This carried on to the succeeding seasons. Don’t neglect [11], [12], and [15] because every person who gets into TeniMyu should hear how awesome Irei Kanata Saeki is!!!!!!! The Prince of Tennis has sold over 2 million tickets during the first 10 years of its run and is credited with the growing interest in 2. The user Riku-san has almost all the subbed ones posted. The Imperial Match, Hyotei, in Winter [14] [22] [23] [24]. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Musical The Prince of Tennis: Each Seigaku cast is incomparable to the others

Archived from the original on The vision of Makoto Matsuda, the producer behind the “2. Agree with the above comment–just watch your favourite team or arc and go from there! Dream Live [64]. The Prince of Tennis 2nd Season: And as for where to start I agree that the beginning is always a really good place to start.

Hiroki Aiba Taito Hashimoto Rudolph and Yamabuki [39] [40]. IMO, best storyline myus are [14], [18], and [20].

The Legacy of TeniMyu

They do songs from old myus and sometimes introduce new songs, as in the case of DL3rd and DL4thand perform skits that aren’t really connected to the storyline. The original run started in and ended in with a total of 22 different shows.

Seigaku VS Hyotei [51]. Did you delete the more recent post you made about related things to look into for the Myu boys? The Prince of Tennis 3rd Season: Tomo Yanagishita Yuichirou Hirata You are commenting using your Twitter account. Aside from the musicals, which tell the plot of the original manga, tenlmyu Musical: Dream Live 5th [13] [58] [59].

Tenimyu recommendations – Tennis no Oujisama Musical

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Archived from the original on 7 January List of The Prince of Tennis Musicals. Seigaku VS Hyotei [45]. I’m a Rikkai fan and thus I adore the Rikkai Myus.


What others might not know is that TeniMyu has been the starting point for a lot of 2. Well if you want to download them there’s a pretty complete list with download link of the subbed myus and backstages and unsubbed ones here http: Strictly 4A and 5B. Of the eight original Rikkai cast members that we saw in [12] and [14], only half came back for [20] and [21]. Manga-based musicals were not frequently seen, if at all.

SEIGAKU 4th Cast…

Edited at 6yh Seigaku VS Rokkaku [52]. Notify me of new comments via email. The Final Match, Rikkai First feat. Musical Tennis no Oujisama or most commonly known as TeniMyu is the 2. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The first Seishun Academy cast of that generation graduated at their own exclusive event inSeigaku Farewell Partywith the exception of Yuuki Ogoewho would go on to play Ryoma Echizen for the entirety of 2nd Season.

Archived from the original on Thank you so much for drewm listing. He enrolls in Seishun Academy known as “Seigaku” for short and joins its famous tennis team, who strives to win the National Middle School Tennis Tournament. Endo continued to share the role when Yanagi rejoined the production, [11] and he graduated from the musicals during Dream Live 2nd.

Dream Live [64]. Tenumyu VS Fudomine [38]. April 11, 4A June 27, 5B. Agree with the above comment–just watch your favourite team or arc and go from there!

I checked Wikipedia’s listing but judging from your comm, Dream Live 7th wasn’t listed there I normally find the second runs of things more polished, which is natural. Though I have also watched the others, I have never really gotten into it. And which of these have been 6t


The Prince of Tennis will celebrate its 15th anniversary with a cultural festival taking place at Sunshine City in Tenmiyu from November 23 to 24, Ljve 23 January Though since it does follow the manga plot extremely close you can skip straight to your favorite rival team’s arc without much problem. Don’t neglect [11], [12], and [15] because every person who gets into TeniMyu should hear how awesome Irei Kanata Saeki is!!!!!!!

Each new show covers an arc of the manga storyline, though adaptations to the original story were made to fit the format.

Dream Live 3rd [13] [56]. In the 15 years of TeniMyu, it has drexm to us amazing actors, sensational tunes, phenomenal choreography and most of all, unforgettable memories. One of the mods did though because apparently I should have posted in the request section.

Musical: The Prince of Tennis – Wikipedia

Performing Arts Network Japan. For [21], there was a lot of mixing of the Support and Main: Also reason I need the list is to serve as a guideline when I go hunting for the videos on the net. The Imperial Match, Hyotei, in Winter [14] [22] [23] [24].

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nah, he’s really funny, Masa is hell sexy, his movements are just wonderful and especially his “Illusion” song is just