His friends now enemy’s broke into his house while his mom was gone in the middle of the night read the book to find out what happens then I know this because in the beginning of the story Martin was depressed and was letting it out by fighting and showing violence. Other kids who knew them are talking about how they had strange behavior towards other students. A fight threatens to end his sophomore year at Bluford High School. In some cases, as with Chronicles of Narnia , disagreements about order necessitate the creation of more than one series. Sep 29, Andrea Villasenor rated it really liked it. He is dealing with the death of his brother and trying to find answers. The setting is in a small town.

Franky shot into the ground and dropped the gun and Martin kicked it away. Caesar is a gang member who Frankie crippled because he went after Martin. If the series has an order, add a number or other descriptor in parenthesis after the series title eg. The story continued to have flashbacks to happier times. Payback by Paul Langan. Characterization Martin matured a lot through this story. Mitchell is a teacher who saw the real side of Martin.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Before the hit, Frankie and Martin were best friends and did a lot together. Frankie, the most feared homeboy from his neighborhood, is hunting him. Martin is beat up by serues kid named Frankie for giving the police information about him. And the police ask him if he was smoke weed because his eyes were red of cry.

Bluford Series

Also I do like the fact that this story kinda talks about bullying because this kid named Erick one of martins friends staneded up for martin and Erick was getting hit by the football team and martin started fighting the football team which in my opinion was a good way to stop the football team from hitting Erick some more.


He calls the cops without telling them about his friends.

Martin gets into a fight protecting his rread Eric the kid steve picks on for telling the truth about what happened in the fight between Martin and Steve. Other kids who knew the…more [close: They take him to the police department. This book was a page-turner because the author introduced the book perfectly. Return to Book Page. In the text it states how you can overcome obstacles without having to use violent which in this case isn’t really a good book for that because he always got into fights.

But the crazy thing is that the bullet that shot Huero was’nt meant for him it was meant for Martins Friend Frankie. But the goo Martin Luna was a studnet at Bluford High no one at school liked him cause he was a trouble marker. But before he could do anything else blkford had to buford Hector the acused shooter of his brotherhe didnt know why he was going at all he felt as if his legs took over his body and decided to make there way towards his place.

This book is part of the Bluford Series. View all 3 comments. Feeling really bad Martin tells officer Ramirez a clue on wat his crew might do to him. A Fight threatens to end his sophomore year at Bluford Highschool. He is still hanging around with Vicky who he likes. And i,m pretty sure its hard to get revenge when your friends are against you. Steve is the ring leader of all of it.

The next day a girl by the name Vicky goes up to him and questions what happened. No Way Out by Peggy Kern. Then Martin tells everything to the police.

Just like all the Bluford Series books, this is another touching and emotional books. Frankie still hates MArtin for backing down the day when they where going to go kill the guy that killed Martins borther Huero. She was such a good friend that she didn’t care about herself. He reinstated back into Bluford High.


See all 4 questions about The Fallen…. Upon arriving there he came straight up to where Hector lived and saw his entire crew, but little did he know there was that one guy he remembered as Frankie kicking in his back because of some past event and now saw him sitting down on a wheelchair for the rest of his life!

The setting took place in what seemed to be a large city. Chaga is a loyal crew member to Martin and will always have his back. Now the book maybe ending but the series goes on!!!!!!!! So Martin is still depressed. He has deep emotions for his little brother, Huero, who was shot instead of the person they actually wanted to hit.

I would say this story took place about fifteen to twenty years ago. He’s trying to get out of the group of friends he hangs out with because it’s causing trouble to his life and to his mothers life.

The Fallen by Paul Langan. It took place in the fall just after school started. The main character of this story is Martin.

The Fallen (Bluford High, #11) by Paul Langan

Frankies boys had once been MArtins friend they stiill where but they couldnt say that because Frankie would get them. Martin just got moved to Bluford High and just fqllen his sophomore year.

I didn’t want to jump to assumptions, but from my experiences that sounded pretty close. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating. Preview — The Fallen by Paul Langan. The character changed a lot in the story.