He looked forward to the beginning of every March when those normally composed hazel eyes would start to glint with unsated, heated desire, and he knew he would often be waking up with an aching bottom. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. You will love to be my mate. Looking for RP partners, ships almost He lined the tip of it up to Leo’s entrance and slowly mounted his mate. His head hits the shelf above him when he jumps. Each brother began to shift and squirm as they sat close to one other suddenly feeling cramped as the heat rolled over their bodies. His eyes zeroed in on the wiggling sea green tail disappearing around the corner and he let out a rumbling churr.

He felt teeth graze the back of his neck again and a second later they bit down hard. Rather than keep the stiffening shaft in his grip, Raph pulled it out from underneath Leo and left it to hang down against the pillow that was supporting the other ninja’s middle. Their jobs as ninjas were temporarily put on hold all because of that irresistible urge to reproduce. His broken sunglasses shone in the dim light, he tilted his head to his left, smiling down at you. All Raphael could do was nod and pressed in for a deeper kiss. See this in the app Show more. Knowing you were a bad person already but hearing this from Raph only made it worse. Unsurprisingly an echoing chur came from the eldest at the display and with one breath Leo whiskey Mikey off of his brother and began to mimic the action.

Swirling Mind — Bayverse MATING SEASON Raphael x reader

His housed cock was getting restless, twitching and swelling beneath his plastron. He walked as he read, allowing memory to guide his feet from the deason room where Michelangelo was playing his video games at high volume to the peaceful quiet of his bedroom. All Raphael could do was nod and pressed in for a deeper kiss. I know ya wanna go.


Mating Season Chapter 1, a ninja turtles fanfic | FanFiction

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He could feel the wave of pleasure building inside him. You were now back against a wall, turning your head to face your kidnapper. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Hearing this from you, seeing you cry, almost fighting against him so you could prove him that you really cared, it was all so messed up. Donnie lets out a small scream, face flushed.

He felt a warm drop of precome bubble from the msting. His eyes zeroed in on the wiggling sea green tail disappearing around the corner and he let out a rumbling churr. Leo shuddered both from the stimulation applied to his tail and the promise he knew had a high probability of being upheld.

Reaching under the pillow on his right, he retrieved the bottle of lube he had stored there previously. He opens the text and suddenly blushes, eyes growing wide. A few woodcutters’ cabins dotted the hills. The older turtle’s ears were filled with the slapping sound of their thighs connecting repeatedly. It didn’t stop with just one. Between his legs, Leo’s cock longed for attention. I wrote it just for you! Closing his eyes, he tried to quiet a groan as he felt a twinge in his groin.


This gave you strength to try to catch up with him. Another victory for the team, another innocent life saved, another night of pizza; life was good and with the Shredder out for good they felt nothing in the world could stop them.

Your email address will not be published. How could you even consider doing something so terrible? What he just said meant so much more to you than those stupid old cliche three words everybody else were digging for. His first tcst came a second later when a heavy weight settled onto his carapace, a pair of emerald colored arms encircled his neck, and a soft nose nuzzled his right cheek.

The rumpled edge of the rug presented a trip hazard that Leo fell victim tcst quite literally. This story contains TCest Rating: Series this work belongs to: The hardcover book flew from his hand as he crashed down on the padded floor and slid well out of reach.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It crashed two seconds later and a massive dose of potent seed washed over his brother’s insides. Silent in a way when you fight with someone, want them to shout at you, tell you what you did wrong, hit you, yell and cry, but not letting out even a word.

Mating season has begun! It was like a flag signaling that it was okay for Raph’s cock to emerge as well.