And view spoiler [ is it him doing it and he doesn’t know it hide spoiler ] 5- small sub-romantic plot 6- Where’s his dad? First, there are not very many clues to keep us reading. His school life suffers too, as he becomes ostracized by his classmates because thankfully, everyone notices that he is a huge creep. He’s a selfish, spoiled brat! In his dreams, Parker is increasingly becoming more violent. This series took me way out of my comfort – I would never pick it up, on an average day.

We only read Parker’s thoughts, which is very different and very fresh, considering the amount of novels in a female’a first-person point-of-view. I respected that even when times got tough he never gave up and he stayed true to himself no matter what. And when Parker finds himself deep in the fray between the Takers and the other Night Walkers, it’s up to Jack to complete the formula and save his brother’s life. It even surprised me, and I wrote it. Johansson on NetGalley, I felt that I just had to have it. I think some of his humour is lost, but this is appropriate to the tone of the story. The concept is interesting and original, the execution is somewhat flawed.

Granted, that movie is very different in plot and sequence, but I got deja-vu in places with this story even with the movie being non-supernatural while this one was. When Jack entered the series it so exciting, and he brought all new questions, so it is was such an adventure getting into his character.

The Night Walkers Series

The interesting thing about “mania” nighttwalkers that it is from the perspective of both Parker and his brother Jack,and at first that throws the reader off a bit because we know Parker really well but Jack is still relatively new.

View all 9 comments. Trust me, the ending might seem happy a little cliche, evenbut I couldn’t stop thinking about all that Parker had been through, in this book a lone. Johansson It is both. Their feute takes a drastic turn for the worst and not everyone gets to the johansspn page of this book alive.

Sure, you could get the plot of this specific book and see the end result of the current relationships, but the new reader would not understand the way the Night World society has been set up or the battles the characters went through to get what they have. This had a puzzle that lead the characters from one person to another to collect the needed information. A copy was provided by Netgalley and Flux in exchange for an honest review.


I want his t-shirt collection! It pulls you in and dare I say, takes you over just as surely as a Taker would.

Never a dull moment and I’m used to the more graphic books so it’s hard to keep my attention, but I loved every minute of reading them.

I hope the rest of the series has just as amazing covers. I absolutely loved this book! But I kept reading and I’m glad I did because as the book continues it becomes every bit as exciting and has you on the edge of your seat like the others in the series. The severe exhaustion is crippling him. Throughout the book, I found myself rooting and feeling sorry for all the experiences he had to go through.

I’m not entirely sure if I’m interested enough to see where this series goes, but I didn’t feel invested enough in the overarching story and characterizations here. He had an interesting childhood where his father taught him how to survive. Really, I could understand why Parker did the things he did. Such heroes in a popular genre are far and few between, so for that reason, I already consider this book a gem. Y por eso, especialmente, le pongo esta nota al libro, cuando los otros dos los tengo sobre las estrellas.

I don’t want to give t So. Who is terrorizing Mia? Parker is also completely oblivious to Addie and seriees fact that she likes him. Wonderful ending to a very unique and entertaining series. Feb 04, Audrey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sure he had anger and frustration here, but he seemed so much more grounded and rational amazing what accepting your anger and having a Builder of your own can do for a guy. I knew it was him! There is plenty of action as well as great character interaction.

Seriously, there was some messed up stuff going on in this book.


Mania (The Night Walkers, #3) by J.R. Johansson

I highly recommend picking up Insomnia and Paranoia, I’m sure that will help answer many of your …more Thanks for the question and thank you for reading! Even as he spiraled downward into insanity and obsession, I still couldn’t help but love his character and his voice. Having sworn off girls because The solution for them is to enter into the dreams of a Builder.

Como hemos visto en cada una de las novelas de J. A must read for thriller and romance fans alike. Spoiler alert–it’s just paying attention to body language!!! I loved his sense johannsson loyalty, it made him someone that you know you can rely on.

On the one hand, I like the girl that I originally would be the primary love interest, and I do NOT like the girl that is the actual love interest. I’ve always said, this series is way out of my comfort zone. He is still the lovely comic relief in some places, with is lovely and very true t-shirts and his charming way of naming things.

Their nightwwalkers hope lies in a puzzle their father l Jack and his half-brother Parker have no time to mourn the loss of their father, Daniel Chipp.

I loved her asking Jack to stay, it made me want to hug her. I though I could hear him yelling my name.

Insomnia opens to a illustrative beginning. Obviamente no puede faltar el romance. This is book 3 of the Night Walker series, so you definitely need to read the johabsson two first.

Parker is in a situation in which mohansson tested, in body and spirit. Johansson is a brilliant author and this exciting adventure plays out with new information that still makes it a thrill ride from beginning to end. Pain burned through the left side of my head, I tripped and fell to the ground as everything around me slowed down.