Make room if you have to! You have your first Outfit! Well, I am not dancing in a pool of my own sick, so I still must have more clothes to find. Way too much stuff up the top here. This is how the Simpsons finally meet their end? Gotta scoot, I’m late for my massage. He was deer huntin’. Pumpkin House is unlocked with the item’s questline “Life is Grand Pt.

Which means I win. But you’re still alive! Only available for purchase on weekends. Thank you, I will. But first, could you spot me the cash to pay the exam fee? And I’ll take an iced tea. After tapping on Lisa’s exclamation mark. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Where did that come from- Mayan God (Gosh… that was so 2012! )

Image Item Items needed to craft Notes. Why are you naked except for that weird mask over your hush-hush stuff? Improves your Vanity rating.

He was deer huntin’. After tapping on Marge the Witch’s exclamation mark.

Sunday: What’s in the Simpson’s Attic? Answer to the Triva

Well, this and the, uh, pee-pee trouble. Luckily, Halloween’s just around the corner, so put down the axes and swords and pick up some plastic axes and swords.


After tapping on Bart’s exclamation mark. Rigellians have been pretending to come in peace for 24 years. With that limited-time label on items I know it can be tempting to just buy everything you can. That thing is destroying our town. But knowing that my radioactive presence has given him eye cancer makes me happy.

How did he die? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You’ve robbed the Rigellians of their Probes! Respectful, constructive disagreement is welcome, but comments made to provoke others, be malicious, or distract from the purpose of this site will be removed.

Each one you spawn in a friend’s town earns 10 points, and if the friend doesn’t squish it within 4 hours you’ll get an additional 20 points. Wait a minute, most of the ships you sunk are the ships you Captained!

You have to get to work on that weapon. I wonder how embarassed they are every month when the month ends on their Scooby Doo and the world is still there next month?

Ah, discriminating against the livin’, are ye?

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Treehouse of Horror XXV content update – Wikisimpsons, the Simpsons Wiki

There is only one woman with the emotional sand bags necessary to resist the children. Visit often and repel invaders. Are you crying, Stupid Flanders, Prince of Darkness? Fine, I’ll go with you. Please don’t absorb me! He was a jerk in high school, he is a jerk now.


I’m a police officer, in case you’re wondering why I’m so astute. Privacy policy About Wikisimpsons Disclaimers Mobile view. I found another piece! Let’s crank up the “spooky” factor around here by building the Springfield Cemetery! The collider is ready! The Mayan calendar is almost complete!

Thanks for integrating me into your society so very easily. Bart, school isn’t just about learning. But you’re still alive! Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen.

Grady’s daughters from The Shining. While they are vulnerable!