Analysis -i-sqis , s. In addition to the above, there is in Malay, as in nearly all Oriental languages, another simple vowel sound which is often called the short vowel sound. Some of the party, well read concerning most other lands, had no other information about the Azores than that they were a group of nine or ten small islands far out in the Atlantic, something more than half way between New York and Gibraltar. A glance at the long lines of heads was apt to make one think it was all gray. Aggression i-ig-gresh’un , s. Articles of interest or curiosity, procured by the passengers during the voyage, may be brought home in the steamer free of charge.

From eleven o’clock until luncheon, and from luncheon until dinner at six in the evening, the employments and amusements were various. He had toiled there year after year, at his self-appointed task, while infants grew to boyhood—to vigorous youth—idled through school and college—acquired a profession—claimed man’s mature estate—married and looked back to infancy as to a thing of some vague, ancient time, almost. Amateur a’m’a-tur , s. In the different systems of Romanizing, this short vowel sound has been variously represented by a, a, e, e, i, i, u, i; but all these different methods of representing this vowel sound are open to the great objection that they mislead Europeans and even natives into giving it an incorrect pronunciation, and in a dictionary they have the additional disadvantage of giving rise to so much diversity and uncertainty in the spelling of words containing the short vowel that prolonged search is often necessary before it can be discovered which of these vowels has been used by the lexicographer to represent the short vowel in the particularl word which is being sought for. Words to be substituted. Goh Hood Keng, by Mrs.


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Abject iib’Jektadj. In an English-Malay dictionary, however, the real importance of knowing the derivation of a word is merely tootyy give an indication as to whether the word is likely to be known by the class of person to whom one is speaking or to.

Alacrity a-lik’ri-tis. Apocalypse a-pok’a-lipss. Blucher said he was so happy and so grateful to be on solid land once more, that he wanted to give a feast—said he had heard it was a cheap land, and he was bound to have a grand banquet.

Altogether awl’too-gethCeradv. We must lie still till Monday. Tangier is a foreign land if ever there was one; and the true spirit of it elisode never be found in any book save the Arabian Nights. And he knows it, too. A day or two will be spent here in looking over the wonderful subterraneous fortifications, permission to visit these galleries being readily obtained.

The Malay consonants are pronounced as in English, except that the r should always be sounded much more clearly and with more of a ring than in English. Eplsode -is. And out in the solemn rain, at that. Ball of the foot, tigah tapak. Porno yildizi pop yildizi.

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Accouchment ak-k6osh’ma-s. Bacillus ba-sil’ltiss. And their dresses are strange beyond all description. Taarh here are Moorish women who are enveloped from head to foot in coarse white robes and whose sex can only be determined by the fact that they only leave one eye visible, and never look at epksode of their own race, or are looked at by them in public.


Their noses are all hooked, and hooked alike.

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We steamed down to the foot of the harbor and came to anchor. In fact, without any exception, but one. Ermeni sex gizli kamera. Affianced ii-fianstadj.

Bacterium bak-tir’i-mns.

Acquire iik-kwlr’v. They trooped after us, and never more, while we tarried in Fayal, did we get rid of them. It is almost as good as a map. This book is a record of a pleasure-trip. Arsiz erotik resimler porno.

Applicable iip’pli-ka-bladj. A pink balsam growing on ]ills, inai batu. And every road is fenced in by tall, solid lava walls, which will last a thousand years in this land episide frost is unknown.

Aggressive -ores’sivadj. The Consul-General has been here five years, and has got enough of it to do him for a century, and is going home shortly. Bedava alman porno olgun kadinlar.