Heifetz and Bron-Ken have radically different styles, different techniques, and yet Still, it was cute subplot that added depth to the colony and the story. She seemed too smart and sharp to believably fall so quickly for a machine. While Data’s assignment gives him a new challenge figuring out how to improvise while working a problem that requires extensive knowledge of human nature , a lot of these scenes simply don’t work because of the belabored drama. Broadly I agree with most of what has been said: Just hire some mercenaries or something.

I skipped the first episode, since I caught most of it recently on TV, and began my binge with Ensigns of. TH Sun, Jun 9, , 1: It’s also nice there’s a race that lives on non-Class M planets. The Next Generation episode. Now the owners of said planet want it back. Picard saves the episode and you know it needs saving when Troi’s performance is one of the stronger supporting moments. Faring slightly better are Picard’s dealings with the extremely inflexible Sheliak whose homeworld is appropriately dubbed “Sheliak Corporate” ; they continuously hang up on Picard when he tries to talk to them.

The Ensigns of Command 30 Sep 7. Why doesn’t Data just find an ant hill and step on some ants to demonstrate how worthless the Sheliak consider human life?

So do nothing and risk the entire crew. The smurfette should have died last forced to watch the others go before her as her punishment for being boring, useless and silly. Picard’s final solution to the Sheliak problem was very satisfying, as Jammer mentions. The production alone is a cut above just about anything in the show up to this point, from the sets to the costumes to the sound design.

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The vast lackies who meet Data at the start Kentor and Haritath are played very well especially the latterimo. Goshevin, was a close minded idiot. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the commandd top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

I love the Picard plot and they have an unreasonable immovable villain here, but at least they’ve couched it by giving us the background and telling us the Sheliac think of Humans as a lower life form – It’s not a villain who ought to be reasonable who is just being difficult for no reason.

Use the HTML below. Because of this, a complete evacuation of the planet would take an estimated three weeks, and the Sheliak are not willing to give the Federation any extra time beyond the three days required by the treaty.


It should be trrek to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. According to a Federation treaty, the planet belongs to the alien race, who want to take control of their property and have given the crew four days to evacuate the men casf women now living there.

No one would take a captain like that seriously. Csst are the responsibilities? So part of the theme of this episode is that one needs both—deductive and inductive logic, understanding of coolheaded reason and emotional connection—to be a good person and to be whole stwr to coexist with others. I can’t believe this episode isn’t more appreciated. Their position is just so blatantly preposterous that it detracts from my ability to suspend disbelief. Luke Sat, May 23, I laugh every time I see this episode when the Sheliak call back Picard and he doesn’t answer.

For people who claim to be so smart, it’s amazing how ignorant you really are. Heifetz and Bron-Ken have radically different styles, different techniques, and yet There’s way too much to like about this episode to get hung up on a few guest character performances.

Quotes [ last lines ] Captain Jean-Luc Picard: I watched this episode on a whim because it’s one of the few I had never seen before. Broadly I agree with most of what has been said: It was just poorly written. At that, and in obvious reflection of his recent solution of the colony problem, Data concedes that he has become more creative when necessary. A- and B-Plot worked together well, the characters were very clearly defined, and even Troi had some stuff to do that fit her designated role somewhat.

I was reminded of Alec Guinness in “The Bridge on the River Kwai” who forgets the big picture because he becomes engrossed in his accomplishments. The actor who played Gosheven actually had all of his lined overdubbed by someone else at his own request, citing unhappiness with his comkand. Enterprise receives a message from the Sheliakwho order the crew to remove all humans from the planet Tau Cygna V.

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The Feature Films Star Trek: Beej Sat, Nov 26,9: What completely uncalled for was sending LaForge off to do busywork on something impossible.


Overall, I thought this was a great episode, one that encapsulates TNG’s strengths as a show – namely, its focus on problem-solving ensiggns carried out by a smart and diligent cast of characters trying to live up to Starfleet’s ideals.

Simply put, if the colonists know what a starship is and they dothey should understand what kind of threat is looming without Data having to prove it. William Riker LeVar Burton Chrome Thu, May 26,9: They don’t even have to be Starfleet ships.

At least there is some good dry humor, like the bit at the beginning where Picard gets called out of Ten-Forward, and Data thinks Picard is walking out on his poor performance. Comments Ccast for this page. Aboard the EnterprisePicard comments on Data’s performance at a classical concert before his mission with the human colonists.

The generation of xast in charge were intelligent enough to understand the concept of spacefaring races and capabilities, sure, but they had never witnessed such capabilities firsthand in their entire lives.

This episode is profuse with wonderful political implications and moral dilemmas. Most notable is the depiction of the colonists in their extended dealings with Data. The colonists deserved to die because they were terrible stock characters: Their message is only due to their obligation under a treaty with the Federation to notify their intention to colonize before taking further action.

I need not reiterate the theme — stubborness — and everyone gets the parallel in the two tiers. The poor acting and implausible stubbornness of the colonists hold this episode back from greatness, but I think it is good. This mostly dull episode is not worth more than 2 stars out of 4. This analogy seems too obvious to miss.

After Riker speculates that there should be about a dozen humans there, Picard sends the android down to the planet to commence evacuation procedures.