Paquita, I too love your recaps and look forward to your concise, detailed style. Teresa better be careful, he may not hold back as Arturo did. I feel so much better now. Add the first question. Lucrecia and Julian are kids when a disaster happens to Lucrecias family. It would be weird seeing Eugenio Siller repeat the same lines if the people in charge of the writing the remake keep the lines too.

Raul 9 episodes, Mario Arellano I even have that cast in my head It does seem like too many loose ends to tie up in 14 more episodes. She walks in and starts screeching and you hide the taser next to you and fire. How long does she think she’s going to be able to hold off Fer and give in? Lucrecia and Julian are kids when a disaster happens to Lucrecias family. How wonderful that Rulli will be a leading galan!

I knew eventually Cutieberto would do something to make me proud. Off to watch the fireworks!

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Now get back to people with REAL emotions who are actually interesting to watch. That makes sense in view of your information. The most difficult part to read was about dear Luisa. Burden of Guilt TV Series And Teresa, her men, and their drama was just making things worse. Valentino would be a bit too old, but hey, I’ll stretch my beanie to watch him any day.

I think Diego Olivera should be the lead. Esperanza We don’t know about the older generation, but I don’t recall hearing any of the parents of the above characters talking about brothers and sisters, and we don’t meet them. In fact, this will change Luisa forever, but that will be OK. Oh, wait, we did see how she treats someone she hates-Aida’s Paolo pointed out to a drug dealer, and, hmm, stealing Odiosa’s son, I am sorry but Tere’s actions aren’t even serving herself well, I am convinced she is LOCA.


This was a depressing episode. Heidi’s boyfriend came home one day and found her in a “compromising situation” with her neighbor. I really fear that this will be a sad one. Share this Rating Title: Johnny episodes, Karen, it’s kind of like someone who just quit smoking.

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Dario 24 episodes, Tere Salinas Wednesday, September 14, at 3: Don Porfirio Valverde 40 episodes, Luisa’s going to have Oriana’s warnings in her head about Teresa being a golddigging social climber. She will have come out from the shadows and a new and stronger Luisa will emerge.

In love scenes you need to see vulnerability in the eyes and face. I want Barb to fall off a cliff. Though her heart is breaking, I think she’ll go into survival rather than self-destructive mode.

The worst of it all is her eye-rolling.

ITA about the baby, I was thinking what happened to the cute baby in the incubator??? She convinces herself that she loves Arturo but you can’t love someone and treat them like that. The screenshots capture the big moments as well Now both siblings have been left at the altar. And I am waiting to find out from you which ending they gave us telenoovela the time comes.


Raul 9 episodes, Mario Arellano True Telenovelaa, Mariano has “helped” others before!

I can’t wait for this to be resolved. The best deal is definitely Mariano. I agree with everyone that the acting has been first rate.

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Here’s a chart that illustrates Mexico’s fertility rates but take into account that this is a media of all the country and the urban and rural areas tend to differ alot although less so nowadays. Wednesday, September 14, at It has been said that Teresa really loves various people, but just treats them badly. Armando episodes, Daniel Arenas I think he not only feels he constantly has to make things right for people, but now use the lesson he learned about teresa and make sure noone else falls into her trap.

If they ever have casual Fridays, I’m afraid they’d just show up in their underwear.

Her younger brother drowns in the river near her house. I agree that Mariano would not have gotten in this telenovelz if he hadn’t butted in.

Teresa better be careful, he may not hold back as Arturo did. The One Who Couldn’t Love — Hernan Ledesma 87 episodes, Gloria Aura Thursday, September 15, at 1: The blame here is on Tere. Because she and Arturo belong together.