Where’s the remorse at the horrible death of two people? No-one on the team especially Ianto! At her school the next day, Jasmine is bullied by two girls, and the fairies cause a large gale to sweep over the area. At first reluctant, Ianto aims his gun at her, but cannot bring himself to shoot her. Before filming took place, David-Lloyd met with Caroline Chikezie and got to know each other to help give their respective characters their chemistry. Jasmine helps her mother with the food and gives disturbing answers to her mother’s questions.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the episode, a killer shape-changing alien called Mary Daniela Denby-Ashe has been stranded in Cardiff for nearly two hundred years. The second was Jack having a cut lip in the end, even though he is immortal and all his wounds would have healed quickly. Eve Myles and Burn Gorman were both trained how to handle guns and a torch like a “secret agent. Tosh offers Torchwood’s services to Mary, but she refuses, and instead asks Tosh to take her to Torchwood so she can retrieve the artefact herself. Torchwood episodes British television episodes Fairies and sprites in television. News of the World.

She races home, only to find Mary there; Tosh attempts to return the pendant but Mary insists it can be used for good. It was seen by almost 1. They were ultimately defeated when the Doctor David Tennant banishes them to the void, a space between universes, to be imprisoned.

Csat manages to get himself arrested in order to cyyberwoman the safety of a jail cell. Ryan Scott Teleplay by: Out of the entire first series, “Cyberwoman” is the biggest nod to Doctor Whothere was little to no mention of the series, despite being a spin-off, which was made deliberate to send out “confusing signals” to the audience about what the series is.

Gwen Cooper Burn Gorman Chibnall wanted the episode to take place several weeks after the previous episode, ” Ghost Machine “, as to show Gwen knowing all the protocols and how to handle weapons, where as in the last episode, Gwen was still considered a rookie.

This article does not cite any sources. It took an entire day for the actress to get her cyherwoman cast. Jack, now aware of Tosh’s telepathic abilities, instructs Tosh to remain still as he makes the trade with Mary.


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The episode was among the first pitched for the series, as creator Russell T Davies saw a potential to continue the story from the Doctor Who episodes ” Army of Ghosts ” and ” Doomsday “. It seriously, seriously sucks,” adding “the single nice thing we can find to say is that the concept had potential. The two spend the night together. Ian Hyland of News of the World disliked the episode, stating “After this week’s ‘Cyberwoman’ nonsense, ‘Torch Script’ would be a better idea.

However, before Torchwood can arrive, she is killed, having drowned in a rainstorm despite the area around her being completely dry. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Wikiquote has quotations related to: Late at night, Estelle starts to hear the strange voices and calls Jack to alert him.

In contrast to Doctor Whowhose target audience includes both adults and children, Torchwood is aimed at an older audience. This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat After her talk at her home, Jack and Estelle discuss the photographs and the nature of fairies.

Where’s the remorse at the horrible death of two people?


Admitting he has no other choice, Jack requests a promise that Jasmine would not be harmed and the fairies respond that she will live forever. Ianto has since cared for her by placing her in the basement with a conversion unit to keep her alive. Jack asks Estelle to call if she encounters any more fairies.

The girl tries to explain she did this for Ianto, but then promises that they can be upgraded together. Owen Harper Naoko Mori In the audio commentary for the torchwoor, both Chibnall and actor Gareth David-Lloyd stated the reasoning behind the cut being there is because Jack’s immortal powers would only deal with life-threatening wounds and not minor injuries.

It was replaced, but the second camera failed to record also. He then sees the delivery girl, who has a large cut across her forehead; Lisa implanted her brain into the delivery girl. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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Jim Gray Teleplay by: Meanwhile, Owen has discovered that the same trauma that inflicted the skeleton has been reported several times in the last few centuries, while Jack becomes aware of Tosh’s strange behaviour. June Learn how and when to remove torchwoos template message. Some of his troops had drunkenly run cazt a little girl; a week later, all of his men died, their mouths filled with petals, and he realised that the young girl had been a Chosen One.

Trivia This episode takes place in Torchwood episodes Torchwood lists Lists of British science fiction television series episodes Lists of Doctor Who universe television episodes. Jack explains that the artefact is a transporter for a guard and a prisoner; when the artefact first arrived in Cardiff inMary was able to kill her guard and took the body of a human woman, killing others to keep her human form.

Over its run, the show explored a number of themes; prominent among these were existentialismhomosexual and bisexual relationships, and explorations of human corruptibility. The next day as Tosh examines the pendant, she finds she is able to read Owen and Gwen’s mind, both having dismissive and contemptuous thoughts about her. Tosh wears the pendant in a crowded street, and though overwhelmed with the thoughts of everyone, identifies one man preparing to commit murder, and she is able to identify and stop him.

The episode involves the alien hunters Torchwood investigating a group of deadly fairies who intend to turn the Cardiff child Jasmine Pierce Lara Phillipart into a fairy.

Season 1 Episode 4. Director James Strong wanted to make the costume look “amazing,” but threatening and scary as well.

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Ianto informs Jack that there are strange weather patterns in the area. Torchwood is supposed to be the good guys. Before filming took place, David-Lloyd met with Caroline Chikezie and got to know each other to help give their respective characters their chemistry.

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