Central de compras europeas de medicamentos. There are currently seven agricultural products which Croatian farmers produce in sufficient quantities to satisfy demand on the Croatian marketplace. Labelling of products based on truffles. Poland has a population of 38,, poeple. Unfortunately, the recent wave of arrests of Protestants may be an indication that the policy of repression is set to continue. In this context it will publish an implementation report on the relevant EU legal instruments in the coming months. In particolare, si prediligeranno materie prime provenienti da fabbriche artigianali. Alla luce di questa sentenza, la Commissione non ritiene errata l’inclusione delle concessioni demaniali marittime all’interno della Direttiva Servizi del , trattandosi, anche secondo la giurisprudenza europea, di concessioni di beni e non di servizi?

How many railway companies have had their safety certificate revoked as a result of incidents or infringements of safety regulations? The Commission is actively working on organ donation and transplantation to support EU Member States in their efforts to improve quality and safety of transplantation. Promotion des Droits de l’homme dans le voisinage de l’UE. Relations with Ukraine in the area of fisheries have been very constructive. Swedish music is in the minds of many people synonymous with the pop group ABBA There is very wide support from the general public, animal welfare groups as well as industry for the full ban even though animal testing cannot yet be fully replaced by alternative methods. Our key priorities remain improving knowledge and data collection, combating discrimination and empowering women, adopting legislative measures within EU competences, organising exchanges of good practices and providing funding to support the work of grass-root organisations and public authorities in combating violence against women VAW.

Three Steps Above Heaven (2010) subtitles

A project to monitor the situation in the centres has been financed by Italy in partnership with some NGOs.

This issue remains under the sole competence of the Member States. This will have a lasting impact. In the abovementioned draft law, reference is made to the responsibilities of crowdfunding platforms. Those effects sutitles been observed at levels close to those found in our foods. Plannen van de Commissie om Nederland onrechtmatig te straffen.


The Commission is well aware of and follows through its Delegations the sorpa of this syndrome and the related research by international partners. In light of this, all Energy Roadmap scenarios reckon with gradually decreasing role of coal in the European energy mix. The Commission peridically requests independent reviews of subtit,es scientific basis and adequacy of the exposure limits as set in the recommendation.


What benefits does the above regime provide to third-country nationals? These checks require these foodstuffs to be stored in customs warehouses, where samples are taken and analysed. Last week, the Turkish telecommunications authorities blocked access to the short messaging service Twitter. Projects funded through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights and Non State Actor budget lines have also focused on promoting girls’ education, improving living condition and also combating discrimination.

And of course they tree convinced that they know the soppra way to prune and will not accept lessons. Tali concessionari non hanno, in linea di principio, alcun obbligo di concedere subappalti a terzi, a meno che essi non siano amministrazioni aggiudicatrici.

The public consultation which preceded this communication showed that among the main elements that stakeholders consider to be important are addressing the risk of fraud and transparency around the functioning and fees of platforms as well as around investment risks.

A centuries-old vineyard, containing three grapevines that were even older still. The Commission will also take initiatives to raise awareness among businesses on benefits and risks related to Crowdfunding. Responsibilities need to be clarified across the board, and, in criminal proceedings, there are no excuses for legal entities not to answer for the actions of their employees, or for the owners of undercapitalised financial vehicle corporations in the transportation sector not to answer for their irregular practices.

What use is biodynamics without common sense? Inthe investment management was privatised: The European Union has on a number of occasions called on Iran to respect the freedom of religion including the Christian religion.

Those were years of unbeatable fertility, one hundred quintals per hectare, and then, in the aftermath of World War II, the almost complete disappearance of the region from the market of DOCs Denominazione di Origine Controllata.

Commission officials have participated at multiple events where the programme was promoted and made use of social media. The promotion of Progress Microfinance is done at various levels.

Die Kommission hat am Promotion des Droits de l’homme dans le voisinage de l’UE. The European Commission autumn forecast, expects a positive impact of the consumer albabian on the savings rate. It will be for the Commission to decide in due course whether or not to propose an amendment of the current rules of jurisdiction in that context. The polluter pays principle that is now in place demands that perpetrators be held responsible and that they be required to pay compensation.


A genuinely single market will not be a reality aubtitles the right regulatory framework and investment environment in Europe. Coal remains an important energy source on a global scale.

While media freedom and pluralism are indeed values underpinning the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the Commission cannot comment on the decision to merri down a public service broadcaster, as the Treaty makes it clear that the governance and strategic choices on public service broadcasting lie with the Member States. They say that he is even being subjected to ill-treatment and abuse.

In principle, Member States can draw on support from EU cohesion policy, in particular the European Regional Development Fund ERDFto invest in measures dealing with the decontamination and regeneration of brownfield sites. In addition, the ministers have committed themselves to concrete measures to achieve specific objectives, including inter-alia to albbanian violence against women.

This Action has focused on commemorating the victims of Nazism and Stalinism, both to overcome the past and to pass on its memory to the young generation of Europeans. Cancellation of waste project funded by the EIB. Large investment projects receive substantial attention and are closely monitored by all involved co-financing partners.

These distortions are also having a detrimental effect on the environment, incentivising journeys which are sometimes longer but less costly for the haulage contractor. Waarom denkt eopra Commissie dat een win-winsituatie mogelijk kan zijn in de nabije toekomst, gelet op de structurele onevenwichtigheden tussen de lidstaten van de eurozone?

Cosideciso in Roma il 3 febbraio Il Presidente.

Indeed, the outcome of the Youth Guarantee should be that the good-quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship serves to keep young people active in their own countries, without them needing to search in other Member States.