Brothers will fight every so often, but will they fight too much, leading to each of the Chipmunks get their own separate rooms? But before he could give his family another boost of the thinking cap, he loses it. The only one qualified to play is Brittany’s little sister Eleanor. He is so focused on receiving presents that he fails to think of poor Mr. As an experiment Dave tries his skill as a rock singer and becomes a success. Retrieved from ” https:

Phantom of the Rock Opera 29 years ago. All goes well until the real Alvin is caught by a hunter that holds him hostage. Dear Diary 29 years ago. Alvin is forced to clean up the house after throwing a wild party while Dave is away and is not allowed to go with his brothers to Fantasy Park, during which he combats his fear of loneliness, and experiences bizarre incidents including an alien. Alvin and the Chipmunks attempt to grab good publicity shots of them doing positive deeds in order to win the fabulous Victrola Award. In order to impress her, they each make a project for the science fair. Alvin, Simon and Theodore find a huge attraction to one of Miss Miller’s toys. The Chipmunks get a job as vendors at a baseball stadium to pay for new uniforms for their baseball team, and in the process stop a pickpocket who has been stealing money.

Alvin accidentally tampers with Simon’s hair growth formula and instead having it grow Simon’s hair, it turns him into a heartthrob. Theodore goes on a diet so he can go on a date with a pen pal, Molly, who is also one of Alvin’s biggest fans.

Alvin has a dream that he is a detective from the s. Dave meets a woman he really feels a strong connection with.

However, there is one problem: Alvin runs off into the woods, and runs into a wild chipmunk. The boys disobey Dave and instead of seeing a kid’s movie, they go in and see a horror movie. It is up to the boys to take care of diiary for Dave.

Alvin is sick with the flu, and in a dream, is a slick detective in pastel shirts looking for his missing prized baseball card who he believes cipettes mysterious criminal called the “Shadow” took. Alvin and a rich kid compete for a girl’s affections.


But then the real fire department has to rescue the Chipmunks. Alvin signs him and his brothers up to be in a Kabuki theater in drar to gain chpiettes in Japan. While on vacation in Mexico, the Chipmunks stop a thief who is after ancient treasure with the help of a tribe of wild chipmunks.

Alvin makes a bet with Brittany to see if he could make anyone into a beauty pageant winner. He invents a cap that helps Dave and his brothers become smarter.

Dear Diary

The only thing preventing this relationship to work is her own three boys clashing with the Chipmunks. This page was last edited on 21 Januaryat To get even, Theodore, with Simon’s help, plays a prank on Alvin and makes him think that his younger brother is actually turning into a were-dog. Instead of chipettess lessons, they are forced to perform as chipwttes actual players.

But before he can give his family another boost of the thinking cap, he loses it. Since she and Jeanette are working on a science project that involves taking care of a baby pig, this leaves Jeanette to do the project alone.

Alvin gets a registered letter from the Publishing Warehouse stating he is a winner. Simon hosts diaary own show, playing Sherlock Holmes investigating several mysterious robberies.

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The girls decide to hook her chipettez with an elderly man by the name of Mr. What Dave does not realize is that Alvin bet his signed “Elmer Palmer” golf club. Miss Miller is invited to go to her high school reunion. He and the boys take an instant liking to the kitten, and after some compromising, they name the kitten Cookie Chomper III, and after Dave is chipeftes of his allergy to cats, he comes to like the kitten as well. Each Chipmunk finds out that the three of them have issues and believes many years ago each of them tried to sabotage the other in their chosen careers.


Chip Tracy is going up against serious criminals that are plaguing the city.

After taking various odd jobs in middle management, the Chipettes travel across the country to California. Theodore is feeling unlucky in the track and field, particularly since Dave won the pole vault in his younger years.

The girls go on a class field trip to the museum. You need to login to do this. Alvin is desperate to try to buy a Trans-Go-Go-Bot, but Dave and his brothers will not lend him the money to get it. The Chipettes discover the joys of writing in a diary. Both will stop at nothing to win, but when the polls are revealed they discover that Jeanette has the deciding vote.

He is so focused on receiving presents that he fails to think of poor Mr. The Chipmunks are scheduled to appear on The Johnny Letterman Showbut their act is canceled when a Russian Premier also scheduled to appear announces he will be arriving early.

Theodore and Alvin dress up as Simon and go in his place. To Alvin’s surprise, this so-called manager is a homeless diry looking to find a place to stay. Dave decides to distract the Chipmunks with the book Treasure Island.

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They go because Alvin promises to paint the entire garage if he is wrong, but they feel a little bad about Alvin. Responding to a distress call, the USS Booby Prize encounters a dangerous alien race that wishes everything in the entire galaxy was exactly the same. Alvin nearly runs over an elderly woman in the mall with his skateboard.

The Chipmunks create a robot out of Alvin’s video game, so that it can carry all of their equipment to their concerts. The Chipmunks are keen to investigate. To get even, Alvin joins her cheerleading squad.