for Latest Bollywood Updates. Please follow me on Facebook: Lavanya tells Anshuman to divorce Paakhi, but he refuses to do so as his image would be damaged.

Maa ji cunningly steals the key from her. Anshuman wins a rock climbing event. He says I think she can do it, I want to give her a chance.

She serves him food which annoys Maa ji. Pakhi says I will leave now. Lavanya talks to Anshuman and says its easy to give someone powers and its difficult to take it back from her. They sleep on the same bed. Pakhi comes home and someone comes and says I need some money for pesticides as I m the caretaker of the garden.


Lavanya says novemher, she does not know this is the master key and you are giving her the responsibility of the house.

Tumhari Pakhi 22nd November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

The driver says we will reach home in 15mins. Pakhi says I want to make the food today.

She says I will fulfill this challenge anyhow. Will Anshuman tell Paakhi about their marriage? I am not a licensed Professional or a medical practitionerso always make sure you consult a professional in case of need.

Lavanya says you started again.

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Will Anshuman find Paakhi? Paakhi takes her earring from Anshuman’s bag.

Paakhi explains to her brother about her meeting with Anshuman. A password will be e-mailed to you. Last updated Nov 21, He says I m sure she will take care of the house. Sign in Recover your password. Maa ji and the servants are searching for the master key while Pakhi is on the way to home. He says it would be tough for her, I m a businessman, I know how to burden someone.


Tumhari Paakhi – 19th November 2013 – Ep 7

She comes to know that he employee is pregnant and did not come to office. Lavanya asks Anshuman whats this, will she come to the office tumbari give you food. Anshuman says I gave it to her, what is this. By Rafi 5 views. Anshuman and Lavanya talk against Pakhi. Maa ji looks at Anshuman and says it might be somewhere.

Welcome, Login to your account. Anshuman asks the tumhwri to leave from his cabin. By Bollywood Spy views. Pakhi says shall I make food tomorrow, I will try that you like it. He says I m supporting you. Perjuangan para kontestan berbakat dari berbagai daerah kembali memanas demi menunjukkan potensi terbaik dari dirinya.