I really have a hard time buying she’s at the mercy of Sec Wang and all that. Does he think Soo would actually kill her? She should be able to feel when Oh Soo’s uncomfortable and feeling guilty. Sign up for a new account in our community. I remember when the character descriptions first came out and Hee-sun was just supposed to be this dongsaeng-like friend and JS was this fiercely loyal sidekick, I thought phew! Still, why wait if she was serious? I love this drama so much. Was I really that harsh?

I think that Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyeo are the most beautiful people in the world, and sometimes I am so mesmerized by their beauty I forget to read the subtitles – it’s that bad. WE see a KINDUV sad, blind lonely girl who’s bored and alone and feels betrayed by everyone, but really nothing to the extent that she would keep keep keep asking for her life to end. LOL I read “play with his tiger” thinking you had created a really good euphemism. I know what you mean – when they were kneeling in front of the car and he promised that she could trust him, he made this face like he was being stabbed in the eye. Lee Min Ho,a boy who profess his love for her without knowing her well and Mi ra, a girl who is close to her because of her wealth. I can’t get enough of this drama!!! I have a fair suspicion that Secretary Wang’s troublemaking younger sister is Soo’s mother. We have a couple levels of comprehension in our brains.

August 17, I believe there is redemption here, a life’s lesson to ponder. Belle March 1, at 4: That Winter, The Wind Blows plans to broadcast early next year. And because i don’t understand why she keeps asking Soo in particular to kill her as her request.

By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, I’m confused on this characters’ ‘smartness. Very believable scene, well wwind and well acted. This is storytelling, and instead of staring soulfully at the moon or even telling someone that he is attracted to her, that he is falling for her, they let JIS act it out – and did he ever.


Does anyone agree with me? I think it’s the fiance’s secretary. The part “You deceiving me By 0ly40 Started November 6, I won’t give it to you so easily,i am not as weak as you all think.

Peisode this point, I’m not even sure that she really thinks he’s her brother – she is a smart cookie, and there are a LOT of things that don’t add up.

He tells her to get some beauty rest for the meeting tomorrow.

That was a whole conversation, not a throw-away line For Oh Soo,he is just like a brother that always cause worry. D nevertheless, one of the best drama ive seen. Am I supposed to be laughing while reading a recap of a serious melo and a great one–so far–at that.

Sign in Already have an account? Yet I keep watching it. The characters I hate: I thought the song hye gyo thing was funny too at first, but then it kept popping up so cramacrazy times I got really tired.

Your email address will not be published. Even if he was a true bad guy, murder is still kiiiind of a serious deal.

This is not directed towards HeadsNo2 or anyone else here in particular. Tye and OS have suffered so much already, they need and deserve another chance for happiness. I have read all comments complaining about HeadsNo2 praising Kyo’s beauty too much. But thank you for your feedback. JIS is as usual explosive, so no surprise here and it’s kinda repetition of his character in Dirty Carnival but added more depth and enigma.

The fact that she’s portrayed as ‘Hot ‘n Cold’ is annoying in that I’m not quite sure if I should be invested in her or not. There is nothing wrong with pointing them out. I will experience and see it with my own eyes, she says She wanted to revenge for her sister, but now it’s not the case anymore.

I don’t believe in not saying anything whenever you think that there might be a small chance that the other party might be offended because if so, then the whole world should go silent and we all should have only one view but of course one has to take care not to be rude. He knows Oh Soo values their relationships and will not abandon him. It’s a freakin joke! Or, she could just reveal it to Young and let things play out.


But I think her heart tells her to hate him also.

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I’m almost ashamed to admit that I can’t stop watching this fauxcest unfold. Yeah, sometimes dramacrazyy sad ending is more memorable but that doesn’t mean a happy ending cannot be excellently done. He just knows how to argue,he does everything and believes in Oh Soo.

Nope you’re not alone.

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I don’t buy her acting like a 6 years old sister either, she’s just provoking him. Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo have marvelous chemistry and it’s so so so fantastic to see him back on the small screen. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Still, why wait if she was serious? What makes it easier is the fact that they’ve explained that Young is pretty much acting this way because she’s still stuck in the 6 year old mindset of how drammacrazy remembered her brother.

I adore Jang Eun Ji, but her character irks me too teh. I LOVE this drama so far!! Melissa March 1, at 7: Sorry, but assuming that idols will automatically be talented actors annoys me, and seeing them drag a good ensemble down REALLY annoys me. He really want that money it’s his initial intention anywaybut not to the extent he want her whole inheritence and to the boows want to kill her. Mar March 1, at He can’t even bring himself to kiss her yet; I don’t think this is about sex, it’s about falling in love.

I cannot help but feel sad for her, and the emotions are well done.