Max helps them steal his band’s equipment. Hank becomes Max and Phoebe’s new science teacher. They do it anyway, causing Max to narrate how he lost fifth grade science to Phoebe after his device malfunctioned. However, after their parents look at a picture about the story of Heinrich, everyone, including Cousin Blobbin, find out that the kids used the time machine. Max helps fix the plant on condition that Phoebe will let him feed it anything he wants. Views Read Edit View history. Meanwhile, Max gets a safe from Dark Mayhem and forces Billy and Nora to help open it with their powers. After Max pranks Phoebe on Picture Day, a prank war between them gets out of hand.

So, Nora gives Billy an idea to sabotage the twins during the presentation. A prank war between Max and Phoebe gets out of hand when Max pranks his sister on picture day at school and she finally decides to take on the family’s troublemaker once and for all. Billy accidentally lets the skateboard roll towards Phoebe, causing to trip and fall in a big epic fail. Phoebe, Max and Billy sneak to the museum while Nora tries to keep the auction going by pushing both Sarah and Barb to not give up bidding for Max’s painting. However, when they try to save each other from him, he turns back to normal. When Phoebe and Max go to photocopy the signatures, Max steals the diary back and ditches Phoebe. Phoebe tries to help him get over it by setting him up with Molly, the new head of the Green Teens who shares a lot of similarities with Allison.

After seeing what happens to Nora, Max feels very sad and decides to give his family the best Christmas ever. He even offers to give them his lair if they beat him.

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Max uses it for lyrics inspiration. Max and Phoebe take Billy to the hospital nothibg he hurts his thumb while they are babysitting him. However, just as Max’s plans are in play, his crush, Tara, also arrives with the family. Both of their projects malfunction leading to explosions.


After Phoebe commits herself tundermans too many activities, Max helps her by creating a clone so she can be in two places at once. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Meanwhile, Nora and Billy ask their parents to start training them to become superheroes. During the doubles game at the country club, Max uses telekinesis to help Phoebe do well in the game.

Max wins and is the new member of the Z-Force which separates him from Phoebe. Cherry helps distract the interviewer while Phoebe and Max save npthing proton reactor.

hhe The dance goes terrible as Max ruins the night for them, with Max getting involved in a dance-off, prompting Cole to leave. Retrieved August 16, After being told that she can’t be with a guy who hurts people just for laughs, Max promises Allison that he will quit pranking.

Phoebe defeats Max using Dark Mayhem’s powers forcing Max to go back to get his family as backup. So, they trick Hank and Barb into kissing, triggering electric sparks from Barb just like the first time Hank and Barb kissed. Get ready for super power-packed adventures with aatch extraordinary family! Additional information Networks Nickelodeon.

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

After returning home, Phoebe tries to return Dark Mayhem’s powers into the orb. Retrieved January 9, When Max finds out from the pet doctor that Colosso is lying and confronts him about it, Colosso admits that he misses Max.

But Balfour realizes that without Max, his plan for revenge won’t be complete. Retrieved September 24, Retrieved November 12, When Max confesses to Phoebe that he is the culprit of deliberately embarrassing Principal Bradford, she promises to protect his identity, causing her to become lunch lady at the school after being suspected of lying.


Thomas LennonHelen Hong. They both attack each other with their powers during the final game. He decides to fry the family’s brains including Max until they are acting like rabbits. So, the Thunder Twins ditch their little awtch at GamerFest. Phoebe’s Science Medal is taken away and the Thunder Twins are both banned from science fairs for being a disgrace to the science community.

In his lair, Max watches a wrestling match on the 3D TV, while Hank accepts a bet to break Billy’s indestructobot, but is repeatedly unsuccessful in doing so. Phoebe is running for class president and she gives Max and Cherry questions to ask her to make her look good during her speech.

Thundermams 1 Episode She reminds Max and the kids that Max eventually turned good. Nothihg Rights Reserved to Putlocker and the world Disclaimer: On their way to the parks, they use telekinesis to trick Nora and Billy into fighting.

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Retrieved August 3, She fires them again. Meanwhile, Hank is struggling to run the Hero League.

Retrieved July 21, Max steals Phoebe’s phone and posts the video of Phoebe falling. After saving Max from King Crab, Lady Web, and Scalestro in the last episode, Phoebe earns her superhero cape and starts bragging about how she saved Max.

The Thundermans – Season 1 Episode 16: Nothing to Lose Sleepover

Chris Tallman Hank Thunderman. The Thundermans spend all night undercover at the Hiddenville Park.

Retrieved March 13, Views Read Edit View history. Max and his siblings are rescued later by Hank and Barb.