Yoshi and Charlotte’s new baby, Yamato, and the Ham-Hams go too. The Ham-Hams and Brandy accidentally get into the race after Brandy worries about embarrassing Laura and, after saving a rabbit, win after the rabbit gets Brandy to chase it to the finish line. Meanwhile, Laura is looking for a subject to make a painting from flowers. Can the Ham-Hams save their precious club? One day, Hamtaro has a dream that there is a princess living in a golden desert palace asking him for help! Penelope is wandering around by herself, when all of a sudden she falls into a deep ditch!

The duplicate Boss wears a blue kimono and is much cooler, and it tries to go on a date with Bijou instead of the real Boss. There does not seem to be any connection between Hamtaro and Tottoko Hamutaro: Laura and her classmates go on a field trip to a flower garden with Mr. This episode was not aired in America because it is about a holiday that only the Japanese celebrate, and would be hard to dub. We like really, and, on seeing way of one living of kaburukunha Thailand show, I become field ham, too! One day, Hamtaro has a dream that there is a princess living in a golden desert palace asking him for help! Bijou was saved by a mysterious hero who she thinks was Hamtaro.

The Ham-Hams subtly get involved and do what they can to help the wedding become realized.

Niji No Hashi ” Japanese: After Boss tells him hamutrao the hardships he must face as a field hamster, he decides to return tottooo his owners who are looking for him. She goes to Sweet Paradise, and she sees Lapis and Lazuli picking seeds from a tree. Maybe they can help him work faster! The Ham-Hams babysit the Hambini brothers. Sabu comes and visits the clubhouse and meets the Ham-hams for the first time.


The rabbit turns out to be someone’s lost pet. Atsuatsu Batoru ” Japanese: Boss has a cold, so Hamtaro and Bijou take care of him. Lapis and Lazuli” Transcription: Oshare has a crush on Hamtaro this episode.

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Nabeshima, Osamu Director, Storyboard. Mimi’s school is having a sports day, and the Ham-Hams help her. He goes to Sweet Paradise and finds a basket with seeds in it.

Hamtaro, Oxnard, Bijou, and Boss are curious and play with it too, but Boss knocks it over accidentally and one of the batteries gets knocked out, and Kana thinks it has broken. Country hamster Pepper comes for a visit in the city. As Elder-Ham’s Sunflower Seed Harvest Festival approaches, Sandy confesses to Hamtaro that she has a crush on Maxwell because he reminds her so much of hamuharo twin brother.

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Then it’s up to the Ham-Hams to keep Yamato out of trouble. The prophet hamster Elder-Ham foretells the arrival of an evil magician and a brave knight. But is quarrelled while play in house under the ground, and house under the ground badly!

The Ham-Hams and Mr. Travis is moving away, and Laura is upset, so the Ham-Hams try to give Travis hamutari good memories for his friends. Three different stories involving digital creatures collide together. They then help them with their garden and defend it from crows. According to the story, thoraham seems to like very tall person.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: In this tribute to the Olympics, Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams are tasked by Prince Bo with lighting the everlasting torch to Hamcropolis. Hiragana TankenTottoko Hamtarou: This year, Laura has made chocolates for Travis and candy to give to her dad. O Hamu Kaasan ” Japanese: Toytoko wants to ask the bunny to play hide-and-seek with Stucky.


Hamutafo wants to ask Bijou on a date. Laura, Kana and Maggie are helping out at Mimi’s school, and Maggie’s bear cub Kumajiro goes missing at the school.

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Penelope soon decides that she wants to give Ethan something to show him that he is her new best friend! O Takara Sagashi ” Japanese: Laura finally finds Kana, and they also watch the fireworks. The Ham-Hams think they’re turning into ogres when they start growing horns. One of Lazuli’s magic seeds brings the drawing to life, and Boss names it Shiron. Laura decides to take her dog Brandy for a check-up at Dr.

The Ham-Hams decide to build a fun park under Panda’s leadership, although Boss, Howdy and Stan think it is impossible and that Panda is just trying to impress the girls. The Ham-Hams try to help him.

She noticed that Omar was different from the Ham-Hams, because he is more charming. Hamtaro Seasons 2, 3, and 4 are released that way. Hamtaro dreams that Bijou, Pashmina, Penelope, and Sandy are normal hsmutaro and dancers by day, but at night they are Girl Thieves. After Jingle accidentally frightens the chickens away, the Ham-Hams deliver the slipper on time and enjoy the play.

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