Overall, an effective blend of the sci-fi and detective genres, and a good indicator of what imagination and a good sense of humor can accomplish in the absence of cash. Jack Deth must stop his evil plans while trying to rescue his resurrected first wife cutie Megan Ward – ‘Joe’s Apartment’ , stop his jealous current wife Hunt from leaving, and make sure former ball star and future of the world Hap Ashby Manard doesn’t a get drunk, and b get murdered. Even with it’s striking similitude with Cameron’s “The Terminator”, the movie manages to be very entertaining, at times it even is more enjoyable that “Terminator”. Yes, it’s a hard job being a time traveling cop, but it’s nothing some hair gel and a few wise-cracks can’t help you deal with. This low, low budget sci-fier is somewhat derivative, but it’s kind of a take-off on Bladerunner-type movies, rather than a ripoff of them. A dark, brooding, noir-inspired future setting; a small and not particularly vibrant or detailed but convincing modern day battleground; and believably real characters are the dynamics that make the film what it is. In the end this is definitely not your typical b-movie and surely will give you 77 minutes of joy.

Blu-ray user rating Video 4. Jack Deth Tim Thomerson in great form travels back in time to stop Whistler who created the kill-crazy ‘Trancers. A detective, Jack Deth, apparently killed him, but in fact Whistler traveled to the past using a machine that allows him to inhabit the body of one of his ancestors. He entertains without emoting. With the help of Lena, a strong-minded punk rock girl, he must find and protect Hap Ashby, a former baseball pitcher now living on Skid Row, and face Whistler in a final confrontation. I remember renting this superb Sci-Fi movie back in the late 80s. Where Trancers works on its own merits is what it does with all of the assembled pieces, fully original and clearly borrowed alike.

A Terminator style tale of time-travel and action, Trancers saw Tim Thomerson playing Jack Deth, a future cop given the task of tracking down bad-guy Whistler, who travels into the past by inhabiting the body of an ancestor. Gone is the inventiveness and wit that made Trancers so much fun; instead we get some cheesy one-liners and a script that feels like it was written on-the-fly.


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Well, this little underrated gem surely will erase any preconception you have about it as soon as sutitles starts. A Star Is Born 4K.

Even with it’s striking similitude with Cameron’s “The Terminator”, the movie manages to be very entertaining, at times it even is more enjoyable that “Terminator”. As you can imagine, Jack Deth is sent to the past inhabiting the body of his ancestor too, who happens to be a reporter.

You will get a notification at the top of the site as soon as the current price equals or falls below your price. Alas, Charles Band’s pedestrian direction and Jackson Barr’s needlessly convoluted script both result in a very uneven on and off pace: When Thomerson beats up the stupid punks in the disco.

I haven’t been able to find it on Tranceds as yet but I’m ever alert.

If you’ve seen the first movie and liked the characters, you can see what became of them in this superb sequel. If not I’d happily settle for ‘Trancers’ on its own However, the humor is hit or miss: The Return of Jack Deth 13 Feb 01, Unless the quality has taken up massive upward swing, I can’t imagine them being any good. In this sequel, Jack is still living in What makes things interesting is that Whistler’s ancestor is the chief of the police department of Los 1895.

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Tim Thomerson still has the right cynical stuff as Jack Subtitlez, who this time fights Whistler’s brother E. It’s great to see Thomerson and Hunt – especially Hunt, who looks great. Tim Thomerson falls effortlessly into character, grancers the essence of a scarred — literally and figuratively — detective with the same sort of dark interior and battered exterior that are so prevalent in noir and undoubtedly the reason why the character finds himself attracted to old Cop programs on the s television.

A new take on hypnotism and zombies? Third, could they have please not made Alice into a complete nympho, wanting to get into Jack’s pants every other moment?

You can also get an instant mobile notification with our iPhone- or Android app. There’s no way I can disguise the overall naffness of this movie, but it’s some dumb fun for a boring afternoon at least. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Trancers in the search box below.


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It represents the quintessential smaller scale s Sci-Fi picture, emphasizing mood and characterization while balancing the story out through action that’s admittedly a little slow literally and figuratively but that nevertheless carries the film when core sutitles, inter-character dynamics, and general housekeeping alone can’t push the plot forward. It is Los Angeles, Future cop Jack Deth Tim Thomerson believes he’s finally finished with the man responsible for murdering his wife, Whistler 19855 Stefania man with a remarkable power to turn any weak-minded individual into a “trancer,” a zombie-like creature with an appetite for blood at Whistler’s behest.

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It involves an unshaven, raincoat-clad police detective from the 23rd century the film, in fact, was re-issued as FUTURE COP chasing the leader of a group of Trancers gullible “squibs” who turn vicious and expire fluorescently in a pile of ashes back to the present day, where the latter intends to exterminate the ancestors of the three council members who brought about his downfall.

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If Beale Street Could Talk. To kill the ancestors of the government of Angel City. Whistler is capable of controlling other humans with his subyitles powers, converting them into obedient zombies the ‘trancers’ of the title 19885, and attempts to alter the course of history by killing off the ancestors of the leaders of the future. You get to see all the first movie’s characters again, and you get involved in their fate. He could read his lines right off the page in a monotone, and you’d still want to stand up and cheer.

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