World Programme of Action for Youth: February 20, adaptasi aku drama drama baru global station novel para pelakon RTM sinopsis siti elizad ungku ismail yang kau tinggalkan. Analyses and comments on the theory are mutual between communication scholars and theorists. This means that they designated to watch soap operas because they had nothing better to do during that time of the day and watching television meant watching soap operas since that form of programming was the most principal on at the time. Therefore, it is suggested that television drama serials especially in Malaysia should improve and maximize the positive influence in the drama contents as viewers will basically adapt the idea of Malaysian culture. After completing the surveys, each respondent was given a pen as a token of appreciation and thankfulness towards their kindness to answer the survey. Human Communication Research, 5, This is not just moving but in the middle there should be a new interpretation.

The lowest percentage with only 8 percent said that this drama serial is poor. Apart from that, the questionnaire sets only distributed who live around the area of Subang Jaya, Selangor, since the study is only in Malaysia. Doing A Literature Review: The 28 episodes of this drama serial had been produced by Creative Skill Solution that was screened in the time slot for Akasia at TV3 started on 15 July of from every Monday to Thursday at 7 p. It would also benefit those studying in the broadcast media field, broadcasting and entertainment industry players, policy makers and other communities or organizations with similar characteristics as Malaysian drama serial. According to Orstein , he suggests that the left hemisphere involved analytic, verbal, logical thinking and underlying by thought, logic, language, mathematics and others while the right hemisphere is holistic with limited language ability, responsible for our orientation in space, body image, recognition of faces and others.

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When the viewers watch the television, it involved thinking which it is an important variables in the process of visual perception and thinking are two inseparable and related phenomena which work together. Another kasij percent of them indicated also that this drama serial teduhab interesting to watch. Nobaya Ahmad and Samsudin points out that youth normally involves the most media and technology knowledgeable part of their societies. Additionally, the viewers are now alert with the capability of mass media and most of them now feel that the media are operational devices to influence people to think and believe what been offered in the media are very real.


Constructing Questions for Interviews and Questionnaires: As a writer certainly they have to tontno when there is an increase in terms of ideas and also storylines in the drama. Adding or adjusting the scenes are not actually to ruin the actual storyline or the basis of the novel, but it is to suit the drama and also beneficial for the development of the novel Castle, Mean Deviation N C1 3.

Arrogant merupakan deama adaptasi dari novel yang sama karya.

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Tonton drama aku isterinya episode 8 secara online. Representation of Sexuality on Television: Duration of the study In conducting and finishing this research, there are several problems that have been faced.

In the 80s and 90s dramas were imported mostly from America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan but successively from the year onwards dramas from other parts of Asia and Latin America were also imported. Calon Menantu Tuan Rumah. Others Frequency Percent Very Little 23 These entertainment industry is not an industry that succeeds with parties involved working in isolation where various parties supposed play a role in ensuring the success of this industry. January 22, adaptasi ayda jebat drama episode episode 1 marisa yasmin novel para pelakon shukri yahya sinopsis slot akasia tv3.

January 31, drama drama baru jannanick js pictures leftenan zana nazrief nazri para pelakon redza rosli shiela rusli sinopsis TV3 zarul umbrella. Episode 6 and 7 please update.

Buckingham, Whiteman, Willett, and Burn stated that when it comes to destructive effects, research has discovered a few different types of effects. Reviews Frequency Percent Very Little 12 From all the answers given by respondents, researcher had concluded into four categories. Television provides a platform to raise questions and share point of view, it also created problems Joshi, This study does not consist of hypothesis because of several reasons as stated below: Young People and New Media.

January 24, adaptasi curi-curi cinta dekatnya cinta dia menantu rahsia drama judul kerana dia manusia biasa novel pujaan hati kanda senarai.

Most of the respondents answered moderate with 42 percent. Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. This study began with the assumption of the theory that has been mentioned earlier which is in the cultivation view, it is about to study whether and how watching television may influence viewers’ ideas of what the everyday world is like. Final report of Key Project Findings. Socio-cognitive Theory for Mass Communication J.


That is what is on when I turn on TV. Last but not least, as in the chapter 3, this research were conducted five 5 sections in the questionnaire and the data below was arranged pursue the sections. Want to see what will happen next Frequency Percent Very Little 10 Another 21 percent is slightly disagree and 13 percent is strongly disagree that this drama serial can educate them and give good knowledge in their daily life. As a final point, it is important to note the utmost common reasons delivered in the open-ended questions by those who give their opinion about the television adaptation from novel.

Retrieved October 10,from http: If we talk about the females, the drama is also a big source of learning for females about domestic issues, home economics or about relationships. A Skill Building Approach 4th ed. Sila isi semua maklumat dengan betul tentang diri anda. The Media and Globalization. The summary and discussion are more concentrated on matters related to the statement of the problem and the objectives of the study which are then compared with the findings or the results of preceding studies, models and theories that have been designated in the literature review.

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This means that they designated to watch soap operas because they had nothing better to do during that time of the day and dtama television meant watching soap operas since that form of programming was the most principal on at the time.

I like the product displayed in Rindu Awak E Very little got 11 percent of the percentage and lastly is very much with 2 percent.

This process must be done with careful because the processing data using a SPSS may harm the result like error in stating frequencies of the result. Asian Social Science, 8 79.