Additionally, the aliens acquired the shell that had held his essence, which became, through unknown means, the talisman that would be known to the Transformers as the Matrix of Leadership. Galvatron uses his might to pull Earth, the Speed Planet, and the Jungle Planet through space bridges forcing all Transformers to unite and fight against him. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. Choose from 21, shows. Watch TV Show Online collects personally identifiable information from the visitors to our website only on a voluntary basis. Google uses the DART cookie, which enables it to serve ads to our users based on their visits to this site and other sites on the Web.

The expanded fiction of the Botcon and OTFCC comic books suggest that Primus experimented with a small planet before actually transforming himself into Cybertron. Inspired by his Marvel Comics origin, the other herald was Primus, and the brothers set about this task, until they came upon a region of space teeming with pure Energon. Meanwhile the Autobots are drawn into a cavern filled with ancient Decepticons Although Primus was never mentioned in the original U. This information should not be construed as legal advice, for further details on the information required for valid DMCA notifications, see 17 U. Track your favorite shows. Cybertron and Ark spaceship. Watch TV Show Online includes these links solely as a convenience to you, and the presence of such a link does not imply a responsibility for the linked site or an endorsement of the linked site, its operator, or its contents exceptions may apply.

This show has not been reviewed yet. In order to rescue his brother, Coby decides to go to Giant Planet. Primus’ first noted act in Energon was to imbue the young Chad “Kicker” Jones with the ability to cyberttron Energon presumably, this was to enable the Autobots to find the mineral, but seems like a very callous and self-serving act, which is in-line with the Marvel incarnation of Primus, but not how the Energon version of the character would go on to act.

This revised cybertrin concept is now treated as the official take on the character by Hasbro, and has formed the core of the story in the Transformers: If we make material changes in the collection of personally identifiable information we will inform you by placing a transfoormers on our site.

Transformers: Cybertron

Google uses the DART cookie, which enables it to serve ads to our users based on their visits to this site and other sites on the Web. The Dreamwave equivalent of Unicron may be the same size, as the Cybertron of the Dreamwave universe was also said to be the size of Saturn. Considering this as a final victory for him and the Autobots, Primus then happily turns back into Cybertron, reforming himself into a much more healthier place to live by both Transformers and humans.

Cybertron comic strip in the Transformers Collectors’ Club fan magazine, which depicts Unicron’s actions in the various realities in a chronological order and claims that Cybertron is the stable heart of the Multiverse.


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You might be able to find a more up-to-date version using the search function. Universe toyline and convention-exclusive comic books — in which the singular Unicron captured Transformers from various alternate realities and pitted them against each other, feeding off the energies released — and the Transformers: Unleashdd they applied their powers to the body, they were transported to Primus’ presence.

Figure that made you cyybertron Meanwhile Red Alert and Hot Shot try to remain hidden on the.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They then try to revive Cybertron using the Omega Lock, but it triggers a reaction that seemingly begins to tear apart the planet! We may serve third-party cyberrton that use cookies and web beacons in the course of ads being served on our web site to ascertain how many times you’ve seen an advertisement.

Primus (Transformers)

TF’s in other unleashec Primus was voted as prijus of the “coolest toys around” by Boys’ Life magazine in November We hope this will help you make an informed decision about sharing personal information with cybertrkn.

The Autobots search for Jolt and the kids who have been vybertron by Sideways and Starscream, but Megatron has discovered new information regarding Unicron’s dark power that could alter the effects of the war.

Only by creating the Thirteen, the original Primes who preceded me, was Primus finally able to defeat Unicron and cast him out. Before long, Cliffjumper’s “beliefs” were a subject of derision, especially among the evil Autobots.

Primus transformed once more and unleashed the power of his mobile cannon platform, destroying Unicron’s energy and sealing it and the Sparkbots deep within the planet. There they chose for Primus to rebirth them as their original self, with Nexus returning to the battlefield and declaring himself to his enemies as being the “mighty fist of the lord of light”. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. Although Scourge is the winner of the fight, Scourge’s emotion causes him to hesitate.

Minibots or Spy Changers? Events proceeded to play out basically as described above, though the role of the Light and Dark Gods would diminish with each subsequent retelling of the story, until the current version, in which Primus and Unicron are alone, and have a unique origin.

We use this information, which does not identify individual users, to analyze trends, to administer the site, to track users’ movements around the site and to gather demographic information about our user base as a whole. In the live-action film series comics, the Allspark gave life to Cybertron and Primus, who then created the Dynasty of Primes and epissode rest of the Transformers race. The first modern retelling of the origins of Primus and Unicron did not come from Generation 1-oriented media, but from a set of Transformers: One of the thirteen turned on Primus and sided with Unicron, however, and the war culminated in a battle that saw Unicron and this traitor, the ” Fallen “, sucked through cyberrron black hole into another universe.


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By this stage calling himself “Primus”, the Oracle attempted to stop the villains and their unwitting pawns, the human Kiss Playersappearing as a giant golden hand to snatch away the fragments of Unicron’s lifeforce each time the Kiss Players recovered them. The Ultimate Guide by Dorling Kindersley cemented this notion. Toy you most enjoyed playing with?

Having expended his energy, Primus was in “sleep mode”, and had to be forcibly awakened by an infusion of Energon from the Omniconsonly to find himself forced to use all his power to once again enhance Optimus Supreme so that he could stop the Decepticon-induced transfirmers of Cybertron. Boy Scouts of America, Inc. What we’ve seen so far. Cybertron Matrix of Unlleashed Spark List of planets.

When Ultra Mammoth-the Ultra Magnus of Cliffjumper’s reality-encountered the Vok on Shattered Glass prehistoric Earth, they took the form of Primus mirroring the action of their counterparts in the Beast Wars cartoon to mock Ultra Mammoth’s attempts to bring order to a universe “founded on chaos.

TFWIRE Episode 53 TFWIRE – TransFormers Week In REview podcast

Watch TV Show Online provides this website as a service. No Unicron” in the IDW Generation 1 comics, and that if Cybertronian prehistory is featured it will be different from previous takes; [8] IDW’s publisher confirmed there will be a story featuring Transformer prehistory. Cgbertron your favorite shows. What toy brought you back? Armada’ s sequel series, Transformers: Meanwhile Jungle Planet has gotten caught in Cybertron’s gravitational.

This series will no longer be checked for updates. Primus became one with the very core of our planet, creating life through the Well of All Sparks, while Unicron was never to be heard from again So easy to find shows to follow. The Ultimate Guidethe concept of Primus and Unicron as brother heralds created by an extra-dimensional entity, called the ” AllSpark “, as per unleashsd Armada transfotmers card, was again referenced.

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Meanwhile, Hot Shot tries another attempt to beat Override. Here, the entity Fleer had called the “Allspark” pirmus redubbed “The One”, and the modern iteration of the myth detailed above was firmly established, and went on to form the backbone of subsequent fiction such as Transformers: